2004 Queries


Please Remember !!!!!  While you are corresponding with one another, please send copies of your email messages to   wcghs@citynet.net   This will allow us to help others who are researching the same families.  It also assists the Society with it's ongoing projects such as the annotated census records and the annotated Cemetery records.

SISSON, DEAN     Researching the Sisson family of Wayne County. James Polk married Amanda Frances Sisson. Her father and my ancestor Miles Sisson were brothers. Is there any cemetery information for the Sisson family? Also interested in information concerning Lindsey & LuSidnia Dean.
Patty Sweet.   Sweetpy13@earthlink.net

OWENS     Looking for help with my Owens family. My great grandfather was Benjamin Franklin Owens who married Julia Ann Newman. His ancestors include Jordan S. Owens and Epaphrodatus Owens. Her ancestors include Rev. John Newman and Rev. Peyton Newman. Any help appreciated. Jack D. Owens, 124 Ingleside Road, Madison, MS 39110 (601) 605-8044     Owens92@bellsouth.net

SMITH         Does anyone have information on a Lando Smith who married Stella Haney. They lived in Ft. Gay area in early 1900's. Had a son named Curtis. Stella had a son named Roy Haney. Where are they buried?
Joyce McBride      JHMb01@aol.com

THOMAS, OSBURN         Need information on Della, Harriet and Everett Thomas. Della married Harvey Osburn. Harriet was her mother.        Josh Nichols, 108 Lynn Lane, Charlotte, TN 37036
(615) 341-5808     Josh.nichols@us.gambro.com

TUCKER         I need to find information on a police officer by the name of Raymond Tucker who was shot and killed in Fort Gay. Are there any newspaper articles concerning same? Any help much appreciated.
Glen Tucker        Tucker20036@aol.com

STEPP         Looking for graves of Wade H. and Opal M. Stepp in either the Blair or Newman cemetery.
Roberta Stepp         RoberSt6@aol.com

SPARKS, LLOYD         Need help on a John Ward Sparks who married Mary Porter. John’s parents were Jay Sparks and Elizabeth Lloyd. Not sure if they were married or not. Lived in the area of Radnor, WV.
Sylvia Swisher         Blueyedgolfer@msn.com

QUEEN         Need to find information relating to Jay B. Queen, born 1/2/1896. He had a brother Millard. Was Jay B. the son of Walter & Millie (Maynard) Queen or was he an adopted son?   Shauna Perez         Rsperez@dtgnet.com

PHELPS, SIPPLE         Am looking for a marriage record between Samuel “Chester” Phelps and Elizabeth Sipple, married ca 1905-10. Also would like to know who their daughter Dorothy married and where she was married. Patsy Lovell         Lovell@boo.net

NOE         John Harvey Noe (died 1922) and his wife Arminta (died1900-1910) lived in Ceredo when they died. Some say they are buried in a cemetery outside Ceredo. Others say in Noe Cemetery on Mill Creek. Does anyone have a record of their burial place. Any help appreciated. Pam Robinson         Psr487t@smsu.edu

SMITH, FERGUSON         Need information on James Washington Smith who married Jane R. Garrett ca 1846. They had children: William F., Sarah E., James M., Margaret A., Isaac B., Catherine, Zackelus, Alfred and Cynthia Ann. James was supposedly killed during the Civil War where he served in the 8th VA CAV. Jane remarried in 1870 to John Everald Ferguson. Also, who were the parents of James Washington and where were they born?     Chris Smith         csmith27@kc.rr.com

HYLTON, HELTON, HILTON         Looking for person with either of the previous last names. His first name seems to have been Ohlen Gaylord of Olyn G. Have found two death records for him. One was 4/5/1942 and the other was 4/31/1945. Seems he was killed in car wreck at Crum, WV and undertaker was listed as R. F. Booton. His parents were M. F. Hylton and Virginia Belcher.   Kathy Sedwick             Malc23@msn.com

BLANKENSHIP, RUNYON         Trying to locate where my Great Aunt is buried. She was Virginia (Runyon) Blankenship (1877-1983), the wife of James Harvey Blankenship. She lived in the area of Bob’s Branch in Wayne County. Thank for any help.     Chuck Runyon         Chuckrunyon@comcast.net

MERRITT, MUSIC, PARSONS         Researching the family of John Rand Merritt and Nancy Jane Music who were married ca 1846. Who were their parents? Their son Abraham married Zilpha Parsons. Who were her parents? I descend through Abraham’s granddaughter Inez Merritt. Any help?    M. Beahan

FERGUSON, SCAGGS         Searching for siblings and parents of Margaret “Peggy” Scaggs. She was born ca 1820 and died March 1899. She married William Morris Ferguson on March 16, 1843. All help appreciated.
Harry J. Scaggs         Hjscaggs@juno.com

MURPHY, LOWE, JONES         Looking for information on parents of both Alexander Murphy and his wife Margaret Lowe. Their daughter Lucinda married John Jones and they are my gggrandparents.
Doug Jones 1005 Brown Hill Rd., Ferrum, VA 24088         farcn@swva.net

HEWLETT/HULETT         Looking for a cemetery my family called the Hewlett/Hulet Cemetery. Dad took me there about 20 years ago, and as I remember it was near Fort Gay on the Big Sandy River. Several of my ancestors are buried there; Henry B. Hewlett, Clarinda Hewlett, William Hewlett and James T. Hewlett. Maybe this is not the correct name for this cemetery. Can anyone help?  Monique Lackey     mlackey@columbus.rr.com

BOYD, BLOSS         Need information on my father John Lee Boyd who was adopted by Lee and Ida (Bloss) Boyd. They adopted him in the 1930's and he grew up on their farm on Spring Branch. Ida was the only grandmother I eve knew and wondering if she has any living relatives still in Wayne County.
John Boyd P.O. Box 236, Smith, NV 89430         Jboyd@bartonhealth.org

BUCKINGHAM         Looking for the family of James and Rebecca Buckingham. They had children, Elisha, Peggy, John, Polly, William and Matthew. Does anyone have any proof that Elisha was born in Maryland? He was my ggrandfather.     Loretta Marcum         Marcummachine@aol.com

SALYERS, TALENT         Need to find information on my father’s family. He was Eugene Frankel Salyers, son of Roll and Virginia (Talent) Salyers. I believe his siblings were Mae, Jesse, Margarite, Ernestine and Woodrow. They lived in the area of Westmoreland and my grandfather was a laborer on the old bridge near Kellogg Elementary School. If you have anything to share, I would greatly appreciate it.
E. F. Salyers, Jr., P.O. Box 5425, Vienna, VA 26105-5425         Protegelx@zzzip.net

BRUNTY         Looking for descendants of Hattie and Delbert Brunty. Also descendants of J.L. “Stoke” Brunty of Beach Fork. Hattie died 3/18/1995 and is buried in the Whited Cemetery. Delbert died ca 1931. They had at least four daughters. Help appreciated.     B.J. Brunty         Bjlee0723@aol.com

WALKER, ADKINS, MILLS         Searching for George , s/o Christopher Amos Walker. George married Amanda Huston (?). George later married Frances, daughter of George and Nancy (Moore) Smith. Chris and his wife are buried on Beech Fork. George died at East Lynn. Can’t find any info on this family.
Paula Guerrero 189 Fall Creek Dr., Kyle, TX 78640         texlobos@aol.com

ADKINS, BROWNING         Mom was born in Prichard, WV and was the granddaughter of Sampson Saunders and Mounterie (Browning) Adkins. This was his second marriage. Can anyone tell me who are the parents of Mounterie??         Joe (Adkins) Rzemien         Jmr728@cox.net

STRAIGHT         My great-grandparents were George Nicholas and Emma C. Straight. Emma’s family were said to be from Kenova. She was born ca 1885 in Ohio and married George ca 1901. Their children were Florence, Clifford, John, Eleanor and Charles. In 1910 the family was living in Guyandotte. Any help much appreciated.
Lee-Ann Gibson             Elgibson@ezwv.com

EALEM, HAYTON, BLACK         My parents were from Wayne County, William Ray Ealem and Lenora (Hayton) Ealem. My grandparents were Carter and Sally Belle (Black) Ealem. I am looking for any family members who are still living.         George C. Ealem             Gcealem@aol.com

MAGAZINE WRITER DESIRES INFORMATION         Ms. B.J. Alderman, a writer for the American Western Magazine, is writing articles dealing with wives of County Sheriffs. The articles deal with the wife’s involvement in the Sheriff’s office. Many early law families lived in the jail. Do you have any stories you wish to share?
B.J. Alderman, 8710 Chestnut Circle #4, Kansas City, MO 64131         Luvdale884@aol.com

HUNTER         Researching the Hunter families of Ceredo and Ironton areas. Emily Hunter married to Steven ? Osburn/Osborne ca 1860. Joseph Hunter appears in the 1880 Wayne County census with wife Raney and Children Dora, Minnie and Fred. Peter Hunter was born 1849 in Maple Grove (?) WV. Does anyone have any information to share?         Richard Skinner             richard.skinner@moundsviewschools.org

VINSON, LEMASTER, COOK         On 5/21/1943 Rhoda Vinson married a Mr. Lemaster and her birth place was listed as Ceredo. I need information on her birth date. Rhoda Vinson and William Cook were my great grandparents. Their children were Maggie ( my grandmother), Homer, Forest and George. I need marriage record for William and Rhoda. I have no information on William Cook. Who were his parents, etc. ?         Lora Tupy Lora.tupy@episervice.org

CLARK         Would like to exchange data with others interested in the Clark family. Samuel was born ca 1809 in N.C. and died ca 1865 in Wayne County. His son Daniel Clark was born ca 1838 in Floyd Co. KY and died 2/20/1853 in Wayne County. This Clark line goes back to Alexander Clark, born ca 1725. This family was in Boone County in 1850 census. Daniel married Mosary Williams, and they had two sons Samuel and Jacob. Any help much appreciated.         Harry Atkins                 hjatkins@comcast.net

MERRITT, WARRICK         I descend from John Rand Merritt and Nancy Jane Musick. Am searching for data on their marriage. I am a shut in so I cannot travel to do genealogy research. Does anyone research the Lambert Files at Marshall University, who could look up information on these families for me. I would also like proof of parents for both of them.         Mary Louise Ayers             marla@xmission.com

ELLIS, BROWNING         Would like to know if anyone has information on the rumor that Guy Ellis born in Logan County ca 1827 and his son Nathaniel Ellis, born ca 1861 were actually Brownings?
Rosanna, Garnes, P.O. Box 377, Nashville, OH 44661 (330) 378-5614)             zany@valkyrie.net

RAMEY         Looking for information on Buena or Buena Vista Ramey who married Henderson Adkins. Some say her father was Henry Ramey, but I have no proof of that. Anyone know?
Rosanna, Garnes, P.O. Box 377, Nashville, OH 44661 (330) 378-5614)         zany@valkyrie.net

MATHIS, COPLEY, POINDEXTER, MILLER         My Mathews/Mathis line has the following mysteries: Sarah COPLEY born ca 1818 in KY married Daniel Mathis/Mathews CSA, born ca 1811 and died ca 1862 WC, son of Morning Mathis & ????. Does anyone know Sarah Copley’s line? The son of Daniel & Sarah, Harvey Mathews, born 9/15/1847 and married 3/11/1869 WC to Louise Catherine Poindexter born 12/7/1845 in Henry Co VA. Her parents were John POINDEXTER and Louisa MILLER. There are too many John POINDEXTERS to choose from. Can anyone help solve some of this riddle?         Connie             Auntcon57@adelphia.net

FITZPATRICK, PRESTON, COPLEY         Looking for information on the Frank and Julia (Preston) Fitzpatrick family. They were in the Lawrence Co KY census of 1850. What were the birth dates of their sons Ben F. and William? Their daughter Elizabeth died in a fire 1/17/1872. Julia gave birth to son John on 2/7/1872 and then on 2/17/1872 she also died of burns. When did Manerva (Copley) Fitzpatrick give birth to son William?
Bessie Lindsey             Twiggs@totcon.com

SALYERS, FARRIS         Harry Farris was related by marriage my family of Roll and Virginia (Tallent) Salyers. I think he was in law enforcement and had a daughter Barbara Ann. Does anyone know this family who can help with clues on the Salyers family?         Eugene F. “Rusty” Salyers, Jr.             Proteglx@zzzipnet.net

TOMBLIN, PRATT, DALTON         Need to find information on Moses Tomblin who married Polly Pratt or Mary Dalton. He had sons, Peter, John, William & perhaps others. Also looking for burial place of Moses and Mary. Dinah         Ddmcsp@newwave.net

MARSHALL, ADKINS, FOSTER, VANCE         I am researching Fred Marshall born 3/12/1894 and married 8/15/1917 to Agnes Gertrude Foster. Fred’s parents were John W. & Hannah J. (Adkins) Marshall. Agnes was the daughter of Andrew & Mary (Stafford) Foster, from Elliott Co KY. John W. was the son of Hezekiah & Elizabeth (Goldie) Marshall. Any help with this family much appreciated.
Theodora Lange 1133 E. Orchid Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85020             tslange@msn.com

SPENCE, CLARK         My great grandmother Roseann Spence Clark died in Duplin Co, NC on March 6, 1936 and was buried in Wayne County on March 8. Duplin Co. has no record of her death nor a death certificate. Is it possible her death was recorded in Wayne County. Any help appreciated.
Darrell Brock             Dbrock@do-all-precision.com

MARCUM, SPAULDING, McCOY         My great grandparents were Jacob Marcum and Rhoda Spaulding who lived in area of Stonecoal. Are you related? Do you have any pictures of Jacob? My other great grandparents, William Spaulding and Mary McCoy also lived in that area.      Janie Marcum             Jlpinhook@aol.com

READER/REEDER, EARL         Looking for information on Nancy Reader/ Reeder Earl who married Harrison Earl. Nancy was born ca 1857 in Kentucky, but they lived most of their lifetime in Wayne County. She does not appear in the 1900 census with Harrison. Can anyone help?      Connie Hieber         Hieber8638@aol.com

STAPLETON         I am looking for the burial place of my grandfather, Alonzo Stapleton who died in Wayne County in 1908. I remember my father calling the cemetery the Salyers Cemetery. I also need a copy of his death certificate. Can anyone help?         Louise Stapleton Collins             Kermitcollins@yahoo.com

LOWE, VANCE, PRITCHARD         Researching the Samuel Lowe family. I believe Samuel to be the son of Joseph & Rebecca (Vance) Lowe of Logan Co. Samuel and his wife, Mary A. Pritchard, are found in several census records. Would like to exchange information with anyone researching this family. Also need to contact Freda Steele concerning same.             Joyce Sanders, 8517 Arrowhead Cir. Orlando, FL 32825.

REYNOLDS, STONE             I am researching my Reynolds ancestors in Wayne County. Looking for Noah Milburn Reynolds (born ca 1808) and his wife Mary Chaney (Stone) Reynolds. I am told some of this family is buried in the Mt. Vernon Cemetery. Can anyone help?    Kristie Lane (Reynolds) Davis.         sldavis@nwi.net

BRADSHAW, NAPIER, SULLIVAN, ADKINS.         I am researching these families in Wayne County. Have not been to Wayne County before, so need some help on where to begin. Am hoping to visit there soon.
Teresa Lemons, Meigs Co. OH             teresa_lemons@hotmail.com

MARCUM         In your cemetery book Vol. I, in the Smith Cemetery, you have William Clinton Marcum identified as the son of Isaac Marcum. My records indicate he is the son of Stephen Marcum and Nancy Belcher. Can someone please clear this up for me?         Stephen Marcum             Steveandclaudi@msn.com

CALDWELL         Looking for a picture of & need help with John Caldwell. He first married Sarah ?? and second Rebecca ??. He was in Wayne County around the 1870's. I do know there are two John Caldwells buried on Greasy Ridge. Can someone help me to sort these ancestors out?   Judy Tomblin             judytomblin@aol.com

ADAMS         Can anyone supply information on the family of William & Nancy Jane Adams who are listed in the 1880 census. Am particularly interested in the son with only an initial R. Also need information on an E. L. Adams who married Rachel Marcum in Wayne County on 5/25/1901. Any help appreciated.     Charles W. Sturgeon Sturgeon@netease.net

LOWE         Looking for any information on the family of Garrett/ Jarrett Lowe. I descend from his son Milton. Need help with siblings, etc.         Dove White             white_dove41@yahoo.com

MARCUM         Who were the parents of Isaac Marcum and his wife Lou Salmons. They are found in the 1920 and 1930 Lincoln County census records, showing that they had 10 children. Any help much appreciated.
Melisa Witherspoon                 MelisaWitherspoon@deltaenvironment.com

QUEEN         Does anyone know the origin of the name “Parazoid” or “Parazaid”, which belonged to my great-grandmother Lucinda Parazaid Queen who was born 2/4/1865 on Queens Ridge?  Donna Brusseau     jab@12k.net

ASHWORTH, DEAN         My father was Eugene Ashworth who married Delcie Lee Dean. Delcie’s parents were Benjamin Franklin & Elizabeth Florence (  ) Dean. Florence was born ca 1891 and died ca 1970 on Adams Ave. in Huntington. I need to find the maiden name of Elizabeth Florence Dean. She may have m2 a McCoy.
Ron Ashworth             Rashworth@adelphia.net

TROGDON, COPLEY         Need any information available about my grandmother, Emily Rebecca Trogdon. She was the daughter of William J. and Rebecca (Bowen) Trogdon. She was born in 1879 and died in 1914, both in Wayne County. She was married to Oliver, son of Stanley & Rachel (Damron) Copley in Wayne County in 1898. Jim Rapp         jimdrapp@aol.com

NAPIER         Greg Napier notifies us that he will soon be replacing grave markers for William Napier and Adam Napier, both sons of Thomas Franklin Napier. Both men were Civil War Veterans. They are both buried in Community Memorial Gardens between Wayne and East Lynn. These will be military markers and the honor service will be conducted by The Sons of Confederate Veterans. If you have questions or comments, please contact Greg.     Greg Napier         GNapier1964@earthlink.net

KELLY, WATTS         Looking for information on Ada Kelly who married Dewey Watts in the early 1900's. Ada was born in 1904, the daughter of Franklin Kelly and Barbara Fraley. I have nothing on Dewey. Any help appreciated.         Tom Hardwick             hardwick@eastky.net

CRUM, HORN         I am looking for the family of William Crum (b.1804) and Mary Ann Horn. Any help will be much appreciated.         Corri Johnson             bertncor@frontiernet.net

STEPPTOWN CEMETERY         Would it be possible to find some who would be willing to take some pictures of this cemetery for me. My grandparents, Ben and Thelma Moore are buried there, and I used to play in the cemetery while my dad did cleanup work in it. I would be willing to pay for this service. It would mean a lot to me. LooseLippedMolly@aol.com

ADKINS, SIGMAN         Can anyone help me with information concerning Ivan Adkins who married Daphne Gray Sigman? His parents were Walter Clarence & Ida Gertrude (Hodges) Adkins.
Lula Yeager, P.O. Box 494, Hamlin, WV 25523                     LulaYeager@msn.com

CRUM             I am searching for information concerning Christopher Columbus Crum, who was murdered in 1904. I was recently at the courthouse, but due to limited time, could not find any record. Any help much appreciated.
B. J. Lee

BURKS         I need help with the family of Edward or Edmund Burks (b.ca 1829 Amherst Co. and d. ca 1894 at Ceredo). He married Mariah Chadwick in Nov 1856. His parents may be Charles & Nancy ( ?) Burks. His sister Elizabeth married Jacob Staley. His brother John Creed married Susan Ewing of Boyd County. Appreciate any help on this family.         Mary Rife             Mjr1960@aol.com

HAYWOOD         Looking for anything concerning one Hattie Haywood who died ca 1925.
Wanda Haywood             pres469@webtv.net

CRUM, BAISDEN, BARNETT, BRANHAM             I am looking for information on these surnames in Wayne and surrounding counties. All help much appreciated. Who was the town of Crum named for?
Corri Johnson                 Bertncor@frontiernet.net

BROWNING         I am trying to locate the burial place for my grandfather, Charles Wesley Browning. He was born ca 1836 and I believe he is buried in the area of Wayne, Williamson or Logan.
Glenna (Browning) Wilson             WVGALB@aol.com

FANNIN, FERGUSON         Need to find records of my g.g. grandparents, Silas Fannin and Mary Ferguson. They seemed t live mostly in Butler District, but disappear around 1880. Can anyone help?             Ralph Sayre sayrehouse@juno.com

DOSS, WELLMAN         Am looking for information on my great grandparents, Samuel Doss (1837-1894) and his wife Mary E. Wellman. Who were their parents and siblings. They had children John, James, Julia, Grover and Fred. Does anyone have any obituary information for Samuel?
Robyn R. Doss Preston, 47 Dlairdon Dr., Lucasville, OH 45648-8522                 Rrgp67@juno.com

DEAN         Am researching the family of John Dean. He was born in Surry Co., NC and died in Wayne County in 1846. He first married Hannah Marshall and second Vina Low. By his first wife he had children: Job, Pernina, Miranda, Sarah, Hannah and Lillian. Would love to share information on this family.             Lucy DeYoung lucydeyoung@isomedia.com

BROWNING, VANCE         My ancestors consist of Charles Wesley Browning, James and Rebecca Browning, Francis Browning and Tabitha Vance. I have traced some of them to the Polly Vance cemetery, but do not know where it is located. Also interested in burial location of my g. grandfather Wiley Williamson. Any help much appreciated.             Glenna (Browning) Wilson                 WVGALB@aol.com

CRUM         My Grandfather, Harrison Crum died sometime before I was born in March of 1948. I have a copy of his obituary, but it is not dated. In it it states that he died at age 80, at his home in Naugatuck, WV. It further states that he was the son of Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Crum and that his wife was the former Cynthia Perry. Graveside services were conducted at the Johns Cemetery at Inez, KY. Is Cynthia buried there with him. Where is the Johns Cemetery located? I believe this obituary is possibly from the Williamson paper. The Williamson library has microfilm of the paper, but does not do lookups. Would it be possible for someone to find this obituary. I would be most happy to pay fro any costs involved.
Wanda Albrecht, 560 Coral Gate Court, Galloway, OH. (614)878-1900                 wkalbrecht@aol.com

HURLEY, MEADOWS, PACK, SPRIGGS         My grandparents were Ralph Pack and Ruthie Jane Hurley. Great grandparents were Emanuel Hurley and Josephine Meadows and Bartley Pack and Susan Spriggs. My mother moved from Ft. Gay in 1948, after an unhappy killing in the family. Can anyone help me with my ancestors in these families? Are they buried in the Hurley-Meadows-Pack cemetery? Where is it located? All help appreciated.             Millard Madeline Starr             Lostadams@aol.com

NEWTON         I am trying to find some trace of my grandfather, Creed Newton. He was born in Wayne County in 1897. He had a sister named Bertha Perdue who was living therein 1963. Does anyone know anything about this family. It is very important for me to find them.    Kay Pettit             Katiedid644@hotmail.com

MURRAY, FERGUSON             In the Wayne County Marriage records there is recorded a marriage on July 23, 1866 between George W. Murray and Alice F. Ferguson. George’s parents were listed as Samuel and Exer. (The parents do not appear on the original marriage license.. Ed) Who were the parents of George W. Murray and Alice F. Ferguson? Does anyone have any information concerning this family. My other relatives are WILEY and NELSON. My wife’s relatives are PACK, LOWE WILLIAMSON, COX and CHANDLER.
Hasel J. “Jim” Slone                 hsj2222@msn.com

WURTS, JOHNSON         Am looking for the death date of a cousin named Yucca Fay Wurts Johnson. She was born in Ashland, KY in 1906, to Amba and Cary Wurts. She was married to James Roland Johnson and they lived in Huntington. She died there about 1990 and was buried in the Rude Cemetery in Flatwoods, KY.    John Wurts jwurts@usol.com         johnandshirl1@juno.com

TEEL         Need help researching Samuel and Elizabeth Catherine (Staley) Teel. They are supposedly buried on the old Teel farm off of Buffalo Creek, along with their son Jacob Henry Teel.
Any info would be most appreciated.         Julia (Teel) Crawford                 m_jcrawford@iglou.com

FITZPATRICK         My G.G.G. Grandparents were William Franklin Fitzpatrick who married Julina Preston, born in 1837. I have a story that while living in Wayne County, she died in a house fire. She also had an infant son who died in Wayne County. I need information about this fire and where she and the son might be buried. William Franklin is buried behind the Copley Cemetery on Webb road. Anything appreciated.
Glenna Gillman, Rt. 1 Box 92-B, Kermit, WV                 glenna1@mikrotek.com

STEWART, NEWMAN, BARBER             Looking for info on my great grandparents, James Valley Newman who married Florence Jones. They were from Scioto County, Ohio. Their daughter, Hulda Newman was my grandmother and she married William Harvey Stewart, also from Scioto County. My great grandfather William Theodore Stewart married Clara Virginia Barber. They are related to the Stewarts in the Huntington area.
Ronald Stewart, son of Denver D. Stewart.                 Rmstewart1@wmconnect.com

WATTS, OSBURN, ALLEY             My wife, Pat (Luthy) Perry, descends from Alderson Watts and Cynthia Osburn. All previous information indicated Alderson died ca 1926. I recently found him in the 1920 census, living in Russell, Greenup County, KY. He is also listed in the 1930 census, living with his daughter and son-in-law, Ada and Carl Boggs in Washington Twp., Scioto County, OH. I also found a grave location and am investigating that more thoroughly. Will share more information as available.         Jim Perry             jasper179245@aol.com

STEPHENS, JACKSON         Searching for information on parents of John Beaver Stephens. John was born in 1812. My great grandfather was John Wesley Stephens and my grandfather was Wirt M. Stephens. Any information will be helpful.         Jim “Benny” Stephens, Cape Coral, FL.             EarnNewCar@aol.com

ENDICOTT, DILLON         My great grandfather, Ezekiel Endicott, was born in 1876 and married in 1908 to Sarah Dillon. They had children Ernest, Thurman, Walter, Flarnia Nida, Elda and Sherman. Would like to know who Ezekiel’s parents were. Also, does anyone remember the circumstances surrounding the death of my father, Forest Endicott, who died May 14, 1981. A newspaper clipping would be very much appreciated. Eugenenamber@praisinghim.com

THOMPSON, CONN, LANEY         Looking for a John H. Thompson who is said to have been born in Wayne County around 1854-1859. In the 1880's he married Rebecca Conn Laney. They had a son Marion, born Dec. 4, 1884. Rebecca had two children by a previous marriage to David Flemming Laney. Their names were Bob and Thildie Laney. Does anyone know who this John Thompson was?           Grandmommie@sbcglobal.net

LLOYD, SHORT, HUNDLEY, ROBINSON         I am Kimberly Ann (Short) Lloyd. I am the granddaughter of Oscar Dale Robinson and Nancy Lee Hundley. I am the daughter of Eddie Michael Short and Katherine Robinson. Nancy Hundley’s parents were Hubert and Amy Hundley. Oscar’s parents were James and Mary Frances Robinson. Looking for information on my dad’s parents, Ed Short and Birdie Mathis. They owned land where the Dunlow Grade School is now located. Information on these families much appreciated.         Kimberly Lloyd Ilonakay@hot.rr.com

THOMPSON, CONN, LANEY Looking for a John H. Thompson who is said to have been born in Wayne County around 1854-1859. In the 1880's he married Rebecca Conn Laney. They had a son Marion, born Dec. 4, 1884. Rebecca had two children by a previous marriage to David Flemming Laney. Their names were Bob and Thildie Laney. Does anyone know who this John Thompson was?

LLOYD, SHORT, HUNDLEY, ROBINSON         I am Kimberly Ann (Short) Lloyd. I am the granddaughter of Oscar Dale Robinson and Nancy Lee Hundley. I am the daughter of Eddie Michael Short and Katherine Robinson. Nancy Hundley’s parents were Hubert and Amy Hundley. Oscar’s parents were James and Mary Frances Robinson. Looking for information on my dad’s parents, Ed Short and Birdie Mathis. They owned land where the Dunlow Grade School is now located. Information on these families much appreciated.      Kimberly Lloyd Ilonakay@hot.rr.com

FULLER, STALEY, RAY, GARRETT         Need help with family of George Haney Fuller, born June 17, 1867, the son of Thomas Fuller and Sarah E. Staley. On December 22, 1887 George married Laura L. Ray, who was born in May, 1873. Her mother was Melcena Garrett, who had married Benjamin Ray in 1844. However, Melcena had four children after Benjamin’s death, one of which was Laura. All of these children were given the Ray name. Appreciate any help.     Judy Fuller Sikora, 2241 Fox Ave., Madison, WI. 608-233-5210     Jsikora@charter.net

THACKER, BILLS, BRYSON         I am trying to determine the maiden name of Gertrude B. Thacker, born in 1862 in Ohio, and married Cecil Girard Thacker. Her maiden names has been reported as BILLS or BRYSON. I would like to find an obit or order a death certificate, but I do not know when she died. She was still alive in Wayne County in 1930. Her husband is buried in the Cyrus Cemetery. Can anyone provide a death date?     Thanks, Carolyn S. Billups, 39045 Tanglewood Ct., Mechanicsville, MD. 20659-4323         rebel63@starpower.net

LYCANS, SYCK, YOUNG, LOWE, MAYNARD         My name is Sharon McCoy, great-great granddaughter of Jacob Lycans, a son of John L. & Elizabeth (Syck/ Sick) Lycans. I know of at least three children Jacob had by Nancy Young, whom I believe to be from Pike County, KY. I have yet to find a marriage record for them. The children were James who married Ursula Lowe, Colbert C. who married Jane Lowe and Easter who married John “Muck” Maynard. Will appreciate any information concerning Nancy Young, especially her parentage and where she is buried.         Nancy McCoy grandy20@frontiernet.net

FERGUSON, FANNIN, WORKMAN         My name is Eudora Milligan and I live in Chapmanville, WV. Many of my ancestors lived in Wayne County. I am particularly interested in information concerning Silas Fannin who married Polly Ferguson, daughter of John. Also interested in his sister, Rebecca Fannin Workman.     Eudora Milligan         Eudora3@charter.net

BRUMFIELD, STALEY         I currently live in Wyoming. While visiting your library about a year ago, I found helpful information on my Brumfield and Staley families. Since then, quite a few questions have arisen. I would appreciate exchanging information with anyone interested in these lines.                     Wild Bill Comisford         Wildbill@rangercreekranch.net

SPAULDING         I just recently found a query posted by Janie Marcum. My grandfather is Samuel S. Spaulding, brother of Rhoda Spaulding, both children of Fleming and Mary (Akers) Spaulding . I am just beginning my research and would like to exchange information and pictures with anyone interested. Edna Jo (Spaulding) Baker.     Nemobaco@intelos.net

SHARP, NEWMAN, STALEY         Need help with my wife’s grand uncle, Robert Sharp (1869-1896). He was married to Martha F. Staley in 1888, and she died in 1894. He married second in 1895 to Mary May Newman. Robert then died in 1896. Does anyone know the cause of his death? He lived on Whites Creek and is supposedly buried there. I would also appreciate any information concerning his second wife, Mary May Newman.     Patricia (Sharp) Johnson, 11035 S. Grapevine Cove #201, Sandy, Utah 84070 (801) 571-0486         Sharp760@aol.com

MIDDAUGH, VAN HOOSE         I am researching my great grandfather, Jesse Craig Middaugh, who served in CO. B. 5th WV Infantry, in a unit known as “Blazer’s Scouts”. I understand that Jesse and his wife, Mary Ann (Van Hoose) Middaugh resided in Ceredo during the Civil War and remained there after he was mustered out. On February 14, 1865 a band of Confederate raiders broke into their house, shot Jesse and broke his wife’s leg and proceeded to set their home afire. Mary Ann shot one of the raiders, and he died a few days later from the wound. Jesse also died from his wound. Mary Ann, who was pregnant at the time, escaped with her children and Jesse’s body to Catlettsburg, KY. Would there possibly be a newspaper article from that time period, or does anyone have any knowledge of this incident? I am also interested in finding where Jesse was buried, perhaps in Catlettsburg, but not sure. Brenda Fields         bkfields@cox.net

MARCUM         I am looking for information on Jesse Marcum who married Martha (Ferguson?). They lived in the Cabwaylingo Park area. These are my grandparents on my mothers side.
Belinda Ball         Bdawns59@aol.com

HARDWICK, NAPIER         I am looking for the location of the home place of John P. Hardwick and his wife Susy Napier. I believe it was in the vicinity of Quaker, Dunlow or Radnor. After the death of her husband, John Hardwick, Susy married for the second time to a Perry (Nathan Lafe Perry). Being mother’s favorite cousin, I am most interested in finding this location.         Jenny Mercer

FANNIN, KEMBLER         I need help with the family of Felty and Imogene Fannin. I am told that in the 1960 time period they lived on Route #1. I understand this was in the area of Lavalette, WV, possibly near a railroad track. The property at the time was said to have belonged to a Kembler (?) Family. The birth certificate of one child, Susan L., gives the address only as route #1. Susan died from a snake bite. Other known children were Martha L., Halie Ann and Charles Fannin. Really need help with this mystery.     Lydia Justice Edwards         Justiceedwards@qx.net

BLANKENSHIP, STAFFORD         Searching for information on Martha Blankenship, daughter of Samuel and Lizzy (Sloan) Blankenship. Martha was born around 1850 and had a twin brother named Bonaparte, as well as another brother, Samuel, and a sister named Augusta. Martha married John Stafford, who was born ca 1849 in Lewis County, KY. Any help greatly appreciated.
Teddy Lange         Tslange@msn.com

PARSONS, HOBBS         Need information on my g. grandfather, William Parsons of Beech Fork. I believe his wife was Rhoda Hobbs. Would like to know the names of their children.     Edith Adkins

CRUM, SPAULDING         William Crum, born 10/16/1804 and died 9/4/1886 is listed in WCGHS Cemetery Book Vol. 1 on page 53. Dolly Spaulding is listed with him and appears to be his wife. Could Dolly possibly be his daughter? Could the R. Crum, who is also buried there, be the son of William Crum? Any suggestions on this problem greatly appreciated. Wanda Albrecht      wkalbrecht@aol.com

DUNN         Would love to find an obituary for my g.g.grandfather, Jeremiah Dunn. He died on August 15, 1914 in Wayne County. Where could such an obituary be found. Can anyone help?
Thanks.         Donna Blake     Chlady@insightbb.com

ADKINS, RAINES         My grandfather was Haskell Adkins, the son of William M. Adkins and Eugenia Welch. They lived at Fort Gay, WV. My g.g.grandfather was Wyatt Adkins, born ca 1920 in Kentucky. I cannot locate the parents of Wyatt. He had several children; Nancy, Polly Ann, James H., William M., and Franklin (or Marion). There was another son by his second wife (Louisa Catherine Smith) named Joseph P. Adkins, who married Lettie Raines. Who did the other children marry? Is there anyone who is researching this family and can help?     Sharon McMellon, 4293 Coal River Road, Alum Creek, WV 25003         Bootnose37@aol.com

WILLIAMS         I am searching for information on one Lon, Lonzo or Alonzo Williams. He married Margaret Maynard and they had a son named Liss or Ulissis. Liss was born in 1874.
Tim Williamson, RR2 Box 202A, Williamson, WV 25661     Twilliamson3001@aol.com

MORGAN, PINSON         My Great Uncle, George Morgan and his wife Lucretia (Pinson) Morgan lived in Wayne County in a place called Brownstown. They had several children, one named William Morgan born there in 1899. Can anyone tell me where I can find the area that was/ is known as Brownstown ??     Skip Morgan         Crthegreat@dragonbbs.com

MARCUM, FLUTY, WILLIAMSON         I am still searching for information and old photos of Aaron Marcum, born ca 1849 to Joshua and Mahala (Fluty) Marcum, and Mary (Williamson ) Marcum ?? Also their son Moses Marcum. Where are they buried?      James J. Marcum    j.j.marcum@worldnet.att.net

WINKLER, BOSTER         In a recently found item among my mother’s belongings, it states that my brother, George L. Winkler was a graduate of Vinson High School. The date would have been ca 1939. George was born 4/23/1921 and was killed during WWII. His mother was Elizabeth Winkler Boster. Any help would be greatly appreciated.         Mickey Beard         Mickey@parkerfarms.net

BARTRAM         I have received information that the Bartram Cemetery on Doss Hill Road is going to be moved to make way for a new home. Is this possible? I have relatives and friends buried there. Jbart8958@aol.com

FANNIN, WORKMAN         Need help in my research on Rebecca Fannin, born ca 1850. Her first marriage was to Reece Carl Workman, 8/8/1868 in Wayne County. Rebecca and Reece divorced on 3/8/1887 in Wayne County, and she was given custody of their child. However, it seems she never got custody of the child. Reece returned to Wyoming County and married his cousin, Margaret Workman. They were in Pocahontas County in the 1880 census and later moved to Minnesota for a period of time. I need to know who Rebecca Fannin married the second time. Any information will be helpful.
Ralph H. Sayre         Sayrehouse@juno.com

SALMONS, BATES, CHAFFIN         Looking for anyone who may remember the family of Roland and Nancy Salmons. My grandfather was Alex Salmons. Roland was the son of Franklin Pierce Salmons and Sarah M. Chaffin. Roland married Mae Bates, and he died in 1966 at age 87. Also need information on the Copley Cemetery at Webb. I had a previous query posted on this family, but I now have a new email address.         Elizabeth Salmons Bryant             Babehill1876@aol.com

DOSS         I am trying to determine the names of the parents of my great grandfather, Samuel Doss. Samuel died in Fort Gay, Wayne County, WV on April 13, 1894. Samuel was a member of the Masonic Lodge. Would there be a newspaper at that time which would have contained his obituary. If so, where could I find the paper. Who might I contact to help me with this research?
Robyn Doss - Preston         Rrgp67@juno.com

ZELKER         Can anyone help me with the family name Zelker. My husband’s grandfather was Joseph Zelker, who died in 1959. Will appreciate any information on Joseph, or any other of the Zelker name. Tammy L. Zelker         Msflash_16151@yahoo.com

LONG BRANCH, CABWAYLINGO STATE PARK         Last fall, while in Wayne County, we took a walk up Long Branch with Uncles Woodrow and Verland Perry. There had been a lot of heavy rain, which apparently had cleared the stream of debris. We noticed something not seen before. There were old rails which basically followed the creek bed. There were old wooden rails, but we found no cross ties. We assume this was built by a logging company, perhaps around 1900. It went directly past the homestead of my great grandparents, William H. Perry and Amanda Marcum. Does anyone have any ideas where this rail bed came from or when?    Chuck and Sue (Perry) Spann          Soozie-q@cox.net

BOGESS, CARLIN, NOE         Need information on my great grandfather, John Carlin. He fathered my grandmother, Nora, by Mary A. Bogess, who was originally from the Pt. Pleasant area. I doubt if they were ever married. Nora was born in April 1865 in Catlettsburg, Ky. I am told John was killed in a poker game either in Wayne County or in Catlettsburg, around the time Nora was born. Another of the Bogess sisters (Arminta) married John Noe. The Bogess family left this area and moved to Missouri. Does anyone have any information on this family or this shooting?         Pam Robison, 531 W. Woodland, Springfield, MO 417-889-0508             Psr487t@smsu.edu

MOORE, COPLEY         Searching for family of Harrison Moore, born ca 1840 and died bef. 1890. His last marriage was to Alafair Copley Crum, daughter of James Dickey Copley. They had children Mary Jane and Ferelender Moore. Your help greatly appreciated.     Mavis Bowen Burton, P.O. Box 1598, Big Bear City, CA 92314         mmtnmama@dslextreme.com

MARCUM, BREWER         Need death date of Hattie Marcum, daughter of Isaac and Rebecca (Brewer) Marcum. Hattie m1. George Damron, son of Richard and Nancy (Marcum) Damron and m2. ______ O’toole. Hattie died in Columbus, OH. George died in Columbus, OH on 4/20/1957. George and Hattie had children: Grover, Stella, Hattie, George, John and Virginia. Thanks.
Harry Marcum, 312 Woodland Ave., Ashland, KY 41101

MERRITT, MUSICK, WARRICK, PORTER, BISHOP, WALLACE, MATHES         These are some of my many lines connected to Wayne County. My father was Robert Emit Merritt, born at Nestlow in 1880, son of Robert Huey and Catherine Jane (Warrick) Merritt. Robert Huey was son of John Rand and Nancy Jane (Musick) Merritt. Does anyone know the parents of either John Rand or Nancy Jane? Would love to exchange data with anyone on any of my Wayne county families.      Mary Louise Ayers Marla7557@burgoyne.com

CRUM, MARCUM             Rhonda was here in Wayne County in June, searching for the Joel Crum Cemetery on Cotton Hill. Joel was a brother to her ggg grandmother, Lucinda (Crum) Marcum who was the wife of Van Buren Marcum. She needs information and Obits for this family.
Rhonda Dennis.         Rdennis@bright.net

MARCUM, CRUM, KIRK         Would love to hear from anyone who has information on Martin
Van Buren Marcum
, son of John C. Marcum and Clerinda Copley. He married Lucinda Crum. He was born in 1830 and died 5/8/1867 from TB contacted while serving as a Yankee Chaplain in the Civil War. They lived on a farm at Wilsondale, and perhaps died there. I would love to find his grave site. Also interested in information on Clara Marcum, daughter of Josiah Marcum, who married John Kirk.
Sandra Marcum, P.O. Box 30, Kermit, WV (304) 393-3649         Lovezoolu2@msn.com

QUEEN         James Queen was asking for directions to the Queens Ridge Cemetery. (May have found same by now) His g.g. grandfather, Rev. James Queen as well as other relatives are buried there. Revchuck@ohiohills.com

MAYNARD, JONES         Can anyone help me with information concerning my great grandparents, John Jones and Malinda Maynard. Who were their parents and where did they come from? Also need information on my grandfather, William Lazarus Jones, who along with my grandmother ran a grocery store on Beech Fork from the early 1920's until they died. Any help on this family will be greatly appreciated.         William Smalley         Wsmalley@cinci.rr.com

TRENT, CRABTREE         Does anyone have any information on Robert “Bert” Trent, born 10/21/1824 in Wayne Co. KY and his wife Averilla Wood Crabtree, born 3/31/1826 in Wayne Co KY. I believe they are buried in the area somewhere.     Clyde Trent         Kmd6126@aol.com

MCKNIGHT, STUMBO         Looking for information on a marriage between Philip Stumbo and Permelia McKnight in the 1892-1894 time period. Also need info on a divorce between Permelia McKnight and Elias McKnight around 1886-1893. Is there a death record and burial for Elias McKnight.         Sandy Harper         momcat005@earthlink.net

CREMEANS, AMOS         Looking for Noah Floyd Cremeans (6/26/1852-4/28/1932) and his wife Clarissa Mae (Amos) Cremeans (4/13/1865-1/13/1896). They had a son Charles Joshua Cremeans born in Wayne County (9/7/1886-3/10/1963) so I assume they were there at that time. They were married in 1880 and I think they might have been in Wayne County then. Noah died in Marmet. He is buried in a Parsons Cemetery, but cannot find that either. Can anyone help, I have run out of ideas.
Kendra Ziebell, 4692 N. Sapphire Dr, Hoffman Estates, IL 60195     kenlanz@aol.com

TEATOR, CLINE         I need help finding my Teator ancestors. My dad was separated from his family at an early age, when he was about 10-12 years of age. The children were placed in different homes. He is now 84 and I am attempting to find his family. My grandmother was Mary Cline and my grandfather was Fred Teator, who worked in Huntington, NY. The children were my dad Fred Teator, Charles Teator, Stanley Teator, Howard Teator, Nellie Teator, Marie Teator and Lillian Teator. If anyone knows anything of this family, pleas contact me.   Barbara Teator Miller      countrylivgirl@bellsouth.net

RUNYON         I am looking for the family of Elva Runyon, brother of Rebecca Runyon Gilman from Delbarton, WV. He died about 1992 or 1993 in Wayne County. Some of his children were William, Elva, Ray and Samuel. This is a missing link in my family. Please help if you can.
Carolyn Gilman             maryhays@earthlink.net

WILSON, ROBERTSON         Would like to contact a descendant of Frank Wilson, born about 1895 and Julia Robertson, born about 1896. I need to find a picture of either or both of them. Also would like a picture of Julia’s sister Emma, born about 1886, who married Henry Lambert in 1903. Will be more than happy to pay for copies.     Henry Robinson         Drpilmer2@aol.com

PACK, HULEY, MEADOWS         I am the grandchild of Ralph Leonard Pack and Ruthie Jane Hurley. Ruthie was born to Emanuel Hurley & Josephine Meadows on 11/2/1898. Ralph & Ruthie moved back to Fort Gay and lived on the hill near the old water tower and school house. I need help finding the ancestors of these grandparents.         Lostadams@aol.com

MAYNARD         Looking for the cemetery where Rev. War soldier James Maynard is buried. His name is included on the plaque in the Courthouse. Can anyone help me with this information?             Terry “Maynard” Baisden         terrybaisden@hotmail.com

WC SHERIFF             My father grew up in Wayne County and is trying to determine who was Sheriff of Wayne County in 1875. Does anyone have this information?     Theresa Pogue, 118 Lawson Lane, Calhoun, GA 30701 (706) 602-4846         Pogue7001@comcast.net

RUTHERFORD         Thank you for the excellent web site. I am looking for my Rutherford ancestors, who lived in Wayne County back in the 1800's and migrated to Pike County, KY. Any information on these families much appreciated.     Barbara Murphy         Rmurphyjr@earthlink.net

ANDERSON, MYERS         Having great difficulty finding family information. I am looking for a James Robert Anderson who died in Keyser, WV in 1972. He was also in the army and had worked in Morgantown, WV. Also looking for a Floyd Myers.     Cathy Anderson         canderson919@aol.com

VINSON         I may possibly have relatives buried in the Vinson Cemetery there. Can you tell me where it is located ? How can I gain more information on who is buried there? I live in Montana and am trying to further my family information.     Gary Vinson         gary037@centurytel.net

TOPPINGS, MOORE         Trying to locate a birth record for Lewis Toppins/Toppings, late 1700's to early 1800's. Also would love to find his marriage record to Jane Moore. Appreciate all help !!
Barbara Toppins         btoppins@qn.net

COPLEY         Searching for information concerning a murder in which my father, Millard Copley, shot and killed a man in a jealous incident. This was in the 1950 to 1960 time frame. Does anyone have this information, or tell me where I might locate it.     Donald Copley         doneuni@juno.com

HOLLAND         An email from Carol Holland: “Due to serious health problems I am cancelling my e-mail service effective August 3. Thank you for your prayers on our behalf, and please continue to remember Bill and me during this difficult time. Keep looking up ! Carol”

DAWSON, RATCLIFF, LAKIN, WILSON, SPARKS         I am helping my mother research her Dawson kin. My grandfather was Luke Dawson who married Ora Lee Ratcliff from Prichard, WV. This marriage was around 1935. In 1940, my mother Patty Lee Dawson was born. I believe our Dawson family was also intermarried with the Lakin family. Luke had siblings Garnet, Pansy, Kyle and perhaps others. Kyle married Kenny Wilson; Garnet married Taylor Wilson and Pansy married Joseph Sparks. The father of this Dawson family was a Nazarine Minister. This is about all I know of this family. Can anyone help fill out the family history?         Robin Yost         Rosesabloom@yahoo.com

BREEDING, WEBB         I would like information on the ancestry of Elizabeth Breeding who married Robert Webb in 1781 in Rockingham County. They removed to Wayne County in the early 1800's. Thanks for your help.         John Snyder             qapharm@aol.com

MAYNARD, PERRY         Mary Maynard married Jesse Perry in 1855. In 1860 Jesse is living with his parents and she cannot be found. What happened to her? Is she buried in Wayne County. Both the Sampson Maynard and the Arnold Perry families lived in the 12 Pole area. I believe this Jesse Perry to be the same Jesse who is my g.g. grandfather and who married Julia Ann Endicott after 1860. However, I cannot find a marriage for them. Any help??         Sadie Sowards         sowards@comcast.net

BLOOMFIELD         My grandmother, Martha Bloomfield was born in Wayne County in 1902. Her father, John Bloomfield, died in a mining accident, I believe before 1910. John’s wife is found in the 1910 census living in Morehead, KY. Does anyone recognize this family or have any information where this mine might have been located?     Sharon McCleese         sharonmccleese1940@msn.com

HORN, CRUM, SHORT         Looking for the parents of Henry Horn, born in early 1800's. He was possibly living in Wayne County area in 1840 census, and was in Tazewell Co VA in 1850. Some say he is from the family of Frederick & Catherine Horn from Wayne County, but I am not convinced he belongs in that family. He is not mentioned in any of their land dealings or wills. I feel he has a connection to the Crum family and perhaps married a Crum before his marriage to Sarah Short. He lived out his later years and is buried in Buchanan Co VA. Appreciate any ideas.         June Horn Brown

STILTNER, WILSON         James Harvey Stiltner was born in VA in 1822. He first married Clarinda (Peyton) Wilson, widow of Alexander Wilson. They had 7 children, all except one lived and died around the Stiltner area of Wayne County. On 11/13/1869 he married Missouri Stephens, the widow of Adam Allen. They had four additional children. Would like to find the parents of James Harvey and appreciate any assistance.         Walter R. Stiltner         Rvnstiltner@earthlink.net

TOMPKINS         Need to find marriage record between Joseph G. Tompkins and Laura (?). I believe this occurred in Wayne County around 1900-1910. Information contained on the marriage
certificate would be appreciated.         Clayetta Mullins         Clayt@naxs.net

HYLTON         I am trying to find the children of Olyn Hylton and his wife Ella, born in Wayne County in the 1930's. Also the marriage record for this couple.     Kathy Sedwick             Malc23@msn.com

WOMACK, FISHER         Looking for Georgia Alice Womack who was born in Wayne County in 1873. She married Henry Grant Fisher on 9/6/1891 in Putnam County.         Nancy Ferguson Chase, 15 S. Lynnhaven Drive, Staunton, VA 24401 540-294-24401             G-woman@adelphia.net

BOYD, BLOSS         Need any information about Lee Boyd who married Ida Bloss. Anything on this family appreciated.     John Boyd         shooter080803@msn.com

FANNIN         Need help with the family of Silas Fannin, as information seems to be very sketchy. This family appears in 1860 and 1870 census of Wayne County. Any help appreciated.
Ralph Sayre             Sayrehouse@juno.com

SALMONS, SLADE         Still in need of help with the family history of Alex Salmons and Nancy Slade. I also have a new email address.         Charles Bryant             Bebe432001@yahoo.com

NELSON, TONY         Would appreciate getting any information on Emanuel Nelson, born ca 1716 NC.; his son William Nelson, born ca 1802; his grandson Greenville Nelson, born ca 1832 and his g. grandson Lewis C. Nelson, born c 1880 and who was my grandfather. Lewis’ wife was Alice (Tony) Nelson. They had a son Clifford T. Nelson, born 1916 at Harts, WV. Please help!             Kay

FERGUSON, WHEELER, GIBSON         Need help with James Ferguson, born ca 1832 and married three times. First to Rebecca Wheeler on 12/29/1855; second to Sara ???; third to Charlotte Atlanta Gibson. If you can help, I would greatly appreciate it.     Carman Griffin             bcgriffin@wilkes.net

SLONAKER         My grandfather Daniel Slonaker was killed by a train in Powahatan. His obit listed him as Dave Slanaker. His body was badly mutilated and gathered in a basket and sent to Wallace Undertaking in Northfork. I would like to find where his body was buried.    Bill Miller gbmiller@sbcglobal.net

COBURN, ROBERTSON, COX         I need to find information concerning James Coburn and his wife Nancy Frances Robinson. I believe that their daughter Mary Jane, who married Marion Cox, is of my line. James and Nancy may have had other children; Joseph, Thomas and Wayne. They are believed to have lived in West Virginia as well as Kentucky. I believe Mary Frances may be the daughter of Joseph and Phoebe (Kessee) Robertson who married in Floyd County, KY in 1808, and later moved to Wayne County. Any help appreciated.         Henry Robinson         Drpilmer2@aol.com

LANE         Looking for information on my Lane family in Wayne County. Some I am interested in are Samuel C. Lane, Samuel Levi Jackson Lane, Lace Vinson Lane, Thomas F. Lane, Lindsey J. Lane and Benjamin H. Lane. Please help if you can.     Phyllis Ferguson         Phyllis_l_ferguson@yahoo.com

GLENHAYES CHURCH         I am researching the history of the Glenhayes Church, located at Glenhayes, WV. I know that the church was moved in the late 1920's to it’s present location. The church may have been founded by James Campbell, and his son Sam was involved in the Church when it became a Freewill Baptist Church in 1927. When was the church originally built and does it tie to Alexander Campbell and the Restoration Movement? Any help greatly appreciated.
Claudia Ratcliffe, Church Clerk             randyszoo@yahoo.com

SKEENS, BILLUPS         Looking for information on Elsa (Elza Jay ?) Skeens who married Nora Bell Billups. They had several children and each had several siblings. I am a grandchild of theirs, form their son Dallas Ray Skeens.     Angela Skeens Thompson         angie_baby63@yahoo.com

SKEENS, HALE         Trying to help a friend find any ancestry information for Ross Skeens (b. 1/11/1898 - d. 12/1967) and his wife Lettie Hale (b. 1/11/1898 - d. 1972). I am told Lettie’s father was “Uncle Charley” Hale. Ross & his family are found in 1930 census of Cabell County and their last known residence was Chesapeake, OH. Ross may have been employed with Steel of WV.
Barbara Banks         barbsthe1@zoominternet.net

RATLIFF, DUNN         I am searching for the parents of C. Scott Ratliff (12/25/1859 - 2/7/1931) who married Ada Sarah Dunn (11/22/1884 - 2/18/1972). Ada was the daughter of Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Ferguson) Dunn. Most of their children lived in the vicinity of the Town of Wayne.
Larry Ratliff             swalnuts934@aol.com

TINGLER         My Tingler ancestors were living in Ceredo in the 1880 census. He was John and his wife was Rebecca. Also listed is a stepson, Fulton. Fulton also went by the name Ira Walker Fulton. Does anyone have ANY information on this family?     Brian C. Hunter         bc_hunter@yahoo.com

MELROSE, BOOTEN, WALKER         Andrew H. Melrose married Eliza Jane Booten on 11/19/1869 in WC. There were no known children. She died sometime before Andrew married Sarah Jane Walker on 8/13/1873. Any knowledge of Eliza Jane Booten will be much appreciated.
Milo F. Melrose         mmelrose@tampabay.rr.com

FITZSIMMONS, SMITH, NEWMAN         My g.grandfather was Arthur Fox Fitzsimmons, who later dropped the Fitz and went only by Simmons. He was raised by Lindsey Smith and his name was changed to William David Smith. When he married Neva Newman in Feb. 1882, he again used the name Simmons. I am interested in finding his parents and any siblings. Please contact me !!
Nancy Cathey     nancat@sc.rr.com         Or         Nlcathey@sc.rr.com

REYNOLDS, DAMRON         I am trying to locate the grave of my grandfather, James Silas Reynolds. (5/13/1894 - 5/28/1929) His parents were Edward Reynolds and Sara Damron. I would like to bring my father and his brother and sister there before bad weather.   Anne Buckner         abanne@mis.net

NEWMAN, SPENCE         Looking for burial place of William H. Newman. I am told he is buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery. (I think this is wrong Wm. H. Newman. Ed) Also looking for burial place of his first wife, Louisa Spence Newman who died about 1917. Any information regarding Louisa Spence Newman greatly appreciated.     Gloria Forbes         Buddy@bbimail.net

DEAN         Am trying to locate information on family members. I am told that I may have family buried in the Dean cemetery on Tabors Creek, near Ft. Gay. I am interested in the family of Edward Dean and his wife Hattie Mae Adkins/ Neace. I am told he was raised by his grandmother, but I cannot find any trace of him. Anything on this family much appreciated.             Drema (Dean) Fletcher