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(WCN - 1/1/1965) Wayne Gas Co. Office Nears Completion

Move Recalls The History Of Firm

The spacious new quarters of The Wayne Gas Company are nearing completion on Hall Street in Wayne and the company will soon make it's first move after nearly 50 years of continuous service from the present location on North Court Street.

It was 1916 when the original company was formed to bring gas service to the town of Wayne. In fact, the original company was called the Wayne light, Heat and Water Company and was founded by B. J. Prichard, to furnish all utilities for the town.

The present company was incorporated as The Wayne Gas Company in 1939 to take over and operate the gas system serving Wayne and vicinity. R. G. Prichard was named general manager, a position he still holds.

In 1940, the first full year of service, The Wayne Gas Company was serving 300 customers. Plant investment was $28,000, and had 13 miles of pipe line.

In 1963, the number of customers had increased to almost 1000, with a plant investment of $291,000, and 45 miles of pipe line serving a territory which is roughly a 5-mile radius of the town df Wayne.

The growth of the company has been steady despite set-backs and a chronic shortage of gas, which Mr. Prichard believes has been solved, and sincerely hopes the days of acute gas shortage during the cold months are a thing of the past.

The new building will not only have space for a modern front-office but will include a meter-testing and storage space, a work shop and garage. There are three full-time employees of the company with additional help hired during the construction months. The pay-roll reached over $19,000, this year.


(WCN - 1/8/1965) East Lynn, Beech Fork Dams All Set

The U. S. Engineers have informed Congressman Hechler that the cost of building the East Lynn Dam on Twelvepole Creek has risen from the originally-estimated $14 million to $22 million.

"The principal reason For this price increase is that West Virginia has raised its highway standards so that the cost of highway relocation will go up considerably," Hechler said.

Pre-construction planning for the East Lynn Dam has just about been completed, and highway relocation will start in the spring, according to Hechler. Contracts for the actual construction of the dam will probably be let during the summer, with work on the dam itself starting in late summer.

"I always felt that Wayne deserved a better dam, and a $22 million dam is better than a $14 million one," Congressman Hechler stated.

The East Lynn Dam has long been a dream of Wayne County residents, but despite long years of effort very little action was taken until 1959 when Congressman Hechler, in his first term, persuaded Congress to appropriate $10,000 to finance a survey to ascertain whether damming Twelvepole Creek was feasible, and whether the benefits would exceed the costs. A two-year survey by the Corps of Engineers, inspecting several alternative sites, came up with the conclusion that two dams near East Lynn and on Beech Fork would meet the requirements.

Congressman Hechler then obtained the necessary appropriations for the years of pre-construction planning, and last year succeeded in obtaining funds to complete planning and start construction in 1965. A total of $150,000 was also appropriated in 1964 to enable preconstruction planning of the Beech Fork Dam to proceed, and after two years of advance engineering and design the Beach Pork project will also be ready for const ruction at a cost of same $11 million

"These two dams on Twelvepole Creek will not only protect residents of the Twelvepole Valley against floods, but will provide wonderful fishing, wild-life and recreational opportunities," Hechler said. He has frequently stated that nothing he has done in Congress has made him as proud as the work on getting the two Twelvepole Creek dams under way.


(WCN - 1/8/1965) Dedication Of Wayne PO Set For January 30

Congressman Ken Hechler has asked the Post Office Department to schedule the formal dedication of Wayne's new post office for January 30.

"I did this because January 30 is the birthday of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR did so much for Wayne County and West Virginia that I think it is very appropriate that the dedication should be held on the birthday of this great President," Hechler commented.


(WCN - 1/29/1965) Over $4,000,000 Set In This Year For East Lynn Dam

"I am overjoyed at President Johnson's decision to include 4.1 million dollars in his 1966 budget to build the East Lynn dam and reservoir" stated Representative Ken Hechler.

Congressman Hechler said the 22.5 million dollar East Lynn project could now be completed by late 1968. He said that relocation of Route 37 to bypass the dam and reservoir, would start in June and that the big contract for the outlet work of the dam itself will be awarded in September.

"The Federal expenditure of 4.1 million dollars is probably the largest expenditure ever scheduled for Wayne in one year", Congressman Hechler said, "what's more, this amount will be doubled for each of the following two construction years." We predicted, "This is a tremendous breakthrough for this project which will help transfer Wayne County into a great garden spot for fishing, hunting and recreation, as well as protecting homes, businesses and places of worship from the repeated floods along Twelvepole Creek".

Congressman Hechler also expressed elation over the 80 thousand dollars which President Johnson included in his budget to complete the advance engineering and design on the 12.4 million dollar Beech Fork dam and reservoir. He pointed out that Congress still has to appropriate these funds, but he indicated that if anything, Congress will increase rather than reduce the amount in the President's budget.

For example, he said, the President last year recommended only 100 thousand dollars to start advanced engineering and design on the Beech Fork project and "after some good testimony presented by C. W. Ferguson III, and others, we managed to increase that to 150 thousand dollars by the time the bill got through Congress."

In the case of the Beech Fork Dam and Reservoir, Congressman Hechler indicated that the Fairchild Aerial Surveys Corp. had completed its contract for photographing the area. These photos are now being used as the basis for preparing topographic maps by the Corps of Engineers. Until these maps are completed, it will not be possible to draw a precise line as to which properties must be acquired. A contract for core drilling and foundation investigations will be awarded by the Corps of Engineers in March. Bids for this contract will be advertised at the end of this month.

The Beech Fork structure, which will cost $12.4 million to build, will be located between Lavalette and Bowen below the mouth of Miller's Fork.


(WCN - 2/24/1965) Paper Mill In County Reported

Prospects for a paper mill in Wayne County grew brighter this week with a feasibility report going to two major paper companies seeking sites for new plants. The report, made by Battelle Memorial Institute, finds that sites near Fort Gay and Prichard have good potentials. A $23 million plant is projected.

Both of the recommended sites combine excellent locations with regard to timber resources with strategic positions on the Big Sandy River and with rail and highway facilities also available. By paper industry standards, the plants would be relatively small but designed to operate with maximum efficiency in the area. Employment opportunities for between 330 and 350 persons would be possible with some 28 salaried specialists being brought in from outside the area.

The report states:

"Several grades of paper can be made primarily from the hardwood species comprising the predominant amount of wood volume in the area. Study of the market potential for these grades indicates that production of sanitary tissue offers the most promise.

"A 150 ton per day sulfate pulp mill, paper mill and converting plant is analyzed. This facility is smaller than many that have been used in the industry to date. However, a mill of this size would be more compatible with the market that appears to exist and would not place undue pressure on water or wood resources.

". . . These figures indicate that there would be a profit for the plant operated on either a 250 or 350 days per year basis. The rate of return on equity after taxes varies from 6.9 per cent to 10.4 per cent assuming approximately $5,000,000 of the $23,000,000 capital requirement be borrowed.

"The Fort Gay site is a 103-acre site on a bend of the Big Sandy River immediately north of Fort Gay. The site is bordered by the Norfolk & Western Railway. Electric power would be available from the Appalachian Power Co . . . No use of gas is planned for the synthesized mill. There is also very little danger of flooding. The indicated price for tile site is approximately $1,000 per acre . . . The site is located relatively close to Fort Gay and Louisa and the odor from the mill could be unpleasant.

"The Prichard site is also on the banks of the Big Sandy River but several miles farther downstream. The location consists of a 70-acre site and 40-acre site both of which are owned by the Norfolk & Western Railway . . . The recently quoted prices for these sites are $62,000 for the 70 acres and $30,000 for the 40 acres . . . The lack of major population centers immediately adjacent to the site should tend to reduce any local resistance because of possible air pollution difficulties."


(WCN - 3/3/1965) Wayne Students Named Finalist

Three seniors at Wayne High School have been named finalists in the competitive program of the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. John Lambert, David Perdue, and Howard Ross were notified that they have advanced from semifinalist to finalist in the 1964-65 scholarship competition.

John, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Lambert of Wayne, Rt. 1, is co-editor of the "Pioneer", high school yearbook, a member of the student council, Latin Club, Hi-Y and The National Honor Society. He plans to study medicine.

Engineering is the field of interest of David Perdue, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert B. Perdue of Wayne, Rt. 1. David is a member of the Latin Club the Hi-Y and the National Honor Society. He is business manager of the yearbook.

Howard Ross, a member of the varsity basketball team, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Ross of Wayne Rt. 1. He is President of the Student Council and Vice-President of the Senior Class. He is a member of the Latin Club, Hi-Y and The National Honor Society. He plans to major in Chemistry in College.


(WCN - 3/3/1965) 752 On Marshall Honor List

A total of 752 Marshall University students earned a place on the Honors List for the fall semester. Of these, 203 earned a B plus or above. A grade average of B is needed to qualify for the Honor List.

Included in the Honors List are the following from Wayne County.

Ceredo: Alice L. Hamilton, Jana Smith, freshman; John M. Rist, junior; Leonta Smith, Martha Lodwick, seniors; Fort Gay: Linda S. Lycan, freshman; Gerald B. Bartram, Gentry C. Belcher, Margie Wellman, sophomores; Carol L. Lycan, junior; Bill R. Fields, seniors; Kenova: Don R. Cunningham, William T. Bradley, freshmen; Lewis A. Rife, Shirley A. Brinkley, Michael Little, Joyce Jordan, Clyde McGlone, sophomores, Richard W. Adams, William E. Adams, Donna Morris, seniors; Prichard: Larry K. Albright, freshmen; Vernon Shy, junior; Shoals: Diana S. Haynie, Joyce Platt, sophomores; Wayne: Dennis C. Ashworth, freshman; Carl a Vaughan, sophomore, Phyllis S. Ferguson, Donna F. Staley, juniors; George Morrison, Charlene Rice, seniors.


(WCN - 3/10/1965)

From left to right, Gloria Epling, Edna Sansom, King Ferrell Mills, Queen Fannie Harper, Roberta Asbury and Donny Fields. Second row, Jeffrey Ellis, Larry Dickerson and Principal Iliff West.

Coronation Ceremonies Held At Wayne High

The Wayne High School gym was turned into a magic carpet of travel last Sunday and Monday when the Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs sponsored the annual coronation ceremonies. Their majesties, Ferrell Mills and Fannie Harper, were crowned king and queen of the High School before the student body, during the ceremony on Monday.

Over 100 persons, under the direction of Mrs. Donna Lycan, succeeded in making this a very colorful, entertaining program. Students displayed their talents in a number of skits, dance routines, songs and other programs for the enjoyment of their royal highnesses.

The Latin Club carried off first place honors for their amusing skit, the International Club won second place, and the Future Homemakers of America came in third with their style show. Judy Johnson and Charlene Workman received fourth place.

The show was presented for the public on Sunday afternoon before a large crowd of parents and friends. Monday morning the actual crowning of the king and queen took place. King Ferrell and Queen Fannie are members of the senior class.


(WCN - 3/17/1965)

Award winners in the Vinson High School Science Fair held recently are; from left to right Albert Hysen, Ricky Plymale, Dale Moncer, Connie Lycans, and Eugene Bolton. Second row, left to right, Tom Thompson, Paul Gebhardt, Paul Walker, Eddie Miller, Kent Winton, Michael Childers, Carol Fletcher, Andy Trautner, Karen Plymale and Jimmy Smith.



Last month marked the Vinson High School Science Fair for 1965. There were 112 entrants, 95 in Senior High, 17 in Junior High. Grand Awards were given to the outstanding project in Senior High and Junior High. The Senior High Grand Award went to Tommy Thompson and his project, "The Effects of Sodium and Potassium Compounds on the Metabolic Rate of Protozoa." The Junior High Grand Award went to Connie Lycans and her project, "Hurricane.''


(WCN - 3/24/1965) Napier To Direct Job Corps

A well-known Mingo County teacher, Ivan Napier, who is now guidance counselor and social studies instructor at Crum High School has been notified of his appointment by The Office Of Economic Opportunity as a Deputy Director for Education in the Job Corps, a major part of the new Economic Opportunity Program.

Napier has received several telephone calls from the office of the Economic Opportunity in Washington and is awaiting written confirmation of the appointment and travel orders.

Tentatively, Napier is scheduled to report to Grants, N. Mex., on April 5 for orientation with the Economic Opportunity Act Staff from Washington. A week later, he is scheduled to report to Camp Arrowood in North Carolina for the two weeks orientation with his own staff, which will include an experience counselor, and two or three senior teachers.

"I have been told that I will be assigned to a youth center at Gatlinburg, Tenn." Napier told the Wayne County News this week.


(WCN - 4/7/1965)

Roberta Asbury and Arbutus Wallace, president of the Wayne chapter of Future Homemakers of America, are shown above making corsages to be given to the teachers as part of their recognition of FHA Week.

Members Observe FHA Week

The Wayne Chapter Future Homemakers of America will be even busier than usual from April 4th to the 10th. That is the week the half million members of this national youth organization observe National FHA Week.

The FHA chapter at Wayne High School has scheduled a number of activities for the week according to Arbutus Wallace, President and Maudie Karickhoff and Ruby Tygrett, Advisers. The plans include a coffee hour for teachers at both the new and old school buildings, a display of articles made by FHA'ers in Artis' store window, and bulletin board displays at the school. A prelude to these activities is a trip to the FHA Western Regional meeting Saturday, April 3, which thirty nine FHA'ers will attend. Roberta Asbury of the Wayne chapter will be a candidate for State FHA reporter at this meeting.

Future Homemakers of America are home economics students in junior and senior high schools. The organization, founded 20 years ago, states as its Creed:

"We face the future with warm courage and nigh hope. For we are the builders of home . . . for America's future. Homes where living will be the expression of everything that is good and fair. Homes where truth and love and security and faith will be realities, not dreams."

A national program of work guides the activities of individual FHA members and chapters. Projects on this year's program are (1) You and Your Values; (2) Focus on Family Friendship; (3) Marriage Calls for Preparation; (4) Stay in School; (5) Action for Citizenship.

Alt projects, Arbutus stated, further FHA's overall goal, which is to help individuals improve personal, family, and community living.

Future Homemakers of America is sponsored by the U. S. Office of Education and the American Home Economics Association but receives its financial support from the dues of members.


(WCN - 4/14/1965) Fort Gay Post Office Bids Being Accepted

Congressman Ken Hechler announced last week that bids are now being accepted for a new post office at Fort Gay. It is to be located on Route 37 and will include approximately 1,600 square feet of floor space.

Congressman Hechler said he had been advised by the Post Office Department that contract will be awarded either for the construction of a new building or for the proper renovations on an existing building.

The building will be leased to the Post Office Department with the owner paying local real estate taxes.

Bids will be opened May 13 and are to be submitted to Thomas W. Mathis, regional real estate office, Post Office Department, Charleston.

"We believe in taking care of Wayne County," stated Congressman Ken Hechler, who noted that a new post Office had just been dedicated at Wayne and new buildings are in the working for East Lynn and Ceredo.


(WCN - 4/14/1965) Wayne County History Notes

Mrs. Garnet Pelfrey of Point Pleasant, reveals her interest in her native County by collecting interesting and historical facts concerning Wayne County and we appreciate her contribution to the paper. We think it makes very interesting reading.

The first land survey was made within this county by George Washington in October, 1770, and it contained a track of 28,927 acres, including the Ohio bottoms above the mouth of Big Sandy River. It was bounty land belonging to Captain John Savage and the men composing his company, for services rendered during the French and Indian War.

The first settler near the forks of the Big Sandy appears to have been Samuel Short, who built his cabin where the town of Cassville later stood in 1796. Next to follow was Robert Tabor in 1797, he patented a tract of 2,500 acres. A man named Nevens was the first to locate on the head waters of Twelve Pole Creek in 1799. In the next year about a dozen more moved in to become neighbors to Mr. Nevens.

In 1802 a man by the name of James Bias set his cabin at the month of Lick Creek on the banks of Twelve Pole Creek. David Bartram came the next season, followed by John Thompson, who built the first distillery in Wayne County. Other pioneers were John Newman, Benjamin Drown, afterward a soldier in the War of 1812. The first grist mill on Twelve Pole was built by Chester Howe. Other pioneers were Valentine Bloss, who was a soldier of the Revolutionary War, Benjamine Garrett, William Morris, Charles Boothe, another soldier of the War of 1812, Jake Amos, Joshua Stevens, John Savage, (who was drummer boy in the command of General Lafayette), Joseph Dean and Burwell Spurlock.

Wayne County was formed from Cabell in 1843 and named in honor of General Anthony Wayne, ("Mad Anthony" of revolutionary fame.) The first County Court was held at the home of Abraham Trout, Sr., who lived on what was then known as Trout's Hill, which was made the county seat. Thout's Hill later became Wayne and it is still the county seat.

Ceredo & Wayne were the chief towns of the county. Ceredo was founded an 1857 by Eli Thayer, a member of Congress who hailed from Massachusetts. He bought the land from Thomas L. Jordon while visiting a friend by the name of Albert G. Jenkins on the banks of the Ohio River.

Mr. Thayer named the town Ceredo in honor of the goddess Ceres, because of its' bountiful crops.

At this point, Mrs. Pelfrey, points out that a couple lived at Ceredo, who is believed to hold the record in West Virginia for having twins. Mr. and Mrs. Lot M. Wellman were the parents of five sets of twins (in addition to six other children). Mrs. Pelfrey states that she believes the descendants of this family are still living in Wayne County, and some even in Ceredo, as far as she can find.

Mrs. Pelfrey also sent in some interesting facts on the history of West Virginia.

The first brick pavement laid in the world was at Charleston in 1870 by Dr. J. P. Hale, who was mayor of the city at that time. He also introduced English sparrows into the U. S. A. about the same time.

The first electric railroad in the world built as a commercial enterprise was constructed between Huntington and Guyandotte.

The first boat propelled by steam was built in West Virginia in 1784. Just 14 years after the first locomotive was constructed, the railroad entered West Virginia from Baltimore to Harper's Ferry, in 1828.

When the State of West Virginia was admitted to the Union in 1863 it had a population of 376,688.

The only high school in the United States having a real pottery class using commercial clay with both firing and drying kilns, throwing machine, jiggers, moulds, etc., is in Wheeling, W. Va. A great many schools have clay modeling but this is entirely different from pottery.

The first battle of the Civil War was fought in West Virginia.

The cannon balls which enabled Commodore Perry to defeat the British fleet on Lake Erie were made by patriotic West Virginians from ore in the mountains.

The largest conical mound built by prehistoric race is located at Moundsville.

The first battle of the Revolutionary War was fought at Point Pleasant in 1774 and the last battle of the Revolution was fought at Wheeling in 1782. I like to think that this fact alone testifies to the fierce desire of mountain men to live in liberty and may we express the fervent prayer that this desire may never be extinguished.


(WCN - 4/28/1965) Class Of '65 Honors Seven Students At Wayne High

Honor students of this years' graduating class at Wayne High School have been announced by Mr. lliff P. West, principal. Mr. West was lavish with his praise for the graduating class, declaring it to be "one of the finest bunch of students we have worked with."

Valedictorians are:

The following students have all A's:

John C. Lambert - John is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Lambert of Route 1, Wayne, W. Va.

Emory Lee Mills - Emory is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Mills of Route 1, East Lynn, W. Va.

Patrick Mills - Patrick is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Mills of 509 Keyser Street, Wayne, W. Va.

Alice Romans - Alice is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Romans of Wayne, W. Va.

The following students have all A's except one grade which is a B.

Dana C. Morris, Jr. - Dana is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dana C. Morris of Wayne, W. Va.

David K. Perdue - David is the son of Mr and Mrs. H. B. Perdue of Route 1, Wayne, W. Va.

Howard Ross - Howard is the son df Mr. and Mrs. Otis Ross of Wayne, W. Va.


(WCN - 5/5/1965) East Lynn Dam Construction Slated To Start Next Month

U. S. Senator Robert C. Byrd (D-W. Va) announced this week that initial construction work on the $22.5 million East Lynn Reservoir in Wayne County, West Virginia, is due to begin soon with the relocation of some sections of State Highway 37.

"With this first phase of the project underway, I am told that the major construction can be started in fall," said Byrd.

"This flood control project is urgently needed and should serve as a stimulus to attracting economic development to Wayne and surrounding counties."

The Army Corps of Engineers notified Byrd that they expect to advertise for contractors bids on the road relocation about May 21. The bids are tentatively set to be opened on June 22 with a contract award expected within 10 days thereafter.

A work period of 450 days has been set by the Army Engineers for the complete relocation of the 3.5 mile section of State Highway 37 as it extends southeast of Wayne. The two lane asphalt pavement will cross Lick Creek. A three-span steel bridge with a reinforced concrete deck for a 26-foot wide roadway and 168 feet in length will be constructed for the crossing.

Byrd said he was informed that contracts will probably be awarded in fall for construction of the dam. Byrd, who is a member of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee for Public Works, said that $500,000 was appropriated in Fiscal year 1965 to begin the Construction and another $4.1 million is included in the FY 1966 appropriations for further work.

The dam is to be located on the East Fork of Twelvepole Creek near East Lynn. It will control a drainage area of 138 square miles. As planned, the dam will be an earth filled structure, 110 feet high and 670 feet long. A seasonal pool at elevation 863 with a surface area of 1,400 acres will be maintained from May through September for recreation and fish wildlife purposes.


(WCN - 5/12/1965) B. H. S. Names Valedictorian, Salutatorian

Joan Workman is the Valedictorian for the graduating class of Buffalo High School. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Workman of Route 1, Shoals, W. Va.

She is a member of the Spanish Club, Future Teachers of America, and the treasurer of the National Honor Society. Joan was chosen as Student of the Month in a project sponsored by the Ceredo-Kenova Civic League. She was also chosen as the outstanding Chemistry student at Buffalo and represented Buffalo in a regional test at Marshall University.

Joan, whose pastimes are gardening and reading, plans to attend Marshall University after her graduation from Buffalo. At Marshall she plans to major in English and history so she can obtain a certificate to qualify her to teach in elementary schools.

Patricia Ann Haney, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Haney, 335 Sherwood Drive, Huntington, West Virginia, has been chosen Salutatorian for the 1965 graduating class of Buffalo High School for the commencement program Wednesday, June 2, 1965.

Miss Haney is a member of the National Honor Society, has been engaged in the work of the Thespian Troupe, has been affiliated with the Girls Recreation Association, a member of the Latin Club, and an active member in the Commerce Club of Buffalo High School.

While a student at Buffalo, Miss Haney majored in Commerce and her plans are for work in the commercial field following graduation.


(WCN - 5/19/1965) Three W. H. S. Seniors Honored

Ferrell Mills, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis G. Mills of Wayne has been notified of his acceptance at West Virginia Wesleyan, Buckhannon, W. Va. Ferrell has been granted a grant-in-aid to study religious education.

Emory Mills, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Mills of Rt. 1, East Lynn, and Jimmy Meade, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Walter Meade of Dunlow have been accepted at Berea College, Berea, Kentucky. Since students accepted at Berea pay no tuition each is then the recipient of a scholarship covering the usual tuition charge. Both Emory and Jimmy will major in mathematics.

Ferrell participated widely in sports while in high school. He was a member of the varsity football team and participated in track and baseball. He is a member of the French Club and is business manager of the high school newspaper. He is a member of the Wayne Methodist Church and occasionally takes part in the morning worship service. He is also a member of the Methodist Youth Fellowship.

Emory is a member of The National Honor Society, the Latin Club and secretary of the Future Farmers of America. He attended the FFA Leadership Camp at Cedar Lakes. He is one of the valedictorians of the honor class.

Jimmy is a member of the National Honor Society.


(WCN - 5/19/1965) Rainbow Girls Install Officers

Miss Linda Janette Ray, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oren Ray of Lavalette will be installed as Worthy Advisor of Wayne Assembly of the Order of the Rainbow for Girls.

The installation will be open to the public at the Wayne Masonic Hall on May 23 at 2 p. m. The following officers are being installed, Linda Ray, Worthy Advisor; Janet Canterbury, Worthy Associate Advisor, Bonnie Crum, Charity; Patty Crum, Hope; Shraon Damron, Faith; Joanne Damron, Chaplain; Susan Davis, Drill Leader; Leslie Fayne, Love; Pam Osburn, Religion; Roberta Asbury, Nature; Loretta Damron, Immortality; Connie Brown, Fidelity; Sherry Harris, Patriotism, Brenda McClure, Service; Brenda Gillispie, Confidential Observer; Barbara Crum, Choir Director; Margie Jackson, Rose Lecture; and Mrs. Luther Endicott, Mother Advisor.

Officers in charge of the installation services are Carolyn Ferguson, Suellen Newman, Sue Perry, Janet Gillispie, Theatta Parsons and Susan Davis, all of Wayne Assembly No. 53.


(WCN - 5/19/1965) Crum Students Receive Awards

Linda Gail Hensley, valedictorian of the graduating class at Crum High School, has been given the Annual Award of The Reader's Digest Association for students who by their successful school work give promise of attaining leadership in the community, it was announced this week by Mr. Glenn Prichard, principal.

Miss Hensley will receive an honorary subscription to The Reader's Digest for one year and a personal certificate from the Editors, "in recognition of past accomplishment and in anticipation of unusual achievement to come."

The Reader's Digest Association is presenting these awards in senior high schools throughout the United States and Canada to the highest honor student of the graduating class.

The award to Miss Hensley, who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Hensley of Crum, was made possible through the cooperation of Mr. Prichard and his teaching staff. They selected Miss Hensley to receive the award, designed to stimulate scholarship, citizenship, and continued contact with good reading after graduation.


(WCN - 5/26/1965) Institute Member


Ralph L. Dawson, Principal of Crum Elementary School has been notified that he has been selected as a participant in the Educational Media Specialists Institute at George Peabody College for Teachers during the summer of 1965.

Peabody's Educational Media Specialists' Institute has as its purpose to work with a highly selected group (40) of elementary school principals and supervisors to upgrade their knowledge and skills of educational applications of modern and administrative duties can more nearly enhance the quality of teaching and learning in elementary schools.

The P. E. M. S. Institute is intensive, and designed to promote marked advancement in educational leadership relative to educational media and new instructional materials and techniques. It is closely integrated; all phases focus on the particular problems of the instituted - on the special problems that elementary school teachers encounter in improving instruction vis-a-vis newer media, and on methods and plans for meeting and solving these persistent problems of curricular improvement. Participants are expected to make far more progress in improving their competence as educational leaders than they would in an equivalent amount of time spent in traditional graduate studies.

Mr. Dawson resides at Crum with his wife and six year old son. He has taught for five and one half years in Crum Elementary School. He was assistant principal last year and this year he is principal of Crum Elementary School. He served as Scoutmaster of Troop 603 for three years and is past president of The Crum High School Parent Teachers Association.


(WCN - 5/26/1965) Two From Wayne Represent Hi-Y Club

Wayne High School placed two out of the eight students in West Virginia chosen to represent their Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs at the Eleventh National Hi-Y Assembly this summer.

Maxine Russell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Audley Russell of Wayne, and Stephen Booth son of Mr. and Mrs. John Booth, also of Wayne, will be delegates from Wayne High School. The National Assembly will be held at St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota, beginning July 1 through the 7th. Steve and Maxine will meet with other young people from every section of the United States, participate in group discussion, and special training sessions in a college setting. They will also attend a three-day seminar in Chicago following the National Assembly.

Maxine is secretary of the Tri-Hi-Y and a member of the National Honor Society, the International Club and the band. She also represented the school at the Know-Your-Government-Day in Charleston.

Steve will be chaplain of the Hi-Y next year and is a member of the National Honor Society, International Club and is drum major of the band. He was selected as alternate in the 1965 Week in Washington contest.

Mrs. Donna Lycan has sponsored the Tri-Hi-Y and the Hi-Y Clubs at Wayne High School for the past five years.


(WCN - 5/26/1965) Two From Wayne Represent Hi-Y Club

Wayne High School placed two out of the eight students in West Virginia chosen to represent their Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs at the Eleventh National Hi-Y Assembly this summer.

Maxine Russell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Audley Russell of Wayne, and Stephen Booth son of Mr. and Mrs. John Booth, also of Wayne, will be delegates from Wayne High School. The National Assembly will be held at St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota, beginning July 1 through the 7th. Steve and Maxine will meet with other young people from every section of the United States, participate in group discussion, and special training sessions in a college setting. They will also attend a three-day seminar in Chicago following the National Assembly.

Maxine is secretary of the Tri-Hi-Y and a member of the National Honor Society, the International Club and the band. She also represented the school at the Know-Your-Government-Day in Charleston.

Steve will be chaplain of the Hi-Y next year and is a member of the National Honor Society, International Club and is drum major of the band. He was selected as alternate in the 1965 Week in Washington contest.

Mrs. Donna Lycan has sponsored the Tri-Hi-Y and the Hi-Y Clubs at Wayne High School for the past five years.


(WCN - 5/26/1965) Four C-K High School Honored

Jack Loar was named valedictorian at Ceredo-Kenova High School; salutatorian, Mike Perdue; Honorarians Anne Lambert and Bob Mullens.

Jack is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Loar, of 1081 Chestnut Street, Kenova. He is the treasurer of the National Honor Society and a member of Mu Alpha Theta, Science Club, and Senior Band. He was a National Merit Scholarship Finalist. He was a 1964 graduate Honor Guard. His hobbies are fishing and hunting. His average is 4.00. He was offered a scholarship to the University of Cincinnati. He was the September "Youth of the Month as selected by the Ceredo-Kenova Civic League.

Mike is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Perdue, of 410 16th Street, Kenova. He is the president of the Honor Society, treasurer of the Mu Alpha Theta, and a member of the Language Club, and Science Club. He is the President of the Senior Class; a National Merit Scholarship finalist, and was the winner of the trophy for the Safe Driving Road-e-o sponsored by the Huntington Jaycees. He is the "Youth of the Month" for May. His hobbies are reading, Chess playing, and hiking. His average is 3.97. He plans to go to Marshall or West Virginia Tech.

Anne is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Lambert, of 135 A Street Ceredo. She is the secretary of the Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta. She is a member of the Future Teachers of America and is a majorette in the band. She was chosen Miss Heraldus of 1965. She was 1964 Honor Guard and a member of the All-Area band. Her average is 3.94. She plans to attend Marshall and major in Mathematics.

Bob is the son of Dr. and Mrs. H. S. Mullens, of 374 C Street, Ceredo. He is president of the Science Club and Vice president of Mu Alpha Theta; he is a member of the Broadcasting and Art Clubs, and a member of Senior Band. He was chosen Mr. Heraldus of 1965. He is planing to attend Marshall and major in Chemistry. His average is 3.92.

Rev. Charles Thompson from the Westmoreland Methodist Church will speak at the Baccalaureate Service. Dr. Charles Moffat of the History Department of Marshall University will speak during the Commencement Program. Mrs. Anagene Bartram, a member of the State Board of Education, will present the diplomas.

133 seniors are scheduled to graduate from Ceredo-Kenova High School on May 31.


(WCN - 5/26/1965) Fort Gay Honor Students

Honor students of this years' graduating class at Fort Gay High School have been announced by Mr. Dudley Billups, Principal. Graduation this year will be on June 1.

Co-Valedictorians Are: Brenda Rice — daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Rice of Radnor, W. Va. Paul Jackson — son of Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Jackson of Fort Gay Route 2.

Salutatorian is: Nancy Baisden — daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Baisden of Fort Gay.


(WCN - 6/9/1965) Construction Of C-K Gym Underway

Under construction is the new gymnasium at Ceredo Kenova High School. The building is expected to be completed by December of this year at a cost of $260,000. It is located behind the new high school addition in the area that was formerly used for parking.


(WCN - 6/16/1965) Sam Smith Appointed Asst. Attorney General

Attorney General C. Donald Robertson today announced the appointment of Samuel J. Smith, Charleston attorney, to the position of Assistant Attorney General. Mr. Smith is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George D. Smith, Roanoke Circle, Wayne, West Virginia.

Mr. Smith was educated in the public schools at Wayne County and graduated from Marshall University with an A. B. degree in Political Science in May, 1958, and from Washington and Lee University, School of Law with an L. L. B. degree.

Mr. Smith had the distinction of being elected National Secretary of the American Law Student Association in 1963, which was organized by the American Bar Association and has a membership of 49,000 law students. He is a member of the American Bar, West Virginia State Bar, West Virginia Bar and Kanawha County Bar Associations.

Before joining the Attorney General's Office, Mr. Smith was associated with the Charleston law firm of Jackson, Kelly, Holt and O'Farrell. Mr. Smith is married and resides with his wife and two children at 1920 Woodside Circle in Charleston.


(WCN - 6/16/1965) Eastern Star To Install Officers Monday June 21

Wayne Chapter No. 156, Order of the Eastern Star will install officers Monday night, June 21 at 8 p. m. at the Masonic Hall in Wayne.

Those to be installed are, Mrs. Katherine Toney, worthy matron, Mr. Everett Walker, worthy patron, Mrs. Verna Staley, associate matron, Mr. Fred Russell associate patron, Mr. Luther Endicott, Secretary, Mrs. Virginia Booten, Treasurer, Mrs. Lessie Napier, conductress, Mrs. Charlene Malcolm, associate conductress, Mrs. Tennessee Crum, chaplain, Mrs. Garnette Childers, marshall, Mrs. Alma Brammer, organist, Mrs. Janet Crabtree, Adah, Mrs. Samye Shipley, Ruth, Mrs. Nettie Workman, Esther, Mrs. Clara Bright, Martha, Mrs. Maxine Saunders, Electa, Mrs. Bertha Rutherford, warder, Mr. Robert L. Napier, sentinel.

The installing officers will be, Mrs. Margaret Brammer, installing matron, Mrs. Charley Lycan, installing chaplain, Mrs. Danzil Endicott, installing marshall, Mrs. Eva Lemons installing organist, Mrs. Marguerite Trumbo, installing warder, Mr. H. N. Lecky, installing sentinel, and Mrs. Thelma and Mr. David Parsons, vocalists.

All members of the Order are cordially invited.


(WCN - 7/7/1965) Marshall Honor Students

A record number of 892 students were named on the second semester Honors List announced today by the deans of the three undergraduate colleges at Marshall Univeersity.

Of the total, 45 students had a 4.0 or perfect average and 216 students earned averages of 3.5 or better.

A breakdown of Honors List by colleges showed 537 students were in Teachers College, 313 in Arts and Science and 42 in Applied Science.

Included in the list are the following Marshall students from Wayne County:

CEREDO: Alice Hamilton, Jana Smith, Augustus Adkins, freshmen; Martha Lodwick, Leonta Smith, seniors;

EAST LYNN: Jimmy Hale, sophomore; Jesse Jones, senior;

FORT GAY: Linda Lycans, freshman; Margie Wellman, Carol Lycan, Gentry Belcher, juniors; Bill Fields, Cecil Watts, senior:

KENOVA: Don R. Cunningham, Barbara Ann Campbell, Jacqueline Mills, Edmund Hensley, freshmen; Lewis A. Rife, Rebecca Lester, Joyce Jordan, Clyde McGlone, sophomore; Robert M. Johnson and Ellen Frances West, seniors;

LAVALETTE: Dannie R. Fields, freshman; Carol Sue Robinson, Frederick L. O’Neill, Sophomores; Harry W. Smith, Jr., seniors;

PRICHARD: Larry Albright, freshman;

SHOALS: Joyce G. Platt, Diana Sue Haney, sophomores; Rosa Marti, Junior;

WAYNE: Richard L. Curry, Stephen J. Fields, freshmen; Carla Vaughan, sophomore; Donna F. Staley, junior; George Morrison, Phyllis S. Ferguson, Janice E. Parsley, Frew Rice, seniors;

WILSOKDALE: Dana P. Maynard, sophomore.


(WCN - 7/14/1965) M. J. Ferguson Takes Oath As New D. A.

The Southern District of West Virginia received a new U. S. district attorney last Friday when Milton J. Ferguson of Wayne took the oath of office in Huntington.

Mr. Ferguson, former mayor of Wayne, was assistant U. S. attorney for 10 years before becoming state tax commissioner in 1953. He has been practicing law privately in recent years but has announced that he will no longer be a partner in the law firm of Ferguson, Baer and Ferguson of Wayne and Huntington. It is reported that C .W. Ferguson III, a nephew of Mr. Ferguson's, will maintain his office in Wayne and Philip Baer will practice privately in Huntington.

Federal Judge Sidney L. Christie administered the oath of office to Mr. Ferguson in ceremonies at the federal court in Huntington. Governor Hulett Smith was among those present to congratulate Mr. Ferguson on his appointment which had been approved by the Senate on June 23. He will succeed Harry Camper of Welch who resigned last fall to run for Congress in the Fifth District. Mr. George D. Beter of Huntington has been serving as acting U. S. Attorney and will remain as one of Mr. Ferguson's assistants.

The new U. S. district attorney has said he will maintain his principal office in Charleston but that he and Mrs. Ferguson will continue to live in Wayne.


(WCN - 7/21/1965) Varney's Host At Meeting

Mr. Golden Bartram, Sr. of Fort Gay, Route 1, and Mr. Earl Whited of Fort Gay Rt. 1, were elected to the local Southern States Advisory Board at the annual membership meeting held at the home of Roary Varney on Thursday, July 15. Over 115 stockholder-members and their families attended the session.

Mr. Golden Bartram, Jr., of Fort Gay Route 1, was named chairman of the advisory board and Golden Bartram, Sr., was picked as secretary.

Ladies elected to the local Southern States Farm Home Advisory Committee were Mrs. Bill Jackson of Wayne Rt. 1, and Mrs. Bill Lester of Rt. 1, Fort Gay.

Mrs. Jay Castle was chosen as chairman of the Farm Home Advisory Committee while Mrs. Bill Jackson was named secretary.

Earl Whited was chosen as a delegate to represent the local membership at the Southern States Cooperative's 42nd annual stockholders meeting in Richmond, Virginia on November 11 and 12. Mr. Okey Bartram was named alternate.

According to the financial report given by Mr. L. L. McClure of Huntington, a regional representative of the organization, members of the organization in a five-state area put through their Cooperative about $90 million worth purchasing and marketing volume during the 1964-65 fiscal year.

Other highlights of the evening included several nice door prizes. Special door prizes of Kennedy half-dollars went to the children. Hot dogs and cold drinks were served and quartet singing was enjoyed by all.


(WCN - 7/21/1965) Two Crum Students Receive Scholarships

Gary Scott Maynard and Larry Willis Meade, members of the graduating class of Crum High School, have been advised of their selection for scholarships to Marshall University.

Gary Scott Maynard, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Maynard, has been awarded the West Virginia Board of Education College General Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded by the State Board of Education and it covers a four-year period.

While in Crum High School Gary has maintained a high scholastic average. He has been a member of the National Honor Society, having served as treasurer for one year. He has also served his class in various offices.

Gary plans to enter Marshall University, where he plans to major in Business Administration, this fall.

Larry Willis Meade, son of Willis Meade and Stella Salmons, has been awarded the Benedium Scholarship at Marshall University.

Throughout his high school years Larry has been among the top students in his class. He has been a member of the National Honor Society for three years and class officer for two years.

Larry has also served his class in various offices.

Larry plans to enter Marshall University this fall. He plans to major in Electrical Engineering and Minor in Math.


(WCN - 10/20/1965)

One of the pretty girls show above will be crowned "Miss Kenova Volunteer Fire Department" on November 6, 1965 at the CK Field House. The candidates will be presented to the public in a parade on November 4. A dance will wind up the festivities and a queen will be crowned on that night, November 6. Pictured in the first row is Martha Jane Maynard. Second row, from left to right are Paula Blankenship, Patricia Gue, Lona Hurley, Patsy Eastham and Serenia Wooten. Third row, left to right, Pat Browning, Flora Robinson, Shelia Salyers, Sandy Walker and Nancy Sperry.


(WCN - 11/3/1965) Fort Gay High School Honor Roll

Fourteen students had perfect 4.00 averages as follows: Sue Adkins, Karen Bellomy, Shirley Dean, Judy Huff, Dorvell Lampert, Larry Lowe, Donna Lycan, Gabe Pennington, Genevieve Preston, Sherry St. Clair, Nancy Spears, 12th grade; Connie Lycan, Sammy Thompson, 10th grade; Mary Lynn Edwards, 7th grade.

The complete honor roll follows:


Sue Adkins 4.00, Karen Bellomy 4.00, Shirley Dean 4.00, Judy Huff 4.00, Dorvell Lampert 4.00, Larry Lowe 4.00, Donna Lycan 4.00, Gabe Pennington 4.00, Genevieve Preston 4.00, Sherry St. Clair 4.00, Nancy Spears 4.00, Loretta Noe 3.80, Gary Fraley 3.75, Ileen Massie 3.75, Mary Porter 3.73, David Bartram 3.67, James Moore 3.60, Lana Prichard 3.60, Nella Thompson 3.60, Dutch McCormick 3.55, Rita Kelly 3.50, Phyllis Rowe 3.45, Sherry Kirk 3.42, Keith Spears 3.42, Wanda Robertson 3.40, Dianna Spurlock 3.34, Debra McCloud 3.27, Faye Copley 3.25, Diana Ailiff 3.17, Imogene Robertson 3.07, James Lambert 3.06, Betsy Wilson 3.00


Alberta Robertson 3.89, Wanda Johnson 3.80, Paul Lowe 3.60, Dorothy Jackson 3.47, Bobby Burks 3.40, Rhonna Wellman 3.39, Linda Damron 3.28, Alfred Murray 3.27, David Castle 3.20, Charles Robertson 3.20, John Pelfrey 3.13, Brenda Thompson 3.06, Glenna Tucker 3.00.


Connie Lycan 4.00, Sammy Thompson 4.00, Ronald Thompson 3.87, Michael Kidd 3.83, Patricia Meek 3.83, Judy Pennington 3.78, Jessica Bowen 3.67, Harold Lycan 3.67, Carolyn Wellman 3.60, Ellen Williamson 3.53, Lowell Thompson 3.47, David Unterwagner 3.39, Carl Hardwick 3.27, Betty Caudill 3.13, Willa Dean Webb 3.06, Linda Williams 3.00.


Susie Belle Thompson 3.93, Mary Kathryn Bartram 3.87, Connie Jackson 3.87, Diana Pratt 3.83, Pauline Johnson 3.60, Marsha Webb 3.58, Donna Gail Jackson 3.53, Tamatha Bates 3.47, Betty Hatfield 3.47, Roger Dale Massie 3.45, Rita Webb 3.40, Karen Mullett 3.34, Sally Fraley 3.27, Alma Joyce Riggs 3.25, Stephanie Adkins 3.20, Timothy Lester 3.17, Debra Doss 3.15, John Douglas Wellman 3.11, Nina Lowe 3.09, Reva Hill 3.08.


Thelma Ailiff 3.87, Margaret Lycan 3.75, Lavonne Bellomy 3.67, Sharon Grant 3.53, Loretta Jackson 3.53, Barbara Copley 3.47, Gary Huff 3.47, Max Maynard 3.47, Phyllis McCloud 3.42, Linda Lee Robertson 3.42, Marcella Sammons 3.42, Jack Frazier 3.33, Ida Carol Thompson 3.33, Jane Vanhoose 3.27, Jackie Wellman 3.27, Earsel Maynard 3.20, Linda Ratcliff 3.17, James Roger Frazier 3.15, Richard Wellman 3.11, Joyce Ann Thompson 3.08, Thurman Fowler 3.07, Richard Thompson 3.07, Scottie Workman 3.06, Yvonne Pratt 3.00, Rhonda Roberts 3.00.


Mary Lynn Edwards 4.00, Carol Irene Hubbard 3.60, Rachael Johnson 3.22, Linda Nix 3.20, Lottie Cyrus 3.13, James Lycan 3.06, Richard Porter 3.05, Robert Michael Copley 3.00, Larry Joe Copley 3.00, Samuel Rosser 3.00, Jacqueline Robertson 3.00.


(WCN - 11/3/1965) Crum High School Honor Roll

Mr. Glenn Priehard, Principal announced that 26 per cent of the students at Crum High School obtained a "B" average or better for the first six weeks. The following students have a 4:00 average: Seventh grade, Josephine Booth; Ninth Grade, Lois Conn and Dorothy Crum; Tenth grade, Judy Gay Bowens and Carol Perdue; Eleventh grade, Wanda Perdue and Diana Sue Hensley; Twelfth grade, Barbara Ruth Ramey, Connie Williamson, Joann Sammons and Judith Hensley.

Following is the complete honor roll:


Lou Ellen Pertee, Oscar Jennings Varney, Patricia Meddings, Linda Sue Bowen, Sarah Ann Fslick, Shelby Jean Messer, Wilfred Bowen.


Josephine Booth, Melissa Muncy, IIla Faye Sartin, Rayburn Ferrell, Elias Perry, Delmas Crum, Hazel Messer, William Justice, Ervin Allen.


Lois Conn, Dorothy Crum, Earnie Salmons, Yvonne Prince, Judy Damron, Dorsey Hallman, Wallace Dillon, Linda Stamper, Carl Salmons, Kathy Stepp, Larry Perry, Roger Stroud, Barbara Crum, Carolyn Johnson, Woodrow Perry, Linda Damron, Linda Maynard, Betty Messer, Faye Stacey, Joe Ferguson.


Judy Gay Bowens, Carol Perdue, Linda Sue Marcum, Judy Lane McCoy, Diana Kay Dillon, Bill Marcum, Marlene Queen, Bonnie Asbury, Paul Ward, Ceelene Hensley, Roger Maynard, Joann Marcum, Elenore Mae Sartin, Mabel L. Maynard, Larry D. Williamson, Robert Perdue, Gary Harner, Karen Ferguson, Walter Marcum, Mary Meddings, Joan Stamper, Nancy Ferguson, Regina Dillon, Betty Sturgell.


Diana Sue Hensley, Wanda Perdue, Danny Romans, Sandra Perry, Patricia Crum, Charles Salmons, Willa Ruth Maynard, Janet Ferguson, Pat Fluty, Larry Sturgell, James Farley, Alphrey Prince.


Barbara Ruth Ramey, Connie Williamson, Joann Sammons, Judith Hensley, Kathy Dillon, Bonnie Crum, Kathy Queen, Roger Ferguson, Connie Lea Williamson, Gary Copley, Elaine Sturgell, Velma Sue Jones, Alice Chapman, Imogene Bowens, Barbara Romans, Clifford Perry, Jack Fletcher, Willard Evans, Millie Ferguson, Myrtle Jarrell, Anna Copley, Jack Fitch, Mary Perry, David Herald, Earl Prince, John Litton, Betty Williamson, Neil Hurley, Lois Herald, Karen Gillman, Linda Johnson, Linda Zanders, Sue Spaulding.


(WCN - 11/3/1965) Wayne High School Honor Roll

The honor roll for the first six weeks as released by Iliff West, Principal of Wayne County High School, lists 163 students.

The following students have an A or 4-point average:


Jeffrey Stephen Booth, Mary Ellen Booton, Patricia Damron, Dorothy Rice, Maxine Russell, Margaret Tygrett.


Douglas Adkins, Christine Perdue.


Mary Adkins, Ruby Napier, Brenda Stiltner, Nora Belle Tabor, Sharon Webb.


Nola Ferguson, Sherry Harris, Donna Jean Booth, Johnny Ferguson, Doris Brown, Arbutus Wallace, Mary Susan Davis, Janice Lawson, Norma Perry, Virgie Steele, Charlene Adkins, Deloris Perry, Joyce Napier, Bonnie Queen, Toney Adkins, Nola Merritt, Linda Jo McSweeney, Randy Lambert, Margie Jackson, Patsy Hill, Ida Maynard, Lucian Napier, Peggy Skeens, Barbara Sue Lusher, Alice Adkins, Eugene Geer, Glenna Baisden, Linda Preston, Allen Clark, Annette Mills, L. D. Adams, David Bias, Garry Boothe, Viola Clay, Patricia Webb, Roger Starkey, Caroline Williamson, Edward Ferguson, Judy Ferguson, Daisy Gravely, Carol Kendrick, Christine Lewis, Pam Osburn, Kenneth Napier, Donetta Toney, Betty Tooley.


Judy Casto, Teresa Osburn, Drema Tomblin, Darlene Pratt, Deborah Napier, Daniel Browning, Randy Fry, Bill Brubeck, Sue Burks, Barbara Mills, Billie Riedel, Janice Ross, Roy Cassidy, Brenda Lou Adkins, Roger Clay, Thomas Patrick, David Wiley, Chloie Williamson, Earnestine Napier, Bertie Adkins, Barbara Fry, Roger Damron, Thomas Francis, Kenton Golden, Donna Jones, Carolyn Auxier, Judith Blankenship, Joanna Foreman, Kathy Osburn, Jerry Osburn, Gordon Robinson, Joseph Russell, Walter Perry, Roger Bradshaw, Danny Chadwick.


Richard Napier, Carmeleta Pauley, Patricia Lucas, Linda Clay, JoElla Whltt, Peggy Shannon, Darlene Spence, Diana Moon, Gloria Epling, Carrol Clark, Amanda Susan Johnson, Janet Sue Meade, Carlotta Dyer, Judy Napier, Sue Osburn, Siddy Combs, Roger Dale Hale, Brenda Lucas, Janice Robinson, Buster Maynard, Arlene Morrison, Thelma Blankenship, Bonnie Bradshaw, Helen Berry, JoAnn Hale, Sharon Kay Maynard, Karen Shadd, Betty Jane Watts, Mickey Ann Newman, Diana Asbury, Janet Asbury, Rose Bias, Sharon Davis, Russell Leslie Fry, Loretta Smith, Charlotte Steele.


Claude Canterbury, Phyllis Lawson, Leroy Skeens, Kathy Perry, Clista Spry, Dennis Tooley, Steve Sellards, Gilda Jones, Palma Pack, Allen Keith Perry, Patricia Jackson, Judy Frasher, Brenda Merritt, Sharon Perry, Joyce Price, Kay Gibson, Connie Hodges, Douglas Epling, Anna Dean, Teresa Terry, Sharon Wallace, Bonnie Harvey, Linda Ross, Leona Adkins, Bernice Smith, Darlene Lycans, Dallas Merritt, Deanna Ruth Mills, Deborah Mills, Linda Adkins, Doris Clay, David Morris, Robert Wilson.



Buffalo High School's Honor Roll for the First Six-weeks grading period consists of 125 students; 7 of these students have all "A"'s or 4.0 average.

12th – Leslie Hutchinson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hutchinson, Mary Ruth Ferguson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ferguson, Sherlene Wellman, daughter of Mrs. Faye Wellman.

11th – Erma Jane Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Brown.

9th – Paul Alex Blair, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Blair.

7th – Dee Ann Booth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Booth, Frederick Dorsey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Lowell Dorsey.

Complete Honor Roll as follows:


Leslie Hutchinson, Timothy Nicely, Dewey Maynard, Diana Mullins, Regina Martin, Sylvia Hatfield, Connie Gearhart, Sharon Harmon, Andrew Marcum, Eugene Parsons, Barbara Hayton, Brenda Hoback, Sandra Kilgore, Brenda Madden, Sherlene Wellman, Vicki Riggs, Dale Ward, Nancy Ramsey, Ted Talbert, Mike Sprague, Terry Staley, Larry Bailey, Reba Blankenship, Karalyn Day, Barbara Doss, Donna Finle, Anita Drown, Marcia Falls, Mary Ruth Ferguson, Becky Gano, Nancy Sperry.


Diana Massie, Gary Maynard, Judy McCoy, Oscar Michael, Jr., Judy Plymale, Robert Plymale, Patricia Powers, Barbara Preston, Jayne Pyles, Karen Plymale, Erma Jane Brown, Judy Burton, Wanda Cole, Charles Davis, Jack Fannin, Terry Hutchinson, Bonnie Rowe, Donna Simmons.


Randy Hall, Eddie Mitchell, Deborah Hoback, Mary Lee Moore, Sue Pyles, Marilyn Plymale, Kathy Meade, Kevin Dixon, Curtis Drown, Arthur Fuller, Patricia Adkins, Debra Beckley, Ruth Combs, Mary Courtney, Emogene Davis, Patty Schieblehood, Steve Shy, Debbie Smith, Rusty Ward, Stephen Ward.


Linda Spence, Paul Alex Blair, Becky Christian, Thomas Leete, Connie Barbour, Barbara Trogdon, Melinda Fritz, Ricky Mitchell, Malinda Plymale, Marvine Henderson, Paul Tomblin, Rhonda Adkins, Danny Shoemaker, Patricia Jobe, Regina Schieblehood, Jerry Shoemaker, Mark Bailey, Kathryn Chapman, Debra Faye Hatten, Kay Stewart, Patty Thompson, Elizabeth Booth, Chrystal Eden, Kay Wilson.

8th GRADE:

Diana Maynard, Freda Zimmerman, Debbie Bradshaw, Jack Chambers, Debra Hutchinson, Pamela Noe, Vickie Shy, Joan Pyles, Connie Preece, Annette Michael, Barton Conradi, Deborah Bailey, Roseanna Blair, Ruth Jean Byer, Carol Malcolm, Beverly Staley, Danny Casey.

7th GRADE:

Raenette Ward, Mary Owens, Betty Wilson, Dee Ann Booth, Frederick Dorsey, Kathy Summerfield, James Hensley, Jennifer Akers, Sue Fields, Sharon Miracle, Teresa Mathis, Ricky Adkins, Danny Newman, Pamela Plummer, Jeffrey Black, Nancy Dean.


(WCN - 11/17/1965) C-K High School Honor Roll


David Colvin, Homeretta Jackson, Marcia Lykins, Rosanne Norman, Linda Perdue, Ellen Jo Ware, Nelson Burks, Jerry Hensley, Gordon Shirley Hutchinson, Patty Meredith, Kathy Rowe, Peggy Cremeans, Kathy Kirk, Rita Burke, Ruth Ann Cornell, Sarah Newman, Jeanne Lockhart, Gordon Wells, Glen Lambert, Mary Anne Loar, Dianna Mitchell, Mattie Stevens, Patricia Thompson, Beverly Money, Sue Bailey, Deborah Bowen, Linda Brown, Peggy Byard, Ronald Chambers, Larry Christian, Judy Hay, Veronica Jacoby, Brenda McKenzie, Molly Mills, Rodney Shirley, Jeanette Surgeon, Mike Watts, Billie Carver, Hank Stark, Lynn Watts, Leta Woolwine, Brenda Adkins, Linda Billups, Bobby Crabtree, Tom Dale, Brenda Dishman, Jennifer Wright, Harmon Frye, Mimi Breece, David Ferguson, Melanie Harmon, Don Klein, Jerry Plumley, Sharon Stump, Carla Winters.


Barbara Wilson, Mike Evans, Bruce Craycraft, Floyd Stark, Nancy Epling, David Porter, Debbie Arthur, Scott Smith, Steve Gilliam, Edward Jordan, Rebecca Stollings, Dana Ferrell, Annette Fink, Adah Jane Fogle, Patty Fuller, Sharon Maurer, Gary Perdue, Walter Quate, Barbara Stewart, Sandra Rideout, Phyllis Ball, Bruce Keyser, Karen Maher, Dottie Ross, Ricky Sanford, Mike Smith, Robert Blankenship, Linda Fuller, Jane Mills, Patty Napier, Debbie Bailey, Charles Campbell, Diane Cornwell, Kathy Flanagan, Linda Hatten, Joretta McLaughlin, Larry Shannon.


Teresa Adkins, Sam Colvin, Charles Peters, Rhonda Robinson, Louise Anne Wood, Alice Hatten, Norma Loar, Vickie Powell, Debbie Booth, Gloria June McKeand, Barbara Bowen, Robert Massie, Janet Lynn Thompson, Marilyn Fedczak, Shirley Brumfield, Edith Moody, Patricia Wickline, Stephen Le Shirley, Cecelia Puckett, Mary L. Cremeans, Bill Evans, Charles Hatten, James Poff, Catherine Quate.


Jody Lambert, Donna Pratt, Sally Cornell, Randy Hoback, Candy Keyser, Wanda Moore, Doris Spears, Frances Staley, Karen Diamond, Ricky Dorsey, Sandra Sanford, Larry Dixon, Tommy Ferrell, Janis Napier, Beverly Patterson, Carol Peters, Bonnie Ryan, Shirley Hutchinson, Patty Cremeans, Kathy Kirk, Rita Quillen, Jennell Rector, Charles Skeens, Larry Winters, Michael Adkins, Denver Caldwell, Brenda Caudill, Bob Chaffins, Kathy Dickerson, Patty Fedczak, Carolyn Mitchell, Sherry Reynolds, Shelia Salyers, Dick Stark, Mike Webb, Becky Wolford, Cathy Lynn Akers, Debbie Jessie, Gloria Shannon, Frank Anderson, Bessie Ball, Carolyn Jean Blankenship, Sue Blevins, Donna Ferguson, Veraleen Finley, Barry Harris, Peggy Humphreys, Robert Huston, Richmond Lykins, Donna Perry, Hal Rollins, Judy Steele, Stanley Wood.


John Spangler, Donna Riggs, Thomas Smith, Pamela Stevenson, Rhonda Dorsey, Paul Billups, Shirley Ferman, Tom Jenkins, Judy Lucas, Elizabeth Nickell, Mary Sue Rowe, Terrie Fuller, Jean Hardwick, Trudy Blackburn, Michael Bowen, Debbie Humphreys, Phyllis Parsley, Janey Pario, Linda Rolston, Quentin Fraley, Sharon Brown, Robert Ellis, Donna Hoschar, Patty Justice, Jeannie Massie, Margaret Moody, Thomas Plymale, Shirley Quillen, Karen Shanon, Robert Sullivan, Sharon Terry, James Walters, Nancy Wood.


Teresa Johnson, Sammie Sue Lambert, Atha Mayo, Sarah Ann Neal, David Farmer, Lugene Mitchell, Ricky Skeens, Janice Spradlin, William Hall, Vickie Lancaster, Debra Lycans, Pamela McClure, Jamie Peters, Betty Rowley, Jan Skeens, Cathy Billups, Laurie Little, Ruth Ann Rector, Diana Ward, Greg Workman, Jimmy Young, Glen Adkins, Ralph Batiste, Cread Chappelear, David Conner, Carol Crouch, Mary Denise Crow, Dale William Diamond, Charles Napier, Vickie Watts, Celeste Winters, Patricia Yelkey, Karen Fisher, Terry Kesterson, Donna Reyburn, Gary Smith, Carolyn Sparks, John Anderson, Judy Blackburn, Debbie Brown, Cathy Capron, Joy Carter, Danny Chaffin, Katheryn Fetters, James Lewis, Kathy Maynard, Brenda McCallister, Betty Nunley, Robert Perdue, Lisa Porter, Florence Watts, Mary Louise Wheeler.



"They shouldn't be fooling around with us little boys. They should go triple-A."

That was Mount Hope coach Jack Pack's impression of Ceredo-Kenova's muscular Wayne Wonders last Saturday after C-K whacked his Mustangs 26-6 for the West Virginia Class AA football championship.

C-K's victory brought coach Carl Ward his second state AA title in three years and Wayne County its second state grid crown of the season. Crum had taken state Class A honors only a week before by beating Masontown Valley 20-18 at Elkins.

C-K had captured the title in 1963, and barely missed a berth in the 1964 playoff with what coach Ward called a better team than the 1963 Wonders.

A loss to Vinson cost the Wonders a playoff chance in 1961 and a loss to Wayne kept them out in 1962 before they got their chance in 1963.

After Saturday's victory, the Wonders have a 20-game winning streak and they have won 29 of their last 30 games.


(WCN - 12/1/1965) 

THE CEREDO-KENOVA HIGH SCHOOL "WAYNE WONDERS" football team was guests of Congressman Ken Hechler at the Army-Navy football game Saturday at the John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia. The complimentary tickets were presented to the coach, Carl Ward, and sixteen members of the State Class AA Football champions, by Congressman Hechler as a token of esteem for winning ten games against stiff competition and then drubbing Mt. Hope High School for the State AA Football Championship. The boys left Friday afternoon by automobile to join the 103,000 fans in Philadelphia to see Army and Navy in a deadlocked 7-7 game Saturday.


(WCN - 12/15/1965) World War II, Korean Honor List Complete After 2 Years

An honor list of Wayne Countians who died in World War II or in the Korean conflict, has been completed after two years of work and research.

These names will be turned over to the Wayne County Court Commissioners to be placed on a plaque of honor on the courthouse lawn.

This list is being published in order to give people in Wayne County or the surrounding areas one more opportunity to add names that might have been left off or to remove names that perhaps shouldn't be there. Anyone desiring to make such changes should contact R. L. Napier, Post Commander of VFW, at Wayne or The Wayne County News as soon as possible.



Conley O. Adkins
Elmer Adkins
Ernest Adkins
Normal Adkins
Robert Harold Adkins
Wm. James Adkins
Willie L. Adkins
Howard Ailiff
Joseph Akers
Chester Asbury


Frank W. Bailey
Garnet Gene Baker
Joe D. Barringer
Hardwick Berry
Jerry Bartram
W. S. Bates
Herman Borders
William S. Bowen
Vernon M. Boys
Norville R. Bradshaw
Chas. Eugene Branham
David W. Branham
George R. Brinker


Charles Cain
Jay Herbert Chaffin
Charles W. Clay
George F. Clay
Truman Cook
Glen R. Copley
Basil Crabtree
Frank Creasy


Chas. E. Dalton
Frank Damron
Harold Daniels
Ralph Daniels
Charley Dingess


Hubert W. Edwards
Chas. E. Ellis
Ira V. Ellis
Fred G. Evans
Daniel K. Eversole


Jay Finley Jr.
Lloyd Ferguson Finley
Seibern Finley
Ezekiel Fry
Jas. D. Fry
Woodrow Fry
Colonel Fugett


Paul H. Gibson
Alexander H. Gilmour


Edward Everett Hale
Gus Hall
Chas. C. Hardgrove
Robert A. Hatfield
Phillip H. Hazelett
Harry P. Heaberlin
William Wayne Hutchinson


George D. Johnson
Lucian Burns Johnson
Guy B. Jordan
Millard C. Jordan


Eustice N. Keesee
Elmer K. Koontz


Richard L. Lakin
Irwin J. Lemaster
Wm. H. Lemaster
Jesse W. Lett
Carl C. Lucas
Raymond Lucas


Bayless Malcolm
Enos Marcum
Wade H. Marcum
Eldon Martin
Dan V. Mathews
Lowell Mathews
Jasin Mathis
Jas. M. Mathis
Leonard Mathis
Orvalee Maynard
Robert J. Meade
Horace V. Meadows
Andrew A. "Lefty" Miller
Homer Mills
Ira J. Mills
Chester Milum
Buddy Mitchell
Fulton P. Moore
Bertram Morris
Claude McCoy


Henry Noe


Curtis Osburn


Ernest Parker
Norman T. Pauley
Omer J. Perdue
Corbit Perry
Glen Patterson
Dorsel E. Plymale
Ernest Poindexter
Samuel B. Porter
Guy Donald Powers
Louis F. Pozgay
Emmett Preston Jr.
Walter Preston
Fisher Pyles


Billy S. Queen
James Queen


Woodrow Radcliff
Golden Rattlif
Edgar Robertson
Gerald Ross


Dorsey Sammons
John B. Sanders
Raymond D. Schoebaum
William Franklin
Conrad Siegie
Cozzie N. Simpkins
Howard A. Smith
Jas. M. Spaulding
Paul Spaulding
Sherman A. Spaulding
Lloyd S. Spencer
Gail H. Spurlock
James A. Stephens
Henry T. Stevens
Selvin Stroud
Chas. Cecil Stump
Harold R. Suter


Frank G. Thacker


Leston Vance
Jerry Van Sant
Wm. L. Varney


William Thomas Wallace
John Lowell Watts
Sherman Watts
Sylvester Watts
Chester Webb
Harry Franklin Wheeler
Gideon Wilson
Eugene Woods
Fred Workman
Allan Wright
Herbert B. Wright


Harry Yates



Hatten Adkins
William O. Artrip
Billie J. Browning
Wesley H. Clark
Cloral C. Comer
Donald C. Dunkle
Russell D. Hager
Mont Jarrell
Jesse Muncy
Alfred W. Napier
Golden Napier
William B. Porter
Johnny Rowe
Hoyt O. Russell
William L. Smith
Robert L. Thacker
Theodore Worley
Lee R. Young



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