1998 Queries


Joyce H. McBride 12-19-1998

Virginia Alice "Jenny" Smith married Moses Fitzpatrick, and they later settled in
Wayne County with her family. they had one child named Marenda (Renda). Where is
Virginia Alice buried on White's Creek? Also am looking for information concerning a
raid on the Wayne County jail by a group of Fitzpatrick men in early 1800's.

Herb Dawson 12-18-1998

Roxy Hastings married John T. Colegrove in Greenup County, KY n 1848. They
were living in Boyd County, KY in 1860 and 1870. By 1880 they were living in
Wayne County, WV. Roxy married Isaac Jackson in Wayne County in 1895, and
was living in Carroll District of Lincoln County, WV in 1900. I believe her to be the
daughter of Hiram and Sarah (Bush) Hatings. Roxy was born in Kanawha County,
VA in 1832. What realtionship does she bear to the Hastings of Lawrence County,
KY and Kanawha County, WV?

Lola M. Pruitt 12-17-1998

William SMITH, who married Martha DANIELS had a son named Caprmeral
(Cartmel) SMITH
, born 1/3/1879 in Wayne Co., WV. Carpmeral married Bertha
, a daughter of C. BRUMFIELD and Salina SINGLETON. I am
searching for the grandparents of both Carpmeral and Bertha . Will share

Gary Houck 12-15-1998

Need to find parents for Gabriel Thomas HOUCK, born 1/24/1876 possibly in Putnam
Co., WV and died 8/11/1954 at Hurricane, WV. He had two known sisters, Rosa who
married James McGLOTHLIN and Osa who married ______ STEELE.

Gary Houck 12-15-1998

Looking for ancestors of John Adams CONLEY, born 3/5/1844 in Breathit Co., KY
and died 4/4/1918 in Portsmouth, OH. He was a son of William CONLEY and Cynthia
and on 3/11/1904 in Wayne County, WV, he married Laura Bell
, the daughter of William David and Cynthia (FERGUSON) PETERS.
William CONLEY
m2. Nancy _______, and had three known children, Cleveland,
and Mary Bell. Possible siblings of John Adams CONLEY were Isabell,
and Kelly. Any help will be appreciated.

DianaSteve@aol.com 12-9-1998

Seeking information on parents of David A. CHAFFIN, born ca 1835 in Floyd County,
KY. He was married four times, the last in 1870 in Lawrence County, KY to Susan
. Moved to Lincoln County, WV after 1880 and may have lived on
Beech Fork, where he is believed to be buried.

DianaSteve@aol.com 12-9-1998

Need information on parents and other family members of Thomas P. MOORE,
born in Kentucky in 1793 and died in Cabell County about 1840. He married
in Cabell County in 1817.

DianaSteve@aol.com 12-9-1998

John STEPHENSON, born 3/28/1761 in Amherst Co., VA, parents unknown.Enlisted
6/4/1778 as private in Capt. William RENTFROW'S Virginia Company. Married Sally
on 4/28/1791 in Greenbrier Co., VA. they later moved to Cabell
County. John died in Wayne County on 3/3/1846. Need names of children born to
John & Sally STEPHENSON, and their place of burial. Have copy of John's pension
file, will share information.

Ernie1222@aol.com 12-5-1998

Need information concerning Effie Anna MILLS (BROCK, ROBINSON) who lived in
Huntington, WV. She was born late 1890's - early 1900's. She died early 1960's in
a car accident. Had siblings Lonnie, May, Norma & others. Also Frank BROCK,
born 1/6/1905 in Mingo County, WV. They were married in Wayne County, WV.
Any helpappreciated.

Pam 12-5-1998

Searching for information on Ransom PERDUE (7/3/1905-4/15/1992). His father was
Fred PERDUE (4/5/1882-10/16/1932), and I believe his grandfather was Steve Perdue.
This is all I know about this family. Please help.

Ralph Sayre 11-26-1998

Looking for information about my great grandmother, Rebecca (FANNIN) WORKMAN, born in Wayne County about 1850 to Silas M. and Mary FANNIN. She married in WC
about 1868 to Reece Carl WORKMAN, they divorced in 1877. Also searching for
cemetery where Silas and Mary FANNIN are buried. They lived in area of
Roundbottom. Ralph H. Sayre, RR 1 Box 92, Buckhannon, WV 26201-9709.

Cindora Creasman 11-22-1998

Does anyone remember a newspaper clipping about the death of Thomas DAMRON,
killed in a shootout on Mill Creek. The story was in teh 1/27/1876 issue of the
Huntington Advertiser. Was there an obituary?

John Stapleton 11-19-1998

Living in Arizona, I am looking for help with my family research. Reportedly, my
grandfather was born out of wedlock to a STAPLETON female in the mid 1880's. Unable to cope with having the child, she left it with her father who was manager of the Poor
Farm in Wayne. Are there any STAPLETON cemeteries in Wayne County?

mist476@aol.com 11-11-1998

I am new, do not know where to begin. My grandfather was Walter Lake PERRY
of East Lynn, and my grandmother was Pansy PERRY. On my other side, my
grandparents are Newman and Amanda CHANEY. Any help appreciated.

Deborah Dorsey Carlson 11-2-1998

Need to lacate parents of James W. DORSEY, Sr., born ca 1805. He lived in Jackson
County, WV, but many members of his family moved to Kenova in Wayne County,
WV. His first wife was Louisa HESKITT, and his seond wife was Jane Eliza WADE.
James had a son, John T. DORSEY, born 1858 and died in Kenova, WV in 1935.
John's first wife was Letha Harriett MILAM, and his second wife was Elizabeth
. Information on any of these people would be appreciated.

Judy Fuller Sikora 10-18-1998

Looking for information concerning Thomas FULLER who was born in KY ca 1843.
Thomas and his wife Sarah E. ______ were living in Wayne County, WV when the
1880 census was taken, where they were reported with six children. The oldest child,
George H. FULLER married Laura L. RAY. Anyone help?

Doris Brown 10-7-1998

Does anyone have information concerning SIMMS GRANT, property granted to
Robert McKEE, et al, in 1807 in Kanawha County, VA, now Wayne County, WV.
This grant consisted of 1687 acres lying between the Big Sandy River and Twelvepole Creek, of which 500 acres was designated to Robert McKEE. Thanks for any help.

SScarb70@aol.com 10-5-1998

Looking for any information on Hiram MARSHALL who came from Kentucky and
settled in Mingo County, WV. Hiram married Oma DILLON, and they lived on Laurel
Creek at Lenore, WV. He fathered a son by Mary Polly DILLON, named Andy. Andy
Also lived at Lenore, and is my grandfather. Need to find where in KY Hiram came
from, and who his parents were.

Janet Sousa 9-18-1998

I am in need of medical records concerning my birth mother, Mary Jean DOSS. I
have a young daughter who can make use of such information. I was born Jan. 12,
1957 at Cabell Huntington Hospital in Huntington, WV. My mother's name was
Mary Jean DOSS, age 22, and her address was listed as the address of the hospital.
I was legally adopted at age 22 by my adopted parents.

I have not much to go on, and to date have uncovered no clue to her identity. If you
have any pertinent information, please forward to me. Thanks in advance.

Keith Hughes 9-11-1998

I need information on Manford Marion MORROW who married in 1911to Maude
. Maude was born on Mar. 26, 1894. It is my understanding that
they operated a small store in the Kenova area and that he also had worked on the
railroad previous to that time. Their children were Catherine, Virgil (died young),
Wanda (married a Brown), Howard Oliver (born Oliver Hazard), and Chester (died in
Kenova). Have information which I will share.

Michael Radcliff 8-23-1998

Does anyone know exactly where the family of Richard RATCLIFF and Martha
lived during the period around 1833-1837 ? The location of the
farm or any other information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Two of their
children, John (born April 13, 1834) and Nancy (born August 17, 1836) were listed as
being born on "Twelvepole Creek, Wayne County, VA." By 1838 the family had
moved on to Lawrence County, Ohio, where three of their children were born and
Martha apparently died, as Richard eventually married a second wife, Christina
, in 1841.

Frances Gartin 8-21-1998

If anyone knows any information about my mother, Martha HERALD or her
father John HERALD, please contact me. Thanks.

Julie Javage 8-13-1998

Does anyone have any information concerning a GUNNOE family cemetery? I
believe it is located at a place called "Shoals" of "Mink Shoals". I am
researching the GUNNOE and TAYLOR and allied families. Would like to have a
list of persons buried in this cemetery. Will exchange information.

Patsy Chapman McGehrin 8-12-1998

Does anyone have any information on a CRACE family in Wayne County? Joe and
, my grandparents , lived in Wayne County until their death sometime in
the 1950's. They had sons named Walter and Millard, and daughters named Rosa,
Bula, Milissa, Ruby, Belva, Emma, and Verna, my mother. Emma married High
, }and Milissa married a JERRELD/GERRALD, and had a son Freeland
who went to Fort Gay High School in the 1940's. Mother died in childbirth when I was
born. Can anyone please help?

Doris Brown 8-10-1998

Does anyone have information for a marriage between Wade H. LAMBERT and
Nancy ????. What is the last name of his bride. What are the names of their parents?

Debra Nester 8-8-1998

Searching for the parents of Jeremiah "German" Washington HUFF, who was born
July 27, 1815 in Virginia, and died March 18, 1891 in Arkansas. He married first
Mary Ann HAMILTON, second Dicy Jane PRATOR, and third Lucinda
; William Harrison HUFF, born August 7, 1818 in Virginia; Henderson
Philip HUFF
, born February 12, 1825 in Virginia nnd died July 12, 1885 on Joels
Branch in Wayne County, WV. Henderson married Rebecca Mahala DEAN; Tolbert
, born July 1, 1826 in Virginia and died September 2, 1881 in Wayne County,
WV. Tolbert married Cassie BALL. The mother of these Huff brothers was named
Sarah, and was born about 1786 and died before 1859 in Wayne county, WV. Any
information greatly appreciated.

Ray Queen 8-8-1998

Looking for any information concerning a James W. PALMER, born about 1900.
James married Hettie REYNOLDS. They had a daughter named Velma, who is
my birth mother. If you have any information, please E-Mail me.

DianaSteve@aol.com 7-30-1998

Need to find information on David "Lewis" CHAFFIN, born about 1882, perhaps in
Lawrence Couny, KY. Sometime between 1880-1890 his parents, David A. and Susan
moved to Lincoln of Logan County, WV. David reportedly
is buried near the river in Logan. Particularly need to identify the parents of David A.

Pat Shepherd 7-27-1998

Can anyone help me with information concerning the following Wayne County
persons? Harvey A. SHEPHERD (b. 6/8/1881-12/8/1961) s/o Harvey SHEPHERD
and Hester BOOTH......... Harry MARTIN (b. 7/15/1893) s/o Will MARTIN and
Minnie SMITH
. Theseare the grandparents of my husband, of whom we know
very little. Any help appreciated.

Teresa Hurst 7-26-1998

Looking for information on James Thomas MESSER (12/19/1907-12/1987) who
married Mary Elizabeth WALLER. they lived on Jennies Creek in Wayne County.
His parents were Jake and Mary Ann (WOOTEN) MESSER. Mary Elizabeth was
the daughter of Clifford and Melvilda (MUNCY) WALLER. James and Mary had
ten children, one of which was my father James MESSER (1/12/1936-11/1972) who
married Frances Janet MARCUM. Can anyone tell me who the parents of Jake
and Mary were?

Vera Hamilton 7-18-1998

Am trying to locate the cemetery where my great grandfather Isaac BOYS and my great
grandmother Elizabeth BOYS are buried. They lived in Wayne County after 1871, in the
area of Greenbrier/Trace Creeks. Any information greatly appreciated.

Hellen Ruth (Doss) Hanley 7-17-1998

My parents are Cline DOSS and Anna Marie WILSON. Cline was the son of Junius
Taylor DOSS
and Margaret DODDS. The parents of Junius Taylor were Joseph
HenryFranklin DOSS
, born 1827 in Franklin County, VA and Eliza Ann BRYANT.
They were married in 1854. Does anyone have any information concerning the
parents of Joseph Henry Franklin DOSS? I am originally from the Huntington, WV

Harry L. Sellards, Jr. 7-15-1998

Susannah "Susan" HAMILTON, b. ca. 1758 in Orange County, VA, d. 1852 in Wayne
County. She married ca 1799 in Staunton, VA to Micajah (McCager) FRASHER, b. dec.
25, 1753 in Albemarle County, VA, an d. Nov. 9, 1843 in Lawrence County, KY. I am
searching for the parents of Susan HAMILTON and Micajah FRASHER.

Harry L. Sellards, Jr. 7-15-1998

Mary A. JONES, b. July 1, 1779 in Tazewell County, VA and d. July 17, 1862 in Wayne
County, VA. She married on Jun3 28, 1802 in Tazewell County, VA to Thomas
, b. Sep. 15, 1784 in Tazewell County, VA. and d. Aug. 28, 1838 in Cabell
County, VA. Am searching for the parents of Mary JONES.

Harry L. Sellards, Jr. 7-15-1998

Nancy FORD, b. ca 1776 in VA. and d. after 1850 in Wayne County, VA., d/o John
and Nancy HILL. She married ca 1793 to Thomas VAUGHN, b. ca. 1773 in
Indian Nation, NC., and d. ca 1846 in Wayne County, VA., the s/o William VAUGHN and
Fereby BENTON. Searching for parents of John FORD, Nancy HILL, and William

Alice Murphy 7-12-1998

Need information concerning Hezekiah CHARLES, b. Dec. 10, 1907 and d. Aug. 20,
1966 at Lovely, KY. He is buried in Brewer Cemetery in Mingo County, WV. He married
on Mar. 10, 1931 in Mingo County, WV to Elizabeth BLOCK, b. Mar. 16, 1909 and d.
Mar. 7, 1966 at Westerville, OH. She is buried in Westerville, OH. Welcome any
information on this family.

Tom Jenkins 7-10-1998

Sarah Jane BILLUPS was my wife's great grandmother. She married on Oct. 13, 1880 in
Wayne County, WV to Lafayette BOWE. Sarah's parents were John and Fanny
. Need to find Sarah Jane's siblings and also the parents of

Micki (Fontella) VAN DYKE 7-2-1998

Am searching for any information of my great-grandparents, Alex MARCUM
(1/22/1871-7/8/1923) who married Minerva SALMONS (2/1/1880-4/16/1954). Both are
buried in the Bull Creek Cemetery. Their children were Colista, Florida, Ethel, Este,
Brookie, Lustie, Zilva, Delpha, Scott, Frances, Velva Riva, and Pollie Antha.

Sheley J. NAPIER 6-30-1998

Looking for the parents of my grandmother, Norma Caroline MILLS, who married
Robert Lee NAPIER. My father was the youngest of their twenty two children, and I
have lost contact with my cousins in Wayne County. If you are a NAPIER, please get in
touch with me.

Merle BARTON 6-28-1998

Does anyone know of any published information on the BRUMFIELD family of Wayne
County. I would be very interested in purchasing same if it exists. I am looking for
William BRUMFIELD who married Mary Jane SALMONS (SAMMONS). Their
children were William (9/1878), Noah (5/1883), and Fanny (5/1883).

Nancy MAREK 6-26-1998

I am searching for the parents of Benjamin DAVIS, Sr. and for the surname of his wife
Sally. Also need information on Mary Ann RUTHERFORD who married William G.
Their daughter Dora married AldersonWALKER. Does anyone have
information on Susan SHULER/SHULLER/SCHULLER, born ca 1840 in VA, married
James P. HALL?

Vera HAMILTON 6-24-1998

My great grandfather Isaac BOYS lived in Wayne County, on the Trace Fork area, in
the late 1800 or early 1900 time period. Can anyone help me with finding a death record
for him, and also the cemetery where he is buried?

No Name Given 6-23-1998

I need to contact anyone from Wayne County, WV with the surnames CASEY, NEAL,

Beth BRYANT 6-62-1998

I am looking for anyone who may have infromation concerning my grandmother, Nancy
. She married Alex SAMMONS in 1923 at the home of Joe Slaid. Nancy was
born in 1905 on Queen's Ridge, and died in 1943. She is buried in the COPLEY cemetery.
They had five children: Lake Debral, Drexel, Alex, Jr., Lillian and Anna Mae.

Michelle MURPHY 6-21-1998

Looking for any information on the family of William Bingham MEADE. He was my g.g.
grandfather and lived on Marrobone Creek. Also interested in information about the
family of another ancestor, Josiah MARCUM, my g.g.g. grandfather. My grandmother
was Elizabeth (Block) Charles.

Benjamin CYRUS, JR. 6-20-1998

I am looking for descendants of Brice STOKES, brother of Sarah Stokes Ferguson and
Lucy Stokes Ferguson. Their parents were James Stokes (ca 1750-1832) and Mary
(Brice/Bryce??). Lucy married Samuel Ferguson, Sarah married William Ferguson, and
Brice married Nancy J. (__?__) and died in Andrew Co., MO. Samuel & William were
sons of Samuel and Mary (Jameson) Ferguson, early settlers of Wayne County. Can
anyone help with death or burial records for Brice and Nancy, or any information
concerning their children?

Benjamin Cyrus, Jr.-7709 E. Lisa Dr.-Jacksonville, FL. 32217-4134- (904)731-5287

LeighAnn (NAPIER) PIERCE 6-16-1998

Need information of Susanne (Sue) PORTER'S parents. She was born October, 1868 and
died in 1957 in Wayne County, W. VA. She married Absolom B. NAPIER on January 18,
1893, in Wayne County, W. VA. If you have any information regarding Susanne
, please contact me.

Am also interested in information on the family of Attison ADKINS, born ca 1827, and
the family of his wife Patsy.

Dottie (TABOR) BLANKENSHIP 6-16-1998

I'm looking for parents and siblings for my gg grandmother, Margaret" Peggy"
. She was born June, 1832, place unknown, died on Beech Fork, Wayne County,
W.Va. on Sep. 30, 1901. She married (place unknown) on Sep. 30,1852 to Asa
born 1811 in Patrick County, Va., s/o Lawrence MORRISON & Elizabeth
. Asa died between 1873/1880 at Beech Fork, Wayne County, WV. Issue: William
Allen; Madison Maston; John Lee; Sarah Josephine (my g grandmother); Armilda F.;
Millard Fillmore; James Madison; Harrison Lee; Charles Rayburn; & Emery M.
Morrison. Hope someone can help me with the Smith link! Thanks in advance!

Dottie Tabor Blankenship
Rt.2, Box 2470
Wayne, WV
(304) 272-5694

Jane (NAPIER) NEELY 6-5-1998

From California I am doing research on the Thomas Franklin NAPIER line. Does anyone
have the answer to the riddle "Who are the parents of TFN ?" He was my fourth great
grandfatner. My grandfather was Samuel NAPIER who married Sarah BRADSHAW.
My father was Paul Edmon NAPIER. I can still vividly recall my father taking me to visit
my grandparents when I was just a child. Wonderful memories prompt me to be closer to
the roots of my family. Will exchange any information I have with others. Please contact

Jennifer PARSONS 5-23-1998

Am searching for a Tilden PARSONS in Wayne County. I know that he had a son named
Paul PARSONS who was born in 1910, and also a son named Andrew PARSONS. I have
no further information concerning this family. If anyone can help, please contact me.
Thanks, Jennifer.

Ramona Perry WILLIAMS 4-29-1998

Arnold PERRY came to Wayne County sometime after 1837. He died in Logan County
after 1861. He married in Floyd County, KY to Polly RATLIFF. One of their son's was
Nathaniel PERRY who lived in Wayne County and married Emmaria H. WILLIAMSON,
d/o Alias and Malenda Marcum WILLIAMSON. Their children: 1) Malenda Jane b
1849 -2) Elias b Jan 1852 -3) Arnold b Mar 1854 -4) William b Sept 1858 -5) James b Apr
1862 -6) Samuel b 1864 -7) Casela b 1865 -8) Gideon b June 1870 9) Emmariah b Oct
1874 -10) Victoria b 1875 -11) Mary "Polly" b 1876. I would like to hear from any
decendants of these children, especially James as he was my Grandfather. Does anyone
know who the Father of Arnold was?

Romona Perry WILLIAMS
4620 Mill View Court
Roanoke, VA 24018-3100

Robert A. Scaggs 4-29-1998
I am looking for the parents of Harden SCAGGS. Harden was born in c 1831in KY or
VA. In 1860 he and his wife, Mahulda Jane CHRISTIAN, lived in the Round Bottom
District (now Prichard). Their children were: Isaac (b.185- m. Abigail PELFREY (1),
William Eldridge (m.Nancy CRABTREE), George Henry (m.Virginia ELKINS),
California/ Mary Elizabeth (m. Amos WORKMAN), Allen (m. Caroline STALEY (1) and
Bellyona (m. Andrew DICKERSON). Some descendants feel Harden's family came to
the Wayne County area with the CHRISTIANS from Monroe County, VA, around 1842.
Harden died before September 28, 1869, and had a grandson named Harden (via George
Henry & Virginia) born in 1877. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has
additional information.

Cindora1@aol.com 4-28-1998
Looking for any information on WILLIAM H. DAMRON b. 1871.,whose parents may
have been THOMAS DAMRON and ELIZABETH COPLEY. William lived on Middle
Burning Creek Rd., Kermit, WVA. WILLIAM DAMRON first married MERICA
. Married second to CYNTHIA PARSLEY. Married 3rd to BERTHA
. WILLIAM DAMRON had children; George (m. Edna Muncy)- Mose,(m.
Lenie Curry)- Arthur, (m. Ethel White)- Mary, (m.Frank Bevins)- Kizzy,( m. Charles
Rickman)- Josie,(m. Orville Dempsey)- Goldie,(died young)- Myrtle,(m. HarleyEmmons)
Wayne,(m. Mae ?? )- Dave,(m. Dolores Jean Coning)- Virgie, (m. Joe Watson)

Nancy Sparks MORRISON 4-25-1998
I am certainly glad to hear of the Wayne Co. list. I am searching for my MAYOS. Any
info on parentage or siblings of JAMES G. MAYO would be appreciated. I would also
like to hear from other descendants of this line. I always like getting in touch with new
cousins.Write to: nmorri3924@aol.com or go to:
http://www.awod.com/gallery/rwav/sparky Click on index, and on the second page, scroll
to the words 'Nancy's Corner', click and my picture will come up. Further down that page
is a listing of all the other surnames I am researching. My mother is SHIRLEY EVELYN