Wayne County 1870 Census Project


The WCGHS has completed an all new annotated 1870 census of Wayne County.  This document has been prepared by the Wayne County Genealogical & Historical Society. It is well annotated, identifying about 85% of all persons living in Wayne County in 1870.  The parents of the husband and wife have been identified in most cases. Also supplied are the spouses of most of the children listed, along with their parents and the wedding date.

For the serious researcher, this is a "must have" document.  It is being presented to you in two formats. First, we have extracted it from microfilm by districts, just as the enumerator listed the families.  Then, we have transposed it into an alphabetical format.   You get both for the price of one !!

The price is $45.00 PP. 


U225-225              ADKINS
Calvin                  M       42     VA      Farmer- s/o Jacob & Dicy (Adkins) Adkins.
Margaret             F       44     VA     d/o Mark & Catherine (Lovejoy) Adkins.
Tolbert                 M      18      VA     m. Emma, d/o Samuel & Polly ( ) Blankenship. 8/6/1874 WC
Peter                   M       15     VA     m. Hayley Ann, d/o Rob & Elizabeth (Lucas) Adkins.
Canaan              M       12     VA     m. Josephine, d/o Ira & Sarah (Price) Gilkerson. 11/19/1883 WC

U226-226              ADKINS     Others: Alberta.
Dallas                 M      25      VA     Farmer- s/o Tillman C. & Surrilda (Adkins) Adkins.
Susan                 F      27        VA     d/o _______ Davis.
Ellen                   F      4         WV     m. William D., s/o William D. & Margaret (Napier) Frasher. 11/6/1884 WC
Robert (E. Lee)  M     2          WV      m. Polly A., d/o Charles J. & Rachel (Ross) Adkins. 8/6/1877 WC
Malcom             M     7/12    WV     m. Arminta, d/o Van B. & Susan (Adkins) Fry. 3/22/1888

        U227-227          GILKERSON
        Leander          M 29 VA Farmer- s/o Thomas & Nancy (Adkins) Gilkerson.
        Helena            F 35 VA d/o Charles & Mary (Scott) Adkins.ANS
Helena (P.)    F 13 VA d/o Tillman C. & Surrilda (Adkins) Adkins.
Mary A.          F 5 WV (adopted name Adkins)  m. Whitley E., s/o Oliver N. & Mary J. (Fraley) Mills. 6/22/1876 WC

U228-228 ADKINS Others: Frances, Columbus, Roxalena, Jane, Helena, Paralee, Beamer.
Minerva (B.)F    45 VA Wid.  of Lewis B.  Adkins. d/o Thomas & Nancy  (Adkins)  Gilkerson.
Bascom (W.) M 14 VA m. Sarah Frances, d/o James E. & Mary ( ) Collins. 4/25/1886 WC

Jefferson Davis M 8 VA m. Martha Ann, d/o Wm. & Catherine (Ferguson) Stephens. 9/24/1884 WC



U229-229 ADKINS Others: Lewis B., Adeline, Thomas J., Charles, Jr., Helene, Hugha C., Caroline.

Charles M 72 VA Farmer- "Blind Charles", s/o Jacob & Phoebe (Bradshaw) Adkins. Bu. Marrs Cem.

Polly F 69 VA d/o ______ Scott. m. 12/9/1821 Cabell Co VA

Girard R.(ickets) M 27 VA m. Nancy E., d/o Thomas & Rebecca (Gilkerson) Davis. 7/11/1865 Boyd Co KY

Nancy F 25 VA w/o Girard R.- d/o Thomas & Rebecca (Gilkerson) Davis.

Sophrona F 3 WV Gdau- m. Charles W., s/o Jackson & America ( ) Adkins. 10/16/1899 WC

Syntha (B) F 26 VA Slave- Bu. Marrs Cem.

Osker (B) M 5 WV Slave-

Payton (B) M 11 VA Slave-



Sarah F 24 VA d/o Christopher & Agnes ( ) Collins.


U230-230 ADKINS Others: Elizabeth, Phoebe, Elzira, Suzanne, Jacob, Hiram B.

Rachel S. F 61 VA d/o John A. & Hannah (Scott) Ross.

Wid. of Hiram, s/o Jacob & Phoebe (Bradshaw) Adkins. m. 9/13/1832 Cabell Co.

Prior to marriage to Rachel, Hiram fathered a son, Maxwell, by Rebecca Bradshaw.

Nancy E. F 28 VA Died- 1874. m. Harvey Adkins. 10/22/1872 WC

Hughey Scott M 21 VA Died- 12/23/1874. m. Louise ______.

Samuel R.(oss) M 15 VA Never Married.



U231-231 ADKINS Others: Wayne, Margaret.

Cumberland M 24 VA Farmer- s/o Harrison & Sarah ( ) Adkins.

Angeline A. F 21 VA d/o John & Nancy (Price) Gilkerson. m. 2/26/1868 WC

Cassa F 1 WV Died- 7/25/1889


U232-232 GILKERSON Others: Angeline, Margaret, Hiram, John L.

John (B.) M 56 VA Farmer- s/o Thos. & Nancy (Adkins) Gilkerson.

Nancy (J.) F 41 KY d/o ______ Price.

Minerva E. F 16 VA m. Harvey, s/o Elihu & Elizabeth (Allen) Lester. 10/12/1874 WC

Nancy E.(valine) F 14 VA m. George, s/o Henry & Louisa ( ) Devors. 12/29/1881 WC

Mary A. F 10 VA m. William A., s/o Thomas & Rebecca (Gilkerson) Davis. 4/1/1877 WC

James Ira M 7 VA m. Emerine, d/o Thomas J. & Louisa (Adkins) Adkins. 1/26/1882 WC

Laura H. F 4 WV m. Hiram B., s/o Thomas & Rebecca (Gilkerson) Davis. 4/16/1884 WC