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Please Remember !!!!!  While you are corresponding with one another, please send copies of your email messages to   wcghs@citynet.net   This will allow us to help others who are researching the same families.  It also assists the Society with it's ongoing projects such as the annotated census records and the annotated Cemetery records.


LYNCH, MARTIN, VANHOOSE, PRATT         Need information on William Lynch (ca 1820 - 1899 Martin Co. KY) who married on 1/18/1844 in Rockingham Co. NC to America Martin (ca 1831 - 3/20/1855 Floyd Co. KY). America was the daughter of William Martin. William & America were in the Floyd Co 1850 census with 2 children. America then died in childbirth with a set of twins, and just 19 days later William married the second time to Catherine Meade. William's children were Betsy Ann, married Wiley Carver; Nancy Jane, married first Henry Davis, second Alfred Stapleton; Mary Francis, married Robert Meade; Robert Austin, married first Martha Jane Golden, second Mary A. Pack, third Martha Vinson Jarrell; James Lynch, died infant. Robert Austin Lynch and Martha Jane Golden are my great-grandparents. Any help appreciated. Charles E. Pratt      ChasMary@aol.com

DEAN, CHRISTIAN, FERGUSON, WELLMAN          I am trying to find the home place and graves of the following: Joseph & Elizabeth (Ferguson) Dean; Allen & Nancy (Cooper) Christian, Jr.; John & Cinthia Wellman, Jr. Your help will be much appreciated. Lois Hathaway, 47 Stuart Circle, Hurricane, WV 25526.    Daughter, Helen Cook has email hcook_1@charter.net

DAVIS, CARTER, FRY         My paternal grandparents were Melvin Shirley Carter and Cora Lee Davis, who were married in 1903 in Louisa, Ky. Cora was the daughter of Harmon Davis and Nancy Glan Ball. Melvin & Cora had two children, Goldie & Loranzo and Cora died in 1918 and is buried in the Skeens Cemetery. Goldie married Charley Walker Frye, who was later killed in a mining accident. They had 9 children together. Both of them are buried in the Skeens Cemetery. Melvin Shirley Carter is buried in the Vaughan - Mills Cemetery. Would love to share information and family pictures with anyone and perhaps learning more about this family.     Lana Cahill     Lanacahill@yahoo.com

LUCAS, CLARK, PRICE, FORSHEY         Lula Margaret (Lucas) Yeager is researching these families and would like to exchange data with others who are interested. Lula is the daughter of Madison H. Lucas (1907-1987) and Lillie Clark (1903 - 1991). Her paternal grandparents were Wesley Lucas and Lula Jane Forshey and her maternal grandparents were Albert Clark and Margaret Price. Anyone wishing to correspond with Lula may write to her at: Lula Yeager, P.O. Box 494, Hamlin, WV. 25523.

CRUM, PERRY         I have searched for years for information concerning the death and burial of Harrison Crum and his wife Cynthia (Perry) Crum. A newspaper obituary stated that Harrison died at his home at Naugatuck, but no date was given. It stated that he was born 5/10/1867 at Inez, KY, the son of Mr. & Mrs. Jessie Crum and that his wife was the former Cynthia Perry. He was buried at the Johns Cemetery at Inez, KY. (According to the above dates, he would have died in 1947 - Ed). His wife died 2/5/1947 at Crum, WV and was buried in the Crum Cemetery. Harrison was a member of the Holiness Church. Can anyone furnish me with an exact death date for Harrison? Was he living at Crum and working at Naugatuck? I can no longer travel, so would much appreciate help in finding his obituary with the actual date of death.     Wanda Albrecht         wkalbrecht@aol.com

PLYMALE, WILCOX, WARD, MARCUM         Trying to find information on the wives of Anthony Wayne Persie Plymale, I and II. Anthony Wayne Plymale I (1/31/1844 - 1912) married first Rebecca Plymale (11/5/1847 - 4/15/1884). He married second Lucinda Wilcox (1860 - 1941). Anthony Wayne Plymale II (2/1/1898 - 10/11/1971) married first Zora Ward (1902 - 1935) and then married second Lake Marcum (ca 1921 - ??) daughter of Andrew and Rachel Marcum. He married third to Cecelia Elizabeth Green, born 11/14/1926. Thanks for any help.     Charlie Murphy         bxtchrkm@charter.net

CRUM, BANNISTER, MUTTERS         I am searching for information on my g. g. grandfather, Reuben Crum. He was the son of Adam Crum, Jr. And Elizabeth Bannister. He married Priscilla Mutters. Reuben was born in 1828 an died around 1877. He must have married around 1846 and is listed in the 1850 census. He is also in the 1860 census of Boyd County, KY, where my g. grandfather James Crum was born. I need help filling in dates and places & any other available information on this family.     Sharon Crum Pinson pspinson@zoominternet.net

MILLS, BROCK, BALL         I am related to these families in Wayne County and desire to find more about them. My grandmother was Effie Anna Mills, daughter of James Albert Mills and Vashti Ball. Effie had a brother named Lonnie Mills. Any additional information on this family would be greatly appreciated.         Ernie         ernie1222@aol.com

MARCUM, PARSLEY         In searching for my family, I found your web site. I am descended from Josiah Marcum and also from the Parsley family. My mother, Goldie Faye who is the daughter of Grady E. Parsley, is buried in the Adkins Cemetery in Delbarton. Mrs. Sarah Parsley is buried in the Boyd Adkins Cemetery in Lincoln (?). Can anyone assist me in locating these cemeteries?     Lissie M. Mcguire         lmcguire@holladayprop.com

COPLEY, FARRA, PACK         A new member is looking for any information concerning these families. Her Farra line is John Moody Farra (1825 - 1914) and Mary Ellen Raines, the Joel Joseph Farra (1862 - 1918) and Mary Jane Warden, then Charles Washington Farra (1889 - ??) and Armilda Copley. Her Pack line is Samuel Pack (1780 - 1839) and Jane Brown, then Andrew Pack (1814 - ??) and Sarah Brown, then Dicy Pack (1849 - ??) and James M. Copley. Does anyone have any old newspaper articles, death dates, etc. Need help.         Peggy Brainard         peglet731@aol.com

SPRINGER         Looking for any information concerning Charles Harold Springer who was born in 1918 and died 12/7/1941 at Pearl Harbor aboard the USS Arizona. Please contact me if you have any information.     Mark Springer         springerm@scrra.net

ENGLAND, WALES, SCOTLAND, NORTHERN IRELAND         James Frank notifies us that he has a web site in London where he specializes in birth, marriage and death records for the aforementioned countries. If you have a need for such research, you may contact him. www.bmd-certificates.co.uk

LOOKING FOR BOOK         I am trying to find a book entitled “ Presidents, Soldiers and Statesmen 1779-1896, Volume II” by H.H. Hardesty. I am searching for information on soldiers from Martin County, KY.         Eveline Jarrell         ej1938@earthlink.net

MAYNARD, CRABTREE         My niece, who lives in Utah, is trying to research her Maynard family. Her father was Joe Maynard who was born in Portsmouth, OH. His father was Young Maynard who married Belva Hatcher Crabtree, and they also lived in Portsmouth. Young Maynard had a brother Jennings. This is all she knows of her family, and needs help. Her computer is at this time not functional, so you may contact me and I will relay to her.         Doris Butler         Reg.doris@att.net

WAYNE COUNTY NATURALIZATION RECORDS         There are some Naturalization Records available in the Chancery Records at the Court House. Herb Dawson is interested in researching and extracting from these records. He is in need of someone to help with this project. Any volunteers??         Herb Dawson         lhdawson@charter.net

CREMEANS         The obituary of Noah Floyd Cremeans (6/26/1852-4/28/1932) says he was buried in the Parsons Cemetery. Can anyone tell me where to find it?     Kendra         kenlanz@aol.com

COPLEY         I am looking for a picture of my grandfather, Oliver Copley, who was a son of James D. “Dickey” Copley. Oliver was killed at the # 4 tunnel at Cassie in Wayne County.      Carl Copley spotsdad@webtv.net

SPAULDING, MULLINS, CHAFFIN, MAHER         I am trying to locate the surviving sisters of Sherman A. Spaulding who was killed in WWII. They are Mrs. Minnie Mullins, Mrs. Jane Chaffin and Mrs. Ivory Maher. I have information for the concerning their brother’s death. Please contact me.
Steve Spaulding 304-643-4592         cwsgsgw@hotmail.com

BULL CREEK             Can anyone tell me how Bull Creek got it’s name? Thanks.
C. Richardson         crichardson13@yahoo.com

STILTNER, STEPHENS, WATTS         I am still searching for information regarding James Harvey Stiltner. He first married Clarinda Watts. On 11/13/1869 in Wayne County, he married Missouri Anne Stephens. He was born in 1822 and died ca 1900. Need to find his parents names and any other available information.             Ray Stiltner                 rvnstiltner@earthlink.neet

MATTHEWS, MAYNARD         My grandfather, Welcie “Red” Matthews taught school in a one room school house at Licklog. His wife was Thelma Maynard. Welcie’s parents were Millard Fillmore Matthews and ??. Millard’s parents were Harvey Matthews and Louisa Poindexter. Thelma’s parents were Zachary Taylor Maynard and Lula Perry Maynard Williamson. Lula’s parents were Esau Perry & ??. Can anyone help me fill in the blanks?     Joy Matthews Runyon         fandangoworkshop@aol.com

34th VA CAV         My name is Steve Coleman and I have a new web site for the 34th VA CAV . We are looking for pictures, letters, documents or other material concerning the 34th VA. The web site is
http://34thvacav.org         Thanks, Steve.         Sniper@grundynet.net

MELUNGEON BOOK         My name is Tonya Holmes Shook and I am the author of a new book “ The Drifters: A Christian Historical Novel About The Melungeon Shantyboat People.” This book ahs been 18 years in researching and writing. It is sold directly by the publishers and can be ordered from them. You can find all the needed information on the internet at : Http://marquettebook.org/pages/16/index.htm Tonya.         Shookum@ploi.net

LAMBERT, OWENS         I am searching for information on the family of John Calvin Lambert who was born in 1858 in WV and his wife Martha Alice Owens who was born in 1864 in WV. John went by Calvin and his wife went by Alice. They had 3 known children: Lindsey, Laura and Benjamin. In the early 1900's they moved to Ironton, Ohio. Calvin died in 1936 at Kitts Hill, Ohio. Lindsey was my grandfather. I am told they lived near where the Beech Fork Lake is now located. In 1880 Alice lived with her great-aunt Jane Robinson. In 1910 Calvin and Alice were in Stonewall District. Any help much appreciated.         Jim Lambert, 522 E. Franklin St., Circleville, OH 43113   longhunter58@yahoo.com

McCOY         My ancestor is Owen McCoy from Wayne County. I do not have much information, except for a marriage on 2/6/1867 in Carson City, NV where he married Caroline Trapp. After they divorced, Owen returned to Wayne County, but I have no idea when that was. Can anyone help me?     Nikki babyorla@aol.com

SMITH, BELVINS         Am in need of information on the family of James S. & Francis (Blevins) Smith of Wayne County. James was born c 1885 in WC and died ca 1964 in Cabell County. Francis was born ca 1888, perhaps in Louisa, Ky., and died in the 1960's in Cabell County. James’ parents were Samuel & Mary ( ) Smith, perhaps from the Dixon area. James & Francis had children: Taylor, William, Maude, Ida, Sally & others. Any information about this family greatly appreciated.         Gary Damron

WELLMAN, STAMPER         Looking for help on the family of Glenn & Estle (Wellman) Stamper, who lived in Missouri Branch area. Glen was born ca 1898 in NC & died ca 1946 in Wayne County. His parents were John & Mattie (Hawkins) Stamper from Grayson Co., NC. Estle was born ca 1902 in Louisa, Ky., daughter of John Williams and Elza WEllman. Glen & Estle had children: Forrest R., Everett H., Leroy, Ruth, Eleanor, Geraldine, Mary & Christine. Any help appreciated.
Gary Damron             grydamron@yahoo.com

STEPHENS             Does anyone have any information concerning the parents of John Beaver Stephens, who were James & Polly Stephens? When did John Beaver’s eldest son Thomas J. die and where is he buried? Is there any documentation of Thomas J. serving in the Civil War? Thanks.
Jim Stephens             jbs4144@aol.com

KIRK, JONES, THOMPSON         I need help with parents of Cynthia Kirk who was born 2/3/1887. Her death certificate says her parents were John Kirk and Cynthia Jones. She married on 4/16/1864 to Samuel Thompson, son of Wade H. & Elizabeth ( ) Thompson. They probably lived in the Radnor area. Cynthia died on 1/8/1961 in Lawrence Co., Ky., and is buried in the Endicott Cemetery at Genoa.
Todd Waddell, 5291 Kelly Rd., Cross Lanes, WV 25315             Toddworks@charter.net

MAYO, LUCAS             I am searching for information on Serena Mayo, who is listed in the 1900 and 1910 census of WC. She died after 1910. I would like a death date from Court House records or from an obituary. Also interested in any other information about who her family was. She is believed to have been the wife of William J. Mayo and the mother of Dicey Ann Mayo Lucas, who was my g.g. grandmother. I really need some help.     Scott Lucas, 219 S. Prospect, Clearwater, KS 67026

JARRELL, LUCAS         Looking for any information regarding my great grandparents Mark Jarrell and Ida Miller. My grandmother was Laura Jarrell, born 10/8/1890. She had a sister Sarah Jarrell, born 6/19/1884 and a brother born in 1888. Death certificated indicate all three were born in Ceredo, WV. Need to get as much information as possible before a planned trip to WV in late March.
Venida Casey             vcasey@fuse.net

STANLEY, SEXTON, COPLEY, SMITH         My mother was Stella Blanche Stanley Sexton Copley, who was born in KY 10/13/1918. She married James Franklin Copley who was born in WC, the son of Ira & Emma ( ) Copley. They had six children before they split up and then my mother had four more children by Paul Luther Smith, of which I am the youngest. Can anyone help me with any of these people?         Paulett Schaid             psfarm@stans.net

DEAN, GRANT, FORTNER, SKEENS, McCLOUD, BARTRAM         These are families which I am interested. Millard Filmore Dean was born ca 1850 and married Sarah A. Grant Oct. 19, 1876. Sarah was born ca 1856 and I do not know her parents. They had four children. One of them, Granville, married Louverna Fortner. I can find no death records or places of burial. Thanks for any help on these families.         Janine Dean             YesnoDean@aol.com

CLARK             My great-great-grandfather, Samuel Clark, died in 1907 and was buried in the Alley Cemetery on White’s Creek. I am trying to determine if he has a military marker on his grave. Can anyone give me exact directions to this cemetery. I would like to visit there soon.         Bobby Clark 1138 Penn Rd, N.W., Floyd, VA 24091-2424             Bpt@swva.net

U.K. FAMILY HISTORY RESEARCHER         My name is Roy Timmins and I do research in the U.K., specializing in the Birmingham and Midlands area. For details of what I have to offer visit my website at www.tracefamilyhistory.com

CRUM             My grandfather, Harrison Crum died in late 1946 or early 1947. Someone sent me his obituary, a clipping from a newspaper. However, I do not know what paper it was from, nor did it state the date. He was buried in the Johns Cemetery at Inez, Ky. Perhaps the obit was from the Williamson paper. He lived in Mingo County and also in Crum, WV. Can anyone look up his death in local newspapers for me? I would also love to have a copy of his death certificate, if it can be found.
Wanda Albrecht             wkalbrecht@aol.com

CARRICO             My name is Todd Waddell and I am beginning research on my family. I want to visit various cemeteries in Wayne County, where some of my kin may be buried. I need directions to what I believe is called the John Carrico Cemetery, which is located in the Dunlow area. I will try to visit this summer. Thanks!!         Todd Waddell             Toddworks@charter.net

BANFIELD             My father and grandfather, Earl Banfield and Earl Banfield, Jr., were born in Wayne County. My grandmother was Mabel Adkins, and she and my grandfather are buried in an Adkins Cemetery in Wayne County. My great uncle, John Golden Banfield, was married to a woman whose name I have as Ted or Billie Rutherford. Can anyone identify who she was? Any help appreciated.         Bryan Banfield             bbanfield@zoominternet.net

WORKMAN         Looking for a death date for my great-grandfather, Charles Ramsey Workman. He may have died between 1944-1947 in Wayne County. He was born in 1853 to Stephen Workman and Florence Wilson, and was first married to Nancy Brough and second to Elizabeth Burchett. I will greatly appreciate any help.         Doris Black             blackelm@bellsouth.net

CRUM         I need help on researching the Crum family, including Jesse Crum, Henry Crum, Eli Crum and Jasper Crum. This includes a lot of the family, but one has to start somewhere. Help!!
Harold L. Crum                 hcrum4174@wowway.com

YELLOW POPLAR LUMBER COMPANY         I am conducting research on the Yellow Poplar Lumber Company, for a story which I am writing. I have the story written by Herb Dawson. Any other history of the company or pictures of their operations will be greatly appreciated.         Randy Marcum

WEBB             I am trying to determine which cemetery in the Fort Gay area some of my Webb family are buried in. I am particularly interested in William Webb and his wife, Lena May Copley Webb. Also looking for William’s parents, Samuel Webb and his second wife, Arminta Young Webb.
Scott Regenscheid                 jolly04@msn.com

MAYNARD         Working on my family tree, and I am very confused. I need help on one Charles Maynard, Jr. who was born in 1838 in KY and married to Matilda Cassady who was born in 1845 in Wayne County. It appears he also had one or more children with Elizabeth Topping. Who were his children by Matilda? Who were his parents? I need help!!         Kathy             svbandparents@aol.com

BOWENS, MARCUM,CARROLL, PELFREY.         These are the families I am researching and need help with. Need help with the Josiah, John, Joshua and Frank Marcum line. Does anyone have any information on Carter Bowens. He had a son named Bunn Marcum. Also am still looking for information on the Pelfrey family.         Pelfreykaren@yahoo.com

JOYCE McBRIDE         Does anyone have a current email address for Joyce McBride. I have information I wish to share with her.         Sandra Weiss             lucklady@ntelos.net

JOHNSON             I have recently gotten some new information on my Johnson family. John Alexander Johnson and his wife, Judith Smith (Stith?) Migrated from Ashe County, NC about 1800. Their son, William “Burney” Johnson was born about 1819 and married Rebecca Noe. Their son, Alexander was born about 1842 in Wayne County. His son, John Alexander, was born 5/2/1865 in Wayne County. I am in need of any birth, marriage or burial information on this family. Thanks for any help. Frank Johnson, P.O. Box 72, Alexandria, OH 43001 (740)924-2581         frankandvi@core.com

THORNHILL         Looking for information concerning my g.g. grandmother, Tennessee Thornhill. She lived and was buried in the Fort Gay area.         Misty         Shutterbug29@charter.net

THE DRIFTERS: A CHRISTIAN HISTORICAL NOVEL OF THE MELUNGEON SHANTY BOAT PEOPLE             A novel, beginning around 1830 and ending after the Civil War. Tonya Holmes Shook, the author, spent 18 years studying the subjects of this book. She has made contact with a screenwriter/ producer fro a film adaptation of this book. You may find more information at www.MarquetteBooks.org  Tonya Holmes Shook             shookum@pldi.net

DEAN         After a few years lapse, I am back researching my Wayne County kin. My g. grandfather was James Alfred Dean, who married Margaret Ferguson. My grandfather, Alfred Rutherford Dean married Cora Beasley. My other family connections include the Bartram, Damron, Osburn, Napier, Christian, Ratcliff, Watts and Wilson families. Am hoping to soon be able to visit Wayne county and see the old Dean Cemetery on Greenbrier creek.         Terri Clarke             jaggirl@centurytel.net

MERRITT, CRUM, MUSICK             I am looking for information on my great aunt, Mary Elenore Merritt, daughter of John Rand Merritt and Nancy Jane Musick. Mary was born 9/4/1857 in Prestonsburg, Floyd Co., KY and died about 1930. On 6/29/1877 in Wayne County, WV, she married C. C. Crum, the son of Pleasant & C. ( ) Crum. Also need information on Mary’s sister Martha, who married John Kelly. Any information on these and connecting families much appreciated.
Mary L. Ayers             marla7557@sisna.com

SPRIGGS, CHILDERS             I am looking for information on Henry Spriggs. He appears in the 1880 census of Wayne County, living in Butler District. With him were his wife Julia and children Lucinda and Bell. Henry was born in Lawrence Co., KY and in the 1870 census he was married to Lucy Childers, and they later divorced. My grandmother reported that her parents were Henry Spriggs and Priscilla Preston. There is a Priscilla Preston living a few doors from Henry in the 1870 census. It is my belief that after Henry and Lucy divorced, he married Priscilla Preston, had my grandmother and then Priscilla probably died, as grandmother had no full siblings. I have been unable to find marriage records in either West Virginia or Kentucky to prove any of the above. My grandmother, Lucinda Spriggs married Harrison Ramey in Greenup Co., KY in 1893. There is a possibility that Henry and Priscilla never married, in which case she would be buried as Priscilla Preston, between 1877 and 1879, either in West Virginia or Lawrence or Greenup Co., KY. Any help with this riddle appreciated.     Gloria Lucius