2007 Queries


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TURLEY, BAILEY         Interested in the Turley family of Cabell County, WV. Does anyone know if Thomas Turley, born 1859, son of Elijah Turley, was ever a pastor of the Beechland Baptist Church, now located in Louisville, KY. Did he ever live in KY? Also need information on birth and family of my great-grandfather John W. Bailey, who was born about March of 1842 in Virginia. He came to Kentucky after the Civil War.    Robert Bailey Rbailey@rkymtnhi.com

PARKER, GUNNOE         My name is Dora Parker (Gunnoe). I grew up in Lorado, WV. My father was Orville Parker, who was married to Hannah Frazier. Any help much appreciated. Dora Parker Gunnoe.         Dora5050@sbcglobal.net

LYCANS, DAVIS         Looking for further information on my great-grandparents. My great-grandfather was Jimison Syck Lycans, who married on Dec. 20, 1890 to Mary Jane Davis. Mary Jane was the daughter of David Davis and Sarah E. Caldwell. Jimison died in 1919 and Mary died around 1910. Their daughter, Tenna Lycans was my grandmother and was only about four years old when her mother died, so we don’t know much about the Davis family. My grandmother said they were buried in Wayne County, but their graves were possibly flooded when a lake was made. Does anyone have any idea of this location? My grandmother, Tenna, married Louis Martin Keene in Wayne County, but they later settled in Greenup County, KY. Any information appreciated !         Elaine Weaver-Cresie cresiezoe@aol.com

AKERS         Looking for the location of the Akers Cemetery in Wayne County.
Kristy Capatina         Capatina_9@msn.com

BELCHER, PLYMALE         I need help finding information on my Grandfather, Palmer Jay Belcher who was born in August of 1896. He married Gypsy Plymale in 1917. Gypsy was born in 1898 and died in 1985. They had three children. Palmer worked for the N&W Railroad for 10 years. I have no information on him after 1927. Palmer and Gypsy were both born in the area of Big Hurricane & Queens Creek in Wayne County.     Randy Bester rbester2@yahoo.com

CUMM, SWIMM         Looking for marriage record of Tina Cumm to Robert Swimm. Thanks.    Robert Orme         robert_orme@yahoo.com

CALL, PINSON         Need help with my great-grandmother who was Delilah Call and who married James Pinson, who was a preacher in Ceredo, WV. Delilah’s mother was Nolda Francis Pinson-Thompson. Thanks for any help. Cheri Adkins-Perdue     ckperdue@aol.com

PERRY         My paternal grandparents are buried in a cemetery in Wayne County, but I cannot remember where it is located. (Harvey-Perry Cem. On Perry Ridge. Ed.) They were Luther B. and Della Mae (Napier) Perry. Luther died in 1990 and Della in 1976. There is another small cemetery behind this one, which has some Adkins buried in it. Does anyone know the exact location of this cemetery? Mary (Perry) Watts. waltripgordon@netscape.com

SPEARS         I am searching for info on the Spears family of Kenova. My grandfather was David Paul Spears. His parents were Leslie Dane & Edith C. ( ) Spears. Leslie’s parents were Burley & Dicey ( ) Spears. I am looking for family information and photos.
Julie Morrison         morrison522@hotmail.com

ADAMS         Need information concerning deaths and burials of my great-great-grandparents, Abraham & Lurana ( ) Adams. They were in the 1880 (1870-?) Census of Wayne County. After Lurana’s death, Abraham remarried. (To Lizzie Dickson on 5/12/1897- Ed.)     Bill Pierce         bspbristol@charter.net

MESSER         Looking for a register of graves located at the Meade Messer Cemetery, Breeden Creek Road, Mingo County, WV.     Richard Bourne         richardbourne@cox.net

HOBBLE         Researching the HOBBLE family, originally from Lawrence Co., Ohio. Edward D. Hobble died in Ft. Gay. His sons: John & Della Louise ( ) Hobble; Edward & Emily (Blankenship) Hobble; Archie Thomas Hobble; Benjamin & Levina ( ) Hobble. Appreciate any help.     Reid Prinkey              barebonesgarage@earthlink.net

MAYNARD         Need information on James Maynard, Revolutionary War Soldier. Did he receive a pension in Wayne County? Did his wife Chaney Smith Maynard receive any pension? Thanks for any help.     Mike Coffman     mcoffman1974@peoplepc.com

BOWEN         I need help finding information on George D. Bowen. He reportedly operated a store and Post Office in Bowen, WC. The Post Office closed in 1876. A family oral story says that he got involved with the Hatfield & McCoy feud and during a battle around Bowen, he lost three sons. The only son left was Davis S. Bowen. It was said that he then moved his family to Pikeville, Kentucky, where he was killed in 1883 by federal agents, while defending a moonshine still. If anyone has any knowledge of this story, please contact me.
Dale E. Bowen         pastor.dale@live.com

CRUM         Looking for any reference in Wayne County regarding Adam Crum, a Rev. War Veteran. Any information on him on him or his family much appreciated. Also need information regarding William Dingess who married Adam’s daughter Susannah. I descend from this couple.         Debbie Dupree         hdupree4@msn.com

KELLY         Need help researching Mitchell Kelly, son of George & Madeline Kelly. In his WWI Draft, he is listed a being born 8/4/1895 in WC, and his residence was Kiahsville. Need to know if he was married and had children. All help appreciated. Tonya (Aliff) Webb ewdwebb@triad.rr.com

BEAIRE, WHEELER, ADKINS, WILSON         Looking for any type of information on these and related family members. James Wheeler married Mary Beaire; Charles Wheeler married Elizabeth Jane Wilson; Thomas Wheeler married ??; Jollife Beaire married Nancy Adkins; George W. Beaire married Edith ?. These families were mainly from the Fort Gay area.     Melba         Guard_m@fuse.net

FERGUSON, BROWNING         My grandfather was Noah Ferguson who married Ollie Browning. They lived at Dunlow, WV. Would it be safe to say that he was a descendant of Samuel Ferguson, the Rev. War Soldier?     Ron Hankins     ebyshpr0077@aol.com

STONE         My great-great-grandfather, James Stone, died May 3, 1899 in Cassville (Ft. Gay) WV. His spouse was Perlina Heneger. Can anyone tell me what newspaper was active at that time so I can attempt to get his obituary. Appreciate your help.         Liz Slick Liz.Slick@soah.state.tx.us

POOR FARM         Looking for articles on the Wayne County Poor Farm. I have learned that my grandfather’s sister, Mahala Stapleton was living there in 1880. Can this be confirmed?           Hester Murphy         hmmurp1@wmconnect.com

PACK         Where is Isaac Pack buried. Is there a cemetery at Cove Gap named Loftin?
Sharon Voss         Vosss@msagroup.com

HERALD         My G.Grandfather was John Herald, son of James Riley and he was married to Sarah Jane Robinson. I believe the both died around 1893. My grandmother was their daughter, Oma Marie Herald, who married H. Talmadge Walker. I believe John and Sarah Jane are buried on Tick Ridge. Does anyone know where I could find information as to the cause of their deaths?         Ira Cumpton            iracumpton@windstream.net

BECKNER, SPURLOCK         My grandmother was Stella Beckner Spurlock. I believe she was the daughter of Van Linden Beckner and Isabel Plybon, but unable to verify that. She married Henry Hampton Spurlock around 1900. They lived in a log cabin which was relocated to Dunkle Branch just before the construction of the Beech Fork Dam. Stella deserted her family about 1906 and was never heard from again. I have some information that she died in Cocoa Beach, FL in early 1970's under the name of Ledbetter. If anyone has any information on Stella, it would be greatly appreciated.         David F. Goode dgoode@satx.rr.com

RATLIFF         My G.Grandfather was James Ira Ratliff, who reportedly was born in VA. He is found in the 1870 census in TN, and his father was born in KY. I am searching for his parents or anyone who might be related to him.     Hazel Hollifield             hmwh@vol.com

FRAZIER         My Frazier connection is my grandparents, Harvey and Mary (Ross) Frazier. They left Wayne County around the early 1930's and went to south central Ohio. Harvey had previously worked in the coal mines. Interested in finding living relatives or information on earlier generations.     Jodi Clutter         jodilynn1380@yahoo.com

McCOY, WEBB         Need to find the location of the Smith Cemetery around Echo-Genoa. My great-grandparents, Boyd and Mary (Tiller) McCoy are buried there, as well as my grandmother Betty Webb. Information on this family also appreciated.     Debbie Lively grammy1l@peoplepc.com

WILSON, SKAGGS         Looking for Fred D. And Marie (Skaggs) Wilson, who are my grandparents. Fred’s father was Jackson Wilson. Our family does not have much info on these persons. Thanks for any help. Michael R. Wilson 606-836-3610   mrwilson56@aol.com

SPURLOCK, ADKINS         My name is Lisa Darlene Spurlock and I am in need of information relating to my father Cline Spurlock. I was born in Huntington, WV on 7/30/1960 and my birth certificate gives my parents names as Cline Spurlock and Barbara Jewell Adkins. Any information on them would be extremely helpful.         Lisa Spurlock lkindsfather@cookseylaw.com

BOYD, BLOSS         I am looking for information on Lee and Ida (Bloss) Boyd. Also like to know if there are living relatives in the area?     John Boyd         shooter080803@msn.com

NEW, FINLEY             My grandmother was Sarah New, who married Emery Prim Finley. She was born around 1900, and I am told that she and her brother, Martin, were given to the New family to work on their farm. This is all the information I have on my grandmother. Can anyone help?     Sandra Monroe-Paras             sandara203@verizon.net

THOMPSON, PORTER         William and Jennie (Porter) Thompson were my great-grandparents. I believe William was born abt. 1867 and Jennie abt. 1878 at Grassy. Jennie was the daughter of William F. And Mary U. (Smith) Porter. After the death of Jennie, William married a second time to a lady whose first name was Sally. I am interested to find where these people are buried.        Marilyn             merijeanstar@aol.com

DERIFIELD             I am looking for the burial places of Arminda Derifield and John D. Williamson. John D. Was the son of Joseph Williamson and Sarah Ray. I believe that Arminda was the daughter of James H. Derifield and Margaret Jude. Will appreciate any help.         Patti German             patzilla@gmail.com

NEWMAN         Judy Newman advises us that she is retiring and has a new address. It is: Judy Newman, 507 Amherst Drive, Erlanger, KY 41018

STONE         I recently located the gravesite of James Stone and his first wife, Nancy Damron, along with three of their children. They are buried in the Fairview Cemetery at fort Gay, WV. Does anyone know if there are other Stone family members buried there? Does anyone have a listing for Paulina B. Stone (James Stone’s 2nd wife) or Thomas A. Wyatt (Pauline’s 1st husband) ?             Liz Slick                    karayanann@aol.com

INSCO             I need to find the family of Maxine Insco, who died in July of 2003. She was married to my stepbrother, Charles Leroy Insco, and we lost contact many years ago. She was living with her daughter, Sue Ellen Cyrus, in Huntington. I have found some old family photos which I would like to share with them. Maxine also had a brother named Steve. (Maxine and Steve were children of John Wesley and Beulah (Rucker) Maggard from Hitchins, KY. Ed.)     Frances Campbell McDonie             frmcdonie@insightbb.com

MERRITT, MUSICK             Searching for information on my g.g.grandparents, John Rand Merritt and Nancy Jane (Musick) Merritt. John was born 3/18/1824 and died /17/1888 in Wayne County, and is buried in the Luce Miller Cemetery. Nancy Jane was born 3/24/1826 and died 8/11/1911 at East Lynn. She is buried in the Watson Cemetery. Would it be possible to locate death information, obituaries or marriage records for them?     Jerry Brumbaugh jbrumbaugh@cox.net

TOPPINS         I am working on a Toppins/Topping/Toppings/Toppin family history book for publication in the near future. I would appreciate any information from anyone researching these families, as I am still missing a lot of information.     Barbara Toppins     614-877-2211 Btoppins@qn.net

DINGESS, CRUM, FARLEY             Need help with information relating to William Dingess, believed to be the son of John Dingess and Chloe Farley. William married Susannah Crum, the daughter of Rev. War Soldier Adam Crum, Sr. William Dingess died in Lawrence County, KY in 1856. John Dingess died in Logan County, VA sometime after 1850. Need documented proof of the relationship between William and John Dingess and also between John Dingess and his wife Chloe Farley.    Debbie Dupree, 519 Dove Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23322      hdupree4@msn.com

MILLS, SMITH         Hoping to find some information on my grandmother, Zelma Mills. She was the daughter of Moss and Martha Belle (Smith) Mills. Any help on these families appreciated.            Pamela McCoin       kmccoin@pacbell.net

COMPTON             I am searching for the burial site of James H. Compton. He was born July 10, 1848 in Lawrence County, KY, a son of Layne and Melcena (Hatten) Compton and died December 1, 1920 in Kings’s Daughter Hospital in Ashland, KY. His last marriage was to Chloe Parsley Chaffins Maynard Compton. James served as a private in the 53rd Inf. in the Civil War. He is supposedly buried at Kermit, WV.     Judy Cumpton iracumpton@windstream.net

SPURLOCK             I am helping a friend with his family research. Am trying to find a birth record for Nevada Spurlock, who was born in Dec. 1874 or Jan. 1875. She was the daughter of Albert Spurlock and Amanda P. Turner. Nevada Spurlock is the great-grandmother of my friend, Frank Westphal. Please respond to my email address.          Robert Hinshaw       WD6L1@veriaon.net

NEWMAN             Society member Judy Newman has a new email address. You may now contact her at     jnewman001@insightbb.com

WILLIAMSON CEMETERY             I am looking for a list of graves for the Williamson Cemetery at Mud Lick. Any help appreciated.                Effie Fluty-Burns       butcherboy411@yahoo.com

PERRY             Looking for grave site of my g.g.grandfather, Martin VanBuren Perry. He was born about 1857 and died in Wayne County about 1828. Believed to be buried in the Ferguson, WV area.. His wife was Mary Frances Massie, daughter of Fielding and Ellen Perry. Your help is appreciated.        Pamela M. Steele         pamba1@aol.com

LUCAS             I live in Oklahoma and am looking for data on some of my Wayne County family members. Looking for information on William P. Lucas, born about 1835, son of Calvin & Rebecca Lucas? Also looking for info on Arthur Hobbs Lucas, born about 10/1874, son of William P. & ?? Lucas. Thanks for any help you may offer.         Jan Elmore             janelmore@cox.net

DYER CEMETERY             Need help locating the Dyer Cemetery on Lick Creek. My ancestor, John Hopkins Dyer was from Wayne County. Christina McCreedy            2mccreedy@earthlink.net

ADKINS, PORTER             My great grandfather Wyett E. Adkins had a son named James H. Adkins who was born in 1856. In the 1870 census he was in Louisa, KY. I cannot find him in later census records. I did find a James Adkins who married Nancy Porter, but I am not sure this is Wyett’s son James. If you have any information on this family, please contact me.              Sharon McMellon                bootnose37@aol.com

SNYDER             John & Cathy Snyder have a new address: 2545 Preskitt Road, Decatur, TX 76234-4684.

WALLACE             Can anyone tell me of any history of the Wallace Cemetery. My Uncle, Edgar W. Wallace, is buried there. Cannot find a marker with his name. I also have a lot of pictures which have no identification.             Diane Earvase              earvase.diane@principaltrust.com

HUFF                     I am interested in information concerning any Huff Cemetery, or other family data on the Huff family.          Miriam Huff Ray magnolia18@webtv.net

CEMETERY             I am trying to find a Queens Ridge Cemetery. I believe that some of my relatives are buried there and any information would be greatly appreciated.              Mary Varney               pmvarney@aol.com

O’DONNELL                 Holly & Jim O’Donnell have a new email address. It is: hnjodonnell@comcast.net

CEMETERY             Looking for directions to the Pres Fryly Cemetery. Also would like to know the location of the Silver Creek Baptist Church. Karen Mounts            piratesbms@yahoo.com

MESSER             In your Cemetery Book Volume #2 you have a picture of the gravestone of Morgan Messer in the Anderson Cemetery on Jennies Creek. My grandfather was James Thomas Messer of Jennies Creek, who married Elizabeth Messer. Does anyone know if Morgan & James Thomas were related?                Tabetha Stepp               tabethastepp@hotmail.com

WILSON             I am trying to locate the graves of my g.g.g. grandparents, James and Sarah Wilson. Would like to know who may be buried in any Wilson Cemetery in Wayne County. James was reportedly a Revolutionary War Soldier and is listed among the first settlers in present Wayne County. He appears to have served as Prosecuting Attorney in Cabell County from 1809-1817. Is there any documentation to substantiate this? James and Sarah lived most of their lives in present Wayne County and are believed to be buried on a farm near Nursery Gap near Saltpetre. They moved from Nursery Gap to Genoa, and James died at Sidney, WV according to the Bible of his grandson Rev. Lewis Bartram. James was the son of Robert Wilson. Any additional information much appreciated.                 James Roland Wilson               jrw.atyourservice@yahoo.com

PACK, SPRIGGS, HURLEY, MEADOWS             Searching for information or pictures of my great grandparents who lived near Fort Gay, WV. My paternal g. grandparents were Bartley A. Pack and Susie Spriggs. My maternal g. grandparents were William Emanuel Hurley and Willard Josephine Meadows. My grandmother Ruthie was born 11/2/1898 on Tabors Creek, near Fort Gay. Thanks for any help you may give. Lostadams@aol.com

COUNTY POOR FARM             I have seen several references to a Poor Farm in Wayne County. Where can I find information about it?         Brenda Simpkins              bsimp1949@yahoo.com

CEMETERY             Can anyone give me directions to the Hanley Cemetery in Wayne County. Is there a listing of those buried there?
John Hanley                jhanley@patriot.net

ENYART HOLLOW             Trying to find where Enyart Hollow may have been located on Beech Fork. I found information back in the 1970's that James Asher Crockett and his wife Sarah Blankenship were buried there. However, since there were no headstones marking the graves, I am told they were not moved when the dam and lake were built. If anyone has any information, please get in touch with me.           Lynda Davis-Logan GeneaBug@suddenlink.net 

MILL CREEK CEMETERY             I am searching for a cemetery, supposedly located on Mill Creek, where some of the family of Joseph A. Wilson and his wife Rebecca (Adkins) Wilson are buried. Perhaps also their daughter who married John Adkins and who died 10/21/1931 in Kenova, WV. Any information will be helpful.        Larry McWilliams            lwmcwilliams@clearwire.net 

CRUM                 I would like to know who I can get in touch with to learn as much as possible about the Crum family of Wayne County, WV. Any contacts or information will be most appreciated.         Jonathan Crum               Jonathan_crum@wellsfargois.com 

CEMETERY                 Looking for burial place of Archibald Harrison (b. 1837 Va. and d. abt 1900 in Lincoln or Wayne Co.) and his wife Martha (Fry) Harrison (b, 1844 and d. abt 1901 in Wayne Co.).         B.J. Lee              Bjlee0723@aol.com