Scanned By Howard Osburn

Presented by The Wayne County Genealogical & Historical Society



(WCN - 1/15/1970) Wayne Junior High School Honor Roll

The honor roll for the 2nd six weeks, as released by Mr. Cremeans, principal at Wayne Junior High School, lists 136 students. The following students have an A or 4.00 average:

7th Grade: Kemberly Carey, Paula Lucas, Gina Massie, Elaine Matthews, Mitsuka Perry, Carol Workman.

8th Grade: Alesa Marshall, Lee Michaels.

9th Grade: Maudie Adkins, William Adkins, Eddie Blankenship, Leondis Gilkerson, Marvin Meddings.

Ninth Grade: Mitzi Russell, Barbara Stiltner, Reva Beckett, Charles Carico, Nancy Martin, Roger L. Mills, Caudle Tomblin, Randy Trautwein, Rhonda Wilson, Alberta Allen, Larry Cassidy, Randy Dean, Vickie Dunkle, Debbie Hilton, Karen Johnson, Kathy Taylor, Sherri Vance, Shela Webb, Johnny Adkins, Sandra Harrison, Patricia A. Marshall, Debbie Plymale, Lisa Smith, Carlene Wilson, Teresa Adkins, Elisha Dean, Kicky Campbell, Gordon Jones, Norman Clay, John Francis, James Gillispie, Teresa Napier, Mae Sansom, James Skeens, Willie Spence, Eddie Stevens, Patricia Ross, Vicki fieatty, Connie Booth, Eugene Clay, Laynette Lawson, Lois Lester, Betty McCallister, Saundra, Mays, Gail Napier, Gary Osburn, Dianna Spence, Sam Tratuwein.

Eighth Grade: Monica Ferguson, Pippa McCoy, Freddie Copley, Rhonda Watts, Brenda Ross, Lisa Osburn, Nancy Perry, Melissa McCoy, Debbie Rose Osborne, Charles Staley, Bruce Stamper, Judy Rice, Donald Ray Adkins, Cheryle Blankenship, Paula Booth, Danny Damron, Cassie Fry, Richard Harless, Beverly Mills, Robert Sturgill, Daniel Russell, Sandra Adkins, Ronald Lee Atkins, Pamela Cline, Lawson Ferguson, Paula Sue Horn, Carold B. Mills, Gary Mills, Janet Mills, Rebecca Mills, J. Michael Rutherford, Mary Thompson, Dorothy Adkins, Geoffrey Adkins, Doris Berry, Pamela Followay, Veronica Gilkerson, Debbie Hinkle, John Howell, Brenda Kelly, Linda Marcum, Stanley Mathis, Linda Gale May, Sharon Nelson, Pate Parsons, Diana Queen, Sharon Queen, Jerry Ross, Ronald Scott, Willa Dean Scott, Rhonda Steele.

Seventh Grade: Edna Koons, Sherma Arrowood, Reba Booth, Robin Thompson, Pam Damron, Delbert Maynard, Patricia Merritt, Roger Toppins, Mark Vanhoose, Marsia McClellen, Rena Abbott, Cynthia Copley, Linda Ferguson, Melody Midkiff, Pamela Queen, Robin Stephens, Linda Martin, Denecia Merritt, Jill Scaggs, Terry Ashworth, Lana May, Carl Sanders, Robert Scott, Freddie Sias.

(WCN - 1/15/1970) Ceredo-Kenova High School Honor Roll

Grade 12 College Prep: John Spangler, Jenny Massie, Donna Riggs, Lavonne Bellomy, Jane Prario, Nancy Wood, Jeannie Hill, Pam Napier, Tom Smith, David Ball, Vicki Peters, Robert Sullivan, Rhonda Dorsey, Karen Ferguson, Tom Jenkins, Tom Plymale, Patricia Toler, Paul Billups, Jay Brown, Fred Copley, Debbie Dempsey, Frances Hatten, Rose Johnson, Patty Justice, Leah Pollock, Bill Salmons.

Grade 12 Business Ed.: Shirley Ferman, Donna Hoschar, Judy Lucas, Mildred Jarrell, Sharon Terry, John Ferguson, Diane Keyser.

Grade 12 General Course: James Johnson, Brenda Ferguson, Karen Shannon, Constance Hager, Lane Chandler, Richard Frazier.

Grade 11 College Prep: Carol Crouch, Sammie Lambert, Steve Diamond, Janice Spradlin, Sidney Wheeler, Randy Adkins, David Farmer, Sarah Neal, Elizabeth Rowley, Teresa Bryant, John Rollins, Carol Smith, Jim Young, Bill Hall, Teresa Johnson, Lugene Mitchell, Michael Bias, Rodney Dingess, Mike Lewis, Debra Lycan, Ricky Skeens, Celeste Winters, Pam McClure, Charles Napier, Jamie Peters, Judy Blackburn, Kathy Maynard, Anita Murphy, Ralph Battiste, Terry Dale, Diana Ward, Florence Watts.

Grade 11 Business Ed.: Terri Kesterson, John Howard, Debra Brown, Sarah Curry, Barbara Neal, Lisa Porter, Teresa Pyles, Donna Sherwood, Vicki Watts, Lila Clark, Kathy France, David Hatton, John Jobe,

Grade 10 College Prep: Brenda Lewis, Kathi Jo Noble, Sallie Farmer, Clifford Staten, Vicki Rutherford, Jaylen Sperry, Gale Carter, Debbie Riggs, Richard Dean, Richard Chaffins, Gary Graves, Dale Rollins, Suzzanne Sullivan, Sherry Blevins, Mike Campbell, Joan Workman, Gary Chadwick, Sharon Jo Frazier.

Grade 10 Business Ed.: Judy Skeens, Teresa Adkins.

Grade 9 College Prep: David Hoschar, Jonathon Neal, Malana Henderson, Patty Spry, Lynn Justice, Debbie Duncan, Rita Workman, David Campbell, Rusty Gallion, Marsha Sherwood, Diana Hooker, William Rowley, Charlie Brown, Kenny Hoback, Teresa McClure, Thomas Norman, Joella Porter, Libby Shannon, Sara Adkins, Kevin Moore, Thea Carter, Danny Conner, Debbie Chadwick, Shaun Dean, Gwen Heck, Julia Myers, Ramona Norman, Danny Sowder.

Grade 9 Business Ed.: Dana Pelfrey, Larry Parker.

Grade 9 General Course: Tony Browning, Sam Lancaster.

Grade 8: Brenda Evans, Charles Sowards, Carol Stewart, Faith Lyons, Sabrina Hammond, Freda Adkins, Teresa Moore, Mike Ferrell, Ted Smith, James Bailey, Vicki Sparks, Vickie Bailey, Barbara Johnson, Traci Davidson, Mike Dean, Hope Lyons, Eddie Rayburn, Pamela Smallridge, Debra Gallimore, Pamela Hayton, Rae Adams, Kenneth Billups, Tonie Bloss, Rebecca Galloway, Klu Hardin, Jane Johnson, William D. Smith, Starr Rife, Pam Burke, Ida Dorsey, Patty Lakin, Floyd Mays, Robert McLaughlin, Melissa Neace, Steve Nester, Karen Phillips, Lynn Seibert, Betty Skeens, Mary Sutfin, Brenda Workman, Randy Wright.

Grade 7: John Farley, Greg Frisby, Steve Johnson, Fred Adkins, Jennifer Christian, Lora Beth Cooney, Sandra Hodge, Debbie McComas, Perry Meadows, Connie Moore, Don Robinson, Sue Rowley, Phillip Rutherford, Albert Ward, Russell Ferrell, Christa Lynn Willis, Leigh Ann Billups, Mary Chaffin, Vicki L. Dean, Deborah James, Donald Watts, Richard Brown, William D. Ball, Mike Billups, Debra Brumfieid, Robin Carey, Sam Cochenour, Patty Craig, Katheryn Graves, Donald Jarrell, Thomas Myers, William Napier, Patty Quate, Carol Ross, Timothy Smith, Donald Reyburn, Robin Rutherford, Ronald Wilson, Kimberly Workman, Anthony Adkins, Nancy L. Bellomy, John Dickerson, David Gallimore, Charles Maynard, Valenda Nester, Debbie Perdue, Joan Perdue, Marcy Peterman, Wanona Saville, Brent Smith, Linda Smith, Greg Wilson.

(WCN - 1/29/1970)  Wayne HIGH SCHOOL



In the year 1925-26, things were really bouncing along with the Girl's Basketball Team, but girls being girls, everything must stop when there's a photographer near. Posing prettily for the camera the girls are: front row, left to right: Opal Matthews (Mrs. Harry Halliday, Columbus, O.); Rebecca Lambert (Mrs. Grant Brandus, California); Della Mills (West Springfield, O.); Ruth Lester, captain (Mrs. Curtis Chadwick, Wayne, W.Va.); Hazel Simpkins (Mrs. Arthur Booth, Wayne, W.Va.); Aunica Frazier, ( Huntington, W.Va.); Second row — Leota Mills (Mrs. P. H. Tyree, Huntington, W.Va.); Evelyn Pyles (Prichard, W.Va.); Lena Preston (Huntington, W.Va.); Lucy Ketchum (deceased); Hester Osburn (Mrs. S. J. Crabtree, East Lynn, W.Va.); Lela Osburn Watts (deceased); Hazel Bing (Mrs. Ollie Brammer, Huntington, W.Va.): Thelma Jackson (Mrs. Roy Pyles, Kenova, W.Va.); Thelma Hale (Mrs. Fred Perry, Rittman, Ohio).





(WCN - 2/12/1970) Sergeant Alvin Tucker Awarded Medal

The Army Commendation Medal was presented to Sergeant Alvin Tucker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Tucker, 1205 Oak St., Kenova, by Colonel Henry L. Gardner, post commander Ft. Monroe at the monthly awards ceremony January 29.

The citation stated that Sergeant Tucker distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious service in support of military operations against communist aggression in the Republic of Vietnam during the period December 1969 to November 1969.

He entered the Army in May 1968 and completed basic training at Ft. Knox, Ky. He served at Tan-Son-Nhut Air Force Base, Republic of Vietnam before coming to Ft. Monroe. His present duty is that of the data control Non. Commissioned Officer at the data support division, office of the Adjutant General, U.S. Continental Army Command.

In 1965 he was graduated from Ceredo-Kenova High School, Kenova. He attended Marshall University.


(WCN - 2/12/1970) Wayne County Pioneer - Charles Morris Thompson

This article consists of an interesting and informative letter received from Mr. Kile Topping of Harts, Lincoln County, West Virginia.

Dear Mr. Thompson:

The article about Rev. Gilbert (Uncle Gib) Moore which appeared in the Wayne County News October 16, 1969 was handed to me by Mr. Jinks Queen of Harts, W.Va. Jinks was interested because his grandfather, Uncle Lewis Queen, was a half-brother of Uncle Gilbert Moore. Lewis Queen and Gilbert Moore were both United Baptist preachers.

My grandmother, Marguaret Ann "Peggy Ann" Topping was Uncle Gib Moore's sister, so you see I was also interested. I have talked to Lafe Maynard whose father's sister was the wife of Uncle Gib. Lafe said that the wife of Uncle Gib was Narie Jane, not Mary Jane; and there were two other children, Charley and Katie, who are not mentioned in Hardesty's History.

Uncle Gib's sons and daughters all married, had large families, and passed on. Cabell, Lincoln, Logan and Wayne Counties are literally full of his posterity. They are thoroughly mixed with the Maynards. Gilbert has been a beloved name among them. There have been four or five Gilbert Moores, and about as many Tom Moores, so it is difficult to ascertain just which one you have reference to some times. My father, Gilbert Topping, was named for Uncle Gib Moore.

Gilbert Moore's home place was at the mouth of Bell Branch, on Trough Fork, in Grant District of Wayne County.

I was born April 17, 1896 on Prices Creek of Beech Fork in Wayne County. We left there to come to Lincoln County 71 years ago. We moved back to Wayne County, then returned to Lincoln, and I have been in Lincoln County since about 1904. I live across the hill about five miles from the old Gilbert Moore home place where he raised his large family. Just below the old home is the Mountain Home Cemetery where most of the children of Gilbert Moore are resting. My grandfather, Johnny Topping, was buried just back of Uncle Gib's old home place. His grave is unmarked, but my father and many of his family are buried at the Mountain Home.

My father was married twice and had two groups of children. His first wife was Columbia Stephenson, but my mother was a Kiel. My given name was originally Kiel but I changed it to Kile. You will note that Kiel is a German name. My mother's father could not speak English fluently.

My great-grandfather, John Topping, came direct from England with three brothers.

My grandparents, Johnny and Peggy Ann Topping had eight sons and four daughters. They were: Gilbert, my father, Lewis, A. J., William, Thomas, Lincoln, Eleck, Lee, Elizabeth, America, Roxy, and Cristine. They were all born in Grant District, Wayne County, West Virginia, just before or during the Civil War.

In the early days of the war they captured my grandfather Topping and took him prisoner to the State of Kentucky for the duration of the war. He lived to the ripe old age of 102 years, and was blind for many years before he died.

Two of my uncles, William and Thomas Topping, were in the Union army during the Civil War. Both were wounded at the battle of Gettysburg, and both were at the Battle of Lookout Mountain.

A very old Union soldier, Wash Adkins, who lived on Big Harts Creek in Lincoln County, often visited my father. He told me one very interesting story I have kept in my memory through the years. During the darkest days of the Civil War, a small detail of Federal Home Guards consisting of Uncle Wash Adkins, Bill Defoe, Jesse "Tar Keg Bill" Maynard, and a few others were in the head of Big Laurel Creek, Wayne County, at the old Jones graveyard. Their conversation was about the war, and they looked around the hill, and there came a bunch of Col. Witcher's Confederate troops. Uncle Wash and the other Home Guards started running, and crossing Big Laurel they took to the hills. Tar Keg Bill had the phthsic, so he could not run far until he had to stop. He crawled in a hollow log, and when Witcher's men came by they heard him wheezing. So they got him out, and killed him.

The Rebels followed in hot pursuit crossing Little Laurel (Pig Pen), and the mountain, to the mouth of Troughfork where the Jones families lived. They set the Jones' houses on fire, and came on up Troughfork to the C. C. Pack place to which they set the torch. Then they came to Uncle Gib Moore's home which they burned late in the evening. Witcher's men continued the chase up to the head of Troughfork, over the hill, and down Little Harts Creek.

Uncle Wash Adkins, Bill Defoe, and the rest of the Home Guards came to the top of the hill (Troughfork Gap), turned aside and left the road, and escaped through the brush.

In conclusion, I have thought for several years that some one should collect and preserve the information you are seeking. I appreciate what you are doing, and you are permitted to publish this letter if you wish.

Sincerely yours,

Kile Topping

Please send any comments or material on early Wayne County families to Charles M. Thompson, 16445 Rossini Drive, Detroit, Mich. 48205.



Molly Adkins, 7th grade, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Noah Adkins of Wayne Rt. 1, is shown center above with her escort, Mark Vanhoose, after being chosen Sweetheart at their Sweetheart Ball Friday night. Her attendants and their escorts are, second row, left to right, James Gillispie, Vickie Dunkle of the 9th grade; Cheryl Blankenship and Randy Ferguson, 8th grade; top row, Jamie Ferguson and Vicki Hodges, representing the 7th grade. Miss Adkins was crowned by Geneva Jones, the 1969 Sweetheart.









(WCN - 2/19/1970) Wayne County Pioneer - Charles Morris Thompson

The following letter was received from a reader of the Wayne County News, Mr. James H. Turner, Route 3, Huntington.

Dear Mr. Thompson:

In the Wayne County News October 16, 1969 was a sketch about Nathaniel Turner, son of William Turner. William Turner was a captain in the Civil War, Company I, 9th West Virginia Infantry. He had three sons; George Washington Turner, Nathaniel Turner and Joe Turner. George Washington Turner was also in the Civil War. He served in Company H, 13th Regiment, Volunteer Infantry. William and his son, George W., were in the Union army. Joe Turner was in the Confederate army and killed at Ceredo in Wayne County.

Captain William Turner had a mill at Dickson in Wayne County and lived there and ran it for several years. It was built in 1809 by Stephen Spurlock.

George Washington Turner was married to Romaine Martin. They lived at the mouth of Haney's Branch in 1884. They built a log house at the head of Haney's Branch ih 1885. The old Turner home is still standing.

George W. and Romaine (Martin) Turner had 12 children, they were: James Madison, born June 26, 1866; Almeda, b. March 4, 1868; twins, Cory and Oary, b. March 5, 1869; Girty, b. October 18, 1872; William, b. Feb. 27,1873; Fannie, b. August 11, 1875; Albert, b. January 27, 1877; Eliza, b. September 12, 1881; Rebecca, b. October 15, 1883; Charles C. b. July 11, 1886; and Lizzie, b. July 22, 1889.

Capt. William Turner was the great-grandfather of James H. Turner of Wayne County and Lee Roy Turner of Cabell County. George Washington Turner was their grandfather. James Madison Turner, born July 26, 1866 and died May 28, 1940 was the father of James H. Turner and Lee Roy Turner.

You have permission to use my letter in your Pioneer articles. I hope to see it in the Wayne County News.


James H. Turner



Fort Gay's winning ways were continued by the Fort Gay Cheerleaders, who were judged first in competition in Wayne County. The cheerleaders are, back row, left to right, Lou Von Maynard, Wanda Porter, Glenna Webb, Brenda Wellman, captain, Donita Thornsbury, Debbie Rosser and Linda Jackson. Front row, left to right, Susan Ratcliff and Mary Thompson. They are under the direction of Mrs. Margie Roberts.









(WCN - 2/26/1970) Post Office Adds Mail Service Here

Officer-in-Charge Paul S. Booton said today that a new order from Postmaster General Winton M. Blount will mean substantial improvements in mail delivery services.

Postmaster General Blount has advised the local postmaster of provisions of a new order making home delivery services available for the first time to 4 million Americans.

The service improvement applies to persons served out of 18,700 first, second and third class post offices over the country that do not have city delivery services. Affected are those postal customers living more than a quarter mile away from these offices and less than half a mile away. Persons living less than half a mile away previously had not been provided this service.

Discussing the local area effects of Mr. Blount's new order, Officer-in-Charge, Booton explained: "That those patrons living on Norfolk Avenue, Roanoke Circle, Garretts Creek Road, Palo Alto Street, Bluefield Street, Mercer Street, Kenova Avenue, Front Street, Keyser Street, east of Bell Street, SH 52-44 (Twelvepole Road), Newtown and possible parts of South Wayne (Spunky Addition) are eligible for this service.

To get the new service it is only necessary that those living in the eligible areas ask their postmasters to provide it, and a majority of those to be served must want the home service. They will also be expected to erect an approved mail box on the street that can be easily served by the carrier.

Under Mr. Blount's order, those living less than a quarter mile from the post office will continue to pick up their mail at these offices.

"But," the Officer-in-Charge noted, "that's no more than a few blocks. This order, however, will make the home deliveries available wherever desired by the majority of those living beyond a quarter mile."


(WCN - 3/12/1970) Fort Gay High School Honor Roll

Senior College Prep: Sibyl Adkins, Margaret Lycan, Maxwell Maynard, Thelma Ailiff, Richard Thompson, Marvella Sammons, Jack Frazier, Gary Huff, Phyllis McCloud, Ida Carol Thompson.

Senior Vocational: Loretta Jackson, Jane Vanhoose, Barbara Copley, Linda Robertson, Loretta Hunt.

Senior General: Bevlie Rasnake, Danny Sartin.

Junior College Prep: Mary Lynn Edwards, Carol Hubbard, Pam Dawson, Marilyn Webb, Barbara Lycan, Arzella Moore.

Junior Vocational: Lois Blake, Georgia Thompson, Ruth Williams, Patricia Jackson, Darrell Pratt.

Sophomore College Prep: Christine Evans, Timothy Spears, Gail Chaney, Anna Lee Unterwagner, Robert Collins, Paul Salmons, Rhonda McKenzie.

Sophomore Vocational: Debra Skeens, Roberta Sammons, Jimmy McCormick, Billie O'Brian, Patty Lampert, Ernest Dean.

Sophomore General: Nancy Perry.

9th Grade College Prep: Deborah Campbell, Frank Wellman, Debra Tucker, Rhonda Adkins, Kenneth Campbell, Pamela Lambert, Jackie Trautwein, Shannon Hatfield, Johnny Castle, Pamela Wellman, Richard Frazier, John Huff, Karl Adkins, Wannetta Pratt, Joan Sellards.

9th Grade Vocational: Fontella Webb, Paula Peters, Melinda Kearns, Mary Hardwick.

9th Grade General: Rodney Kelly, Bonnie Robertson.

8th Grade: Rita Webb, Sandra Crabtree, Jo Ann Waller, Mary Colleen Webb, Kathy Jarrell, Eunice Scott, Melvin Jackson, Marilyn Dawson, Brenda Grant, Dixie Meredith, Lou Von Maynard, Cheryl Wellman, Claudia Plummer, Marcella Salmons, Mary E. Thompson, Larry Fluty, Charles Napier, Jeffrey Thompson, Karen Scott, Pam Copley, Teresa Parsons, Eunice Estepp, Carl Perry, Susan Ratcliff, Christine Thompson.

7th Grade: Joe Lycan, David Meek, Bobby Daniels, Randy Ferguson, Phillip Walker, Tammy Webb, Glenna Robertson, Rebecca McKenzie, Janet Sammons, Donita Thornsbury, Mary F. Thompson, Connie Webb, Betty Hardwick, Thomas Dean, Vennie Pennington, Billy Huff, Brenda Cook, Cynthia Fields, Jimmy Matney, Diana Skeens, Penny Wellman, Diana Raines, Barbara Salmons, Cathy Thompson, Lynn Cline, Keith Fraley, Dale Isaac, Timmy Preston, Freddie Robertson, Darlene Thompson, Darrell Thompson, Joe Adkins, Vickie Thacker, Ricky Neal, Linda Jackson, Douglas Thompson, Randall Webb.


(WCN - 3/12/1970) Wayne County Pioneers - Charles Morris Thompson

Several months ago Charles Hoyt died in Oregon. He was past 80 and well to-do. He was a great grandson of John and Lydia (Crabtree) Vaughan who went West from Wayne County about 1840.

Among the personal effects left by Charles Hoyt was a small tin chest containing some 30 letters written to Lydia Vaughan over 100 years ago by her children and grandchildren. The executor of the will turned the chest and its contents over to Mr. Hoyt's next-of-kin, his cousin, Mrs. Ada Miller McKee. She is a great-granddaughter of John and Lydia Vaughan.

One of the letters was written in 1867 by Francis M. Booth of Wayne County to his grandmother, Lydia Vaughn-Booth of Wayne County to his grandmother, Lydia Vaughan at Jefferson, Oregon. A few lines were added and the letter was signed by Francis' mother Matilda Booth who was a daughter of Lydia. The letter as quoted below has the original spelling, but punctuation has been added for the sake of clarity.

Trouts Hill, Wayne Co., W.Va. March 6th, 1867

Dear Grandmother: I now seat myself to write you a few lines to let you no that we air all well at present. The snow hear is about 5 inches deep and now it is raining. Mother is in the kitchen a getting diner and father went to town this morning. As for the balance of the family they air all hear but Charley. He is married and living on Sandy about 5 miles below the Forks. Him and family was all well the last time we heard from him. Mero was married but she left her man and got a divorce, and is now living hear at home. She has one little girl, it is 7 years old. Benjamin Vaughan and Sary is hear. Ben makes his home hear with us a part of the time. He started down the River last Saturday, I don't know how long he will be gone. Sarah is married. She married a man by the name of Adkins, one of old Jesse Adkin's sons. She is living on Trouts Hill and is well. She has one child. Thair is but two of pap's family married. Thair is 6 that is growing, 3 boys and 3 girls, and thair is so many little ones that they air hard to count. Times is prety hard hear. Money is scearce in this country. We air all Rebels hear, I mean all the family. Charles, and Samuel and myself was in the war. We was all Rebels fighting for Old Jeff. Charley was out during the war. Samuel and me was out 2 years 8 months. Samuel was struck by a pease of bumshell, he was struck on the pocket book and it bruised the skin a little. Charley and me was not touched and we all got back home saif. All of the Booth connections is Rebels but Uncle Jeff Booth, and he is a pretty strong Abolishionist. Uncle John Ferguson is dead. He has been dead about three years. Aunt Jiny Ferguson is still living and is well. Aunt Feraby and Aunt Lucy and Uncle Tom Vaughan and Uncle James Vaughan is all well as far as I no. Tildy, Mother and I recon it is not worth while to think of seeing you any more on this earth, though I hope we will see each other in a better World than this.

Mother I want you to write me all about all the connections, where they air and how they air getting along. And give me their address so I can write to them. Mother send me a lock of your hair, and tell all of the connections to send me their minetures. Mother I will give you all of my childrens names: Charley, Mero, Samuel, Francis, Sarah, Hesteran, Asa, Matilda, William, Lizabeth, Cloyean. So Dear Mother I will bring my letter to a close asscribing myself your affectionate daughter until death. I forgot to tell you about Aunt Betsy and Aunt Maty, they air still living and is well.

From Matilda Booth

To Lydia Vaughan


(WCN - 3/26/1970) Vinson High School Honor Roll

Four Point students for the fourth six weeks grading period:

Senior College Prep: Rick Hicks, Ann Jordan, Scherry Napier, Judy Turner, Betty Wise.

Senior Vocational: Judy Traunter.

Juniors College Prep: Dana Ferguson, Becky Glasgow.

Sophomores College Prep: Donna Maynard, Curtis McKenzie.

Freshmen College Prep: Patty Wilcox, Donna Keller, Cathy Metheny, Laura Maynard, Carol Gibson.

8th Grade College Prep: Phillip Daniels, Joyce Ryu.

Senior College Prep: Rick Hicks, Ann Jordan, Sherry Napier, Judy Turner, Betty Wise, Marsha Coates, Steve Reed, Mary Spurgas, Linda Chandler, Vickie Thompson, Linda Watts, David Bunton, Diane Gregory, Judy Beuhring, Steve Bortel, Chris Byard, Chuck Gothard, Teresa Cunningham, Mark Bledsoe, Debbie Lynn Adkins, Lyle Frye, Wes Lynch, Danny Williams, Gloria Wilburn, Debbie Witham, Ramah Howerton, Debbie Carrigan, Linda Harris, Mike Simpson, Mark Skiles, Brenda Turner.

Senior Vocational: Judy Trautner, Sherry Dean, Darla Duke.

Senior General: Patty Reed, Linda Shrader, Becky Morris, Patty Amick, Dreama McLin, Mike Koslow, Lee Shrader, Connie Smith, James Spence, Steve Hamilton, Vicki Sumey, Debbie Jean Adkins, Jackie Booton, Joyce Chinn, Dennis Kennedy, Cheryl Osborn, Jan Tardy, Paula Walker, Dorothy Patteson, Brenda Maynard.

Junior College Prep: Dana Ferguson, Becky Glasgow, Rodney Barbour, Sue Daniels, Joan Marshall, Margaret Queen, Marsha McDowell, Janet Smith, Debbie Hardy, Diane Holder, David Jividen, Diane Lucas, Paul Martin, Jim Moore, Kent Wellman, Paula Hatfield, Steve Howerton, Teresa Compton, Holly Mathews, Keith Pyles, Mike Spurlock, Allen Blackman, Carolyn Ketchum, Charles Grubb, Becky Humphreys, Robbie Cutright, Debbie Russell, Ruth Rector, Sharon Patrick, Debbie Webster.

Junior Vocational: Betty Waugh.

Junior General: Debbie Frantz, Karen Bradshaw, Connie McCain, Doug Plummer, Kathy Cline, Alan Ryczek, Phillip Mallory.

Sophomore College Prep; Donna Maynard, Curtis McKenzie, Barry Farley, Deborah Johnson, Donna Smith, Arnold May, Lisa Staten, Randy Davis, Roberta Gallagher, Lana Rickman, Roberta Woodward, Debra DeVore, Robin Estep, Kevin Smith, Teresa Spurlock, Jenny Witham, Sue Kent, Gary Miller, Debbie McMullen, Keith Robson, Walt Carroll, Greg Tomlinson, Jesse Wilson, Jon Carter, Mike Clagg, Kathy Traylor, John Ward, Debbie Wellman.

Sophomore Vocational: Lou Ann Carder, Candy Hayes, Teresa Hunter.

Sophomore General: Tim Gibbs, Susan Trout, Linda Bowen.

Freshmen College Prep: Patty Wilcox, Donna Keller, Kathy Matheny, Laura Maynard, Carol Gibson, Margaret Legg, John McDonald, Elizabeth Hay, Joey Plymale, Jane Seldomridge, John Napier, Susan Chandler, Pam Wilson, Greg Jarrell, Donna Ferro, Mary Ann Houck, Christy Conley, Linda Evans, Jennifer Booth, Pam Robinson, Sue Morrison, Donna Napier, Stan Pemberton, Carla Burner, David Chandler, Paula Coffey, Paul Cook, Sharon Egan, Nancy Felix, Debra Crabtree, Judy Cunningham, Barbara Wise, Paul Harmon, Brian Byard, Martha Newman, Steve Osborne, Charles McCreery, Todd McMullen, Edsil Hayes, Ben Blair.

Freshmen Vocational: Kathy Hale.

Freshmen General: Patricia Pinson, Shelia Stone, Nancy Legg, Jackie Wheeler, Beverly Smith, Gail Bowen, Jayna Smith, Beth Ward, Carol Murphy, Janet Keeper, Donna Spurlock, Steve Watts, Sandra Bennett, Mike Norris, Sharon Sarver, Fredrica Marley, Perry Slack, Pamela Arthur, Melissa Bradshaw.

Eighth Grade: Philip Daniels, Joyce Ryu, Charles Heman, Robin Bellomy, David Bond, Georganna Farmer, Sharon Peters, Elizabeth Ripper, Dreama Smith, David Thompson, Russell Ward, Brenda Colliflower, Sandra Holder, Karen Chandler, Joan Fortner, Gloria Handley, Susan Mayo, Brenda Tomblin, Cathy Walls, Denver Bash, Dannie Damron, Vickie McLin, Danny Smith, Bobbie Swann, Steven Waugh, Susan Blair, Nancy Bunton, Galen Gill, Faye Keefer, Dale Lyons, Kimberly Maynard, Karen McCreery, Kenny Pemberton, Marsha Queen, Scherry Ramey, Steve Tardy.

Seventh Grade: Louise Jenkins, Teresa Williams, Sam Wellman, Karen Eastham, James Reed, Joe Evans, Danny Jividen, Jimmy Wilks, Karen Wood, Sandy Midkiff, Bucky Conrad, David Howerton, Danny Kauff, Tom Keeney, Kim Sowder, Jennifer Tardy, Karen Hackathorn, Priscilla Hatten, Barry Mosser, Mark Garen, Doug McCain, Carol McMullen, Celia Owens, Jeff Smith, Jennifer Wilson, Linda Thompson, Lynn Damron, Cindy Berquist, Leo McCoy, Tommy Bottoms, Cheryl Bradley, Dianna Dixon, David Small, Margaret Persun, Clifford Messer, Sam Dudding, George Carter, Sandra Moreland, Cathy Deal, Joe McGlothlin, Mark Paxton, Kitty Spence, Melody Bass, Rhonda Maynard, Audrea Rodifer, Lola Ross, Gary Ransbottom, Randy Ward, Terry Williams, Ann Watts, Carla Hunt, Russell Rucker.


(WCN - 3/26/1970) Fort Gay High School Honor Roll

12th Grade College Prep: Margaret Lycans, Sibyl Adkins, Thelma Ailiff, Phyllis McCloud, Marcella Sammons, Jack Frazier, Maxwell Maynard, Richard Thompson.

12th Grade Vocational: Barbara Copley, Loretta Jackson, Linda Robertson, Jane Vanhoose, Barbara Sturgill.

12th Grade General: Bevlie Rasnake.

11th Grade College Prep: Mary Lynn Edwards, Carol Hubbard, Pam Dawson, Barbara Lycan, Darrell Pratt, Marilyn Webb.

11th Grade Vocational: Lois Blake, Patricia Jackson, Sheila Marcum, Barbara Maynard, Georgia Thompson, Ruth Williams.

10th Grade College Prep: Christine Evans, Anna Lee Unterwagner, Timothy Spears, Paul Salmons, Rhonda McKenzie, Robert Collins, Gail Chaney.

10th Grade Vocational: Alice Copley, Debra Skeens, Billie O'Brian, Roberta Sammons, Ernest Dean, Donna Rowe.

9th Grade College Prep: Deborah Campbell, Frank Wellman, Rhonda Adkins, Pamela Lambert, Kenneth Campbell, Johnny Castle, Debra Tucker, Shannon Hatfield, Wannetta Pratt, Jackie Trautwein, Richard Frazier, Pamela Wellman, Glenna Webb, Karl Adkins.

9th Grade Vocational: Fontella Webb, Melinda Kearns, Diana Jackson, Joan Robertson, Paula Peters, Nora Ann Thompson, Nancy McCormick, Delbert McCloud.

9th Grade General: Rodney Kelly, John Martin Estepp, Randy Ratcliff.

8th Grade: Rita Webb, Eva Young, Brenda Grant, Dixie Meredith, Eunice Scott, Mary C. Webb, Marilyn Dawson, Melvin Jackson, Karen Scott, Jo Ann Waller, Jeffrey Thompson, Mary E. Thompson, Terry Thompson, Sandra Crabtree, Lou Von Maynard, Claudia Plummer, Charles Napier, Larry Fluty, Lee Kitts, Teresa Parsons, Carl Perry, Susan Ratcliff, Roy Williams.

7th Grade: Joe Lycan, David Meek, Tammy Webb, Randy Ferguson, Douglas Thompson, Phillip Walker, Cynthia Fields, Mary Thompson, Penny Wellman, Donita Thornsbury, Diana Raines, Bobby Joe Daniels, Keith Fraley, Betty Hardwick, Janet Sammons, Rebecca McKenzie, Billy Huff, Lynn Cline, Connie Webb, Thomas Dean, Timothy Preston, Freddie Joe Robertson, Glenna Robertson, Brenda Cook, Ricky Ray Neal, Vinnie Pennington, Barbara Salmons, Diana Skeens, Darrell Thompson, Randall Webb, Sherry Webb.


(WCN - 4/2/1970) Wayne County Pioneer - Charles Morris Thompson

This article consists of a letter written 94 years ago by Absalom and Theny Ballengee of Wayne County to their relatives William T. and Phoebe Vaughan in Oregon. William and Phoebe Vaughan were both born in what is now Wayne County. Phoebe's maiden name was Hazlett. Information indicates that her parents were Alexander and Phoebe (Cyrus) Hazlett and that her mother was a sister of Smith Cyrus mentioned in the letter. From the wording of the letter, it appears that Theny Ballengee, and Jane Ferguson mentioned in the letter, may have been sisters of Phoebe (Hazlett) Vaughan. Punctuation has been added to the following copy for the sake of clarity.

April the 3rd 1876

Dear Brother, Sister and Friends:

After a delay of some time I again take my pen in hand to let know how we are. We are both very frail. Theny has had a severe spell, and was under the doctors care for some time, but is better. She continues poorly. We neither of us are able to work. We hope when these lines reach you they will find you well and doing well having all that is desirable and attainable. I saw your sister Jane Ferguson last Sunday. She is well and she says she can walk 5 or 6 miles without tiring her but very little. She requested me to ask you if you was prepairing for a better world. They have a Baptist church organized on Gragstons Creek. It was organized on the 7th and 8th of November last in a schoolhouse built on the point across the creek from where the road takes the hill going to Toms Creek. Your connections want you to write to me if you know where Nancy Ferguson lives, and what has become of the children and where their post office address is, and also Lydia Vaughan and family. Or if you know of any of the friends from this Country Jane wished me to say to you that John Ferguson died December 25th 1864. Old Jack Smith is dead. Also Smith Cyrus and wife, John Plymale, Joseph Workman, John Bloss, William Ferguson, and Phillip Hatton's wife. I suppose those were all your ald acquaintence. Thomas Vaughan and all the rest of William's connections are well as far as I know. I heard from Robert Hazlett a short time ago. He was well. He sent me word he was coming to see me about 3 weeks ago but did not come. Theny and myself would be glad to see you all, but never expect to enjoy that pleasure, but would be glad to know we shall meet in a better world than this. All our children is married and our youngest Absalom lives with us. Me and W. H. Newman is keeping store, doing a tolerable business. Money matters is very tight. Provisions of all kinds is plentiful and cheap, except meat which is very scarce. Give our respects to all. So no more, but remain your affectionate brother and sister till Death. Write soon.

Absalom Ballengee, and

Theny Ballengee


William T. Vaughan, and

Phoebe Vaughan


(WCN - 4/2/1970) Wayne High School Honor Roll

The Honor Holl for the fourth six weeks as released by Iliff West, Principal at Wayne High School, lists 125 students.

The following students have an A or 4-Point average.

Seniors College: Freeda Clay, Bonnie Justice, Pricilla Maynard, Patricia Ross, Julia Wells.

Seniors General: Pam Clay.

Juniors College: Sue Adkins, Debbie Clay, David Maynard.

Juniors Vocational: Linda Thompson.

Sophomores College: L. T. Adkins, Margie Macklin, Kenneth Nolan.

Seniors College: Dewey Joe Adkins, Ruby Adkins, Sandy Castle, Susan Deskins, Katy Frasher, Bonita Prichard, John Gilkerson, James Lycans, David Perry, Patricia Scaggs, Vera Motz, Christine Smith, Suzanne Wiley, Eddie Smith, Mary Ellen Casto, Betty Beckett, Melanie Ferguson, Dallas Booth, Shelia Bradshaw, Brenda Dean, Kenneth Dyer.

Seniors Vocational: Sherri Watts, Janice Sue Fry, Mary Dean, Paulette Lambert, Sadie Wallace, Sharon Maynard, Gregg Stephens, Carrie McGlone, Linda Adkins, Darlene Hatfield, Carl Steele, Kay Steele, Connie Thompson.

Seniors General: Harriet Crisel, Clarence Sanders, Glen Johnson, James Ferguson, Ronald Damron, Roger Maynard.

Juniors College: John Baisden, Sandra Cyrus, Byron Johnson, John Jones, Ford Newman, Shelia Stephens, Jack Thompson, Roy Merritt, Nancy Smith, Linda Lucas, David Adkins, Sandy Frasher, Janeen Hall, Donna Johnson, Harvey Maynard, Donald Smith, Bruce Johnson, Patti Shannon, Barbara Skeens, Paulette Smith, Gary Adkins, Sharon Blankenship, Hester Maynard, Greg Webb, Daniel Wiley, Delia Curtis, Lilly Elliott, Darlene Napier, Ruby Kitchen, Robert Dale Staley, Paige Urling.

Juniors Vocational: Karen Blankenship, Lucille Booth, Sharon Booth, Linda Lycans, Brenda Crum, Cletis Wallace, James Dean, Nathan McMillion, Kathleen Adkins, Rose Lee Clark, Larry Ross, Dale Wallace.

Juniors General: Virgil Stapleton, Joe Booten, Connie Harper, Phyllis Harper, Shelia Osburn.

Sophomores College: Shawnee Neal, Debbie Booten, Army Richardson, Marsha Day, Stanley Merritt, Diana Justice, Terri Lycans, David Stamper, Jenny Adkins, Freddie Hilton, Darrell Jackson, Sallie Smith.

Sophomores Vocational: Rhonda Webb, Deloris Lucas, Brenda Thacker.

Sophomores General: Sandra Hall, Obie Maynard, Judy McCoy, Rosemary Bryan, Shirley Cyfers, Sue Hale, Fred Smith, Jeanetta Cassidy, Vickie Simmons.


(WCN - 4/2/1970) Crum High Honor Roll

Sixty-four students achieved a "B" average or better for the fourth six weeks at Crum High School. Stephen Brown, Twelfth grade; Patricia Meddings, Eleventh grade; James Jervis and Marcella Marcum, Tenth grade; Bonnie Porter, Eighth grade have achieved an all "A" average. The following represent the honor students by grades:

Seventh Grade: Rose Crum, Jerry Stacy, Sue Bowen, Judy Collie, Karen Marcum, Eugene Salmons, Joyce Copley, Janet Jarrell, Linda Stepp, Wayne Perry, Linda Clark, Elmer Stacy, Linda Williams.

Eighth Grade: Bonnie Porter, Dallas Osborne, Diana Prince, Darrel Stepp, Elizabeth Jarvis, Joseph Meade.

Ninth Grade: Virginia Evans, Patricia Kazee, Bessie Spaulding, Lou Ann Blair, Judy Booth, Imogene Perry, William Thompson, Brenda Ward, Naomi Ferguson, Polly Gillman, Sadie Stacy.

Tenth Grade College Prep: James Jervis, Charles Salmons, Ted Collins, Pam Dillon, Kay Marcum.

Tenth Grade Vocational Ed: Marcella Marcum, Billie Eslick, Shirley Perry, Judy Marcum, Brenda Romans, Gloria Marcum.

Tenth Grade General Ed: Sandra Sturgell.

Eleventh Grade College Prep: Patricia Meddings, Wilfred Bowens, James Meddings, Shelby Messer, Elias Perry, Oscar Varney.

Eleventh Grade Vocational Ed: Dorothy Maynard.

Eleventh Grade General Ed: Regina Wallace, Dottie Messer.

Twelfth Grade College Prep: Stephen D. Brown, Dorothy Jervis, Rhonda Sturgell, Donna Perry, Hazel Messer, Rose Anna McCoy.

Twelfth Grade Vocational Ed: Una Copley, Brinda Little, Linda Pertee, Josephine Booth Brown, Ora Lee Gillman, Virginia Sturgell.

Twelfth Grade General Ed: Delmas Crum.


(WCN - 4/23/1970) OUT OF THE PAST - By Byron T. Morris


As far as I know, Kellogg was never incorporated nor did it have a Post Office but it has been a well-known neighborhood in the Westmoreland Magisterial District for many years. Most natives of Wayne County will recognize that the Kellogg community generally lies between the hills and the Ohio River, and Twelve Pole and Four Pole. This vast acreage of land at one time belonged for the most part to Col. S. S. Vinson. He had his home at one time across from Camden Park on the old James River Road and then still later had a dwelling that stood where Vinson High School is now located.

This neighborhood was named in honor of Mr. D. Lafflin Kellogg of New York City, who was the General Manager of the Phoenix Powder Company. It was during the summer of 1890 in the general area where Camden Park now stands that the Phoenix Company erected a powder plant. It was first composed of about 13 buildings and covered approximately 4 acres or more and was described at the time as being one of the largest such plants in the world. Just how many men it may have employed I am not sure nor do I have information as to its volume of production.

The Company didn't last much more than a year because it was on August 14, 1891, at about 8 a.m. that a terrific explosion ripped the Phoenix Powder Company. The Glaze House at that time contained about 100 kegs of powder which in some unexplained way exploded. There was not one sign of this structure left standing after the explosion. Many other buildings, at that time said to number maybe 50, were badly damaged and window panes in dwelling for a radius of 3 or 4 miles were shattered.

Two employees, Timothy Cooney and J. W. Bailes, who were believed to have been in the building when it exploded, were blown completely to piece. It was said the thigh bone of one of the men was found in the Ohio River at Kenova and an arm near Handley's Landing. Some parts of the plant were said to have been found several miles up Krout’s Creek (now Spring Valley Drive) George Wells of Guyandotte, an employee, was so badly injured by flying debris that he died about 2 hours after the explosion. Several other men were injured but apparently not too badly and there were no other fatalities. Doctors Hopkins, Wharton and Shirley, all of Ceredo, were among the first to the scene of the accident and were followed by other Physicians from Huntington.

Needless to say, this blast caused a great deal of excitement and was the object of much conversation for several days. As far as known, no effort was ever made to rebuild the Phoenix Powder Company.

(Please send any comments or material you may have on Wayne County History to Byron T. Morris, 912 Poplar Street, Kenova, West Va. (25530).


(WCN - 4/30/1970) OUT OF THE PAST - By Byron T. Morris

Morganza, Virginia

Very few people have ever heard of Morganza, Virginia, because it did not actually become a town or a Post Office. More than a century ago plans were laid for developing a town on the location where Kenova now stands. On November 9, 1858, the plan for the town of Morganza was presented to the Clerk of Wayne County Court by Jeremiah Wellman. On that date, the Map was made a part of the record and is presently on file. J. C. Wheeler, Deputy Clerk for W. Adkins, County Clerk, made the entry. It is presumed Jeremiah Wellman was one of those interested in the development of this little town at Virginia Point.

The Map provided for 3 streets, running east and west and parallel to the Ohio River. They were named Front Street. These streets were 8 blocks long, with Front Street being 60 feet wide, Second Street 66 feet wide and Third Street 50 feet wide. The cross streets, running north and south, were each 66 feet wide and were named Washington, Franklin, Mound, Elizabeth, Ella, Mary, James, Market and Bank. More than likely, some of these names were in honor of the developers' wives or children. Washington and Franklin, no doubt, were named for the great American Patriots, General Washington and Ben Franklin. Mound perhaps derived its name from the fact there were some ridges or mounds within the limits of the Map that were Indian burial places. Then the streets of Market and Bank no doubt sounded good to any prospective buyer. There was a 16 1/2 foot alley running east and west between Front and Second Sts., and between Second and Third Streets. Front Street would roughly parallel what is now Walnut in Kenova, and Third would roughly correspond with Chestnut.

The city blocks were 300 feet long. The lots on the north side of Second Street, part of which faced Second Street and the other part faced Third, were each 50 feet frontage and 100 feet deep. The lots lying between Front and Second Sts. were each laid off 25 feet frontage and 100 feet deep. It was obvious the lots on Second and Third Streets were more desirable due, perhaps, to the fact they were on a high ridge that runs east and west through the present day Kenova.

The plans called for the town being named Morganza presumably in honor of the Morgan Brothers who, at that time, were the owners. They came into possession of this land through the original Savage Grant.

On December 15, 1772, Governor Dinwiddie made a grant of 28,628 acres to John Savage and 60 other persons for Military Services in the French and Indian War. This boundary of land extended from the mouth of Big Sandy and up both sides of Big Sandy to the forks, or where Louisa now stands. This large boundary of land has always been known as the Savage Grant. In 1775, some of the grantees under this patent met on the land and by verbal agreement proceeded to divide a portion of it among themselves and other part-owners. At this time, in 1775, the land was valued at 49 cents an acre. Through this line of title, the Morgan Brothers came into possession of the land later to become Kenova. For many years, it was referred to as Virginia Point. For some reason, the town never did develop and it is not known just how many lots were sold although there were real efforts made to get buyers and to develop the town.

It should be noted Morganza was laid off into lots about the same time Ceredo was being surveyed and laid off by Eli Thayer. Ceredo did develop into a town before the Civil War and, of course, remains one of the oldest towns on the Ohio River. Morganza, later called Kenova, did not come into existence until about 1890, and it was 4 years later it was incorporated.

(Please send any comments or material you may have on Wayne County History to Byron T. Morris, 912 Poplar Street, Kenova, W.Va. 25530).


(WCN - 4/30/1970) First Librarian In Wayne County

He owned the best saddle horse in the community, he was a member of the first graduating class at the West Virginia University, he was the first librarian in Wayne County School, and he was known simply as "Professor" or occasionally "Professor McClure".

One of the most outstanding contributors to Wayne County education, Taylor Bascom McClure, was born in 1847 in Lawrence County, Kentucky, the youngest of seventeen children. He attended the common schools, and later entered West Virginia University, where he was graduated in June, 1873. He then taught at Louisa, Kentucky, for three years, after which he taught two years at Marshall College.

Mr. McClure is best remembered for his work at Oakview Academy in Wayne, where he taught for thirty-four consecutive years. On September 11, 1882, he opened his first private school there in which he accepted students from four years of age and older. There were usually 75 to 90 students and he did all the leaching himself. Everette Walker, former Postmaster at Wayne was a student as was his father, Charles E. Walker. Other former students: Nell Allen, Mildred Taylor, Frank Harrison, Floyd Harrison, Judge Charles W. Ferguson II, Milton Ferguson, Dr. A. G. Wilkinson, Marjorie B. Fleshman, Ruby Burgess, Shirley B. Ferguson, Hobart McVeigh, Juanita McVeigh, Opal Ward, Wallace Ferguson, J. D. Clay, George Burgess, Brainard Hines, J. G. Lambert, and Jennie Ratliff.

Oakview Academy was a rather small, three-room white frame building on the hill at Wayne. The building consisted of two small rooms on the sides and a central room where the entire school assembled. A barn with stalls and feeding racks was built near the school for the convenience of students from the surrounding country who rode horseback to school. Many of these students rode several miles each day in all kinds of weather in order to take advantage of this opportunity for an education.

Mr. McClure had definite ideas about theories of teaching. He once said, "Teaching is the awakening process. The pupil must be led to see his possibilities, and to make life better around him." For a few weeks in the spring, when a number at students were planning to try the State Uniform Examination for Teachers, Professor McClure employed an outstanding rural teacher to drill the students on rules of arithmetic and grammar. To make a good grade on the examination, one had to know these rules letter perfect without thinking. Professor often said, "Rules are the fools" and refused to drill his students on them. He taught students to think and to understand.

In 1922 he was selected to teach in the newly completed Wayne High School, where his last teaching years were spent. In 1933 the National Education Association offered Mr. McClure position number two in a series of twenty-five portraits of veteran teachers. Herman Dean, then Editor of the Wayne News, collected sixty dollars from former students and Charles Everett Myers, Ph.D., contributed the remainder of the required one hundred dollars necessary to pay for the portrait. The intention at first was to have it displayed in the office of State Superintendent of Schools, but difficulties arose. The portrait of Professor McClure is now in the Wayne High School Library. It remains as a reminder of the man who contributed so much to educational development in Wayne County.

The source of this material was a letter written by Charles Everett Myers and a chapter from a theme written by Opal Ward in which she gives personal recollections. The condensation is by Patricia Ross, Wayne High School Journalism student.


(WCN - 5/7/1970) Wayne County Pioneer - Charles Morris Thompson

Mrs. Myrtle Dailey of St. Petersburg, Florida has sent some additional information on the family of George Massie whose sketch from Hardesty's History appeared in this column in the March 19, 1970 issue of the Wayne County News. Her letter follows.

Dear Mr. Thompson:

I am in receipt of an article from the Wayne County News containing an account of the Family of George and Sarah Massie. I will appreciate it if this correction is published.

The family of George and Sarah Massie consisted of six children instead of five. The one ommited was Lucretia "Luttie" (Massie) Bellomy who lived at Hubbardstown, Wayne County. Her son, Howard Bellomy, still lives at Hubbardstown. I am sure he will appreciate this correction.

I am a granddaughter of the late George and Sarah Massie. My mother was Columbia (Massie) Boyd and I am the oldest daughter.

If there is anything else you wish to know please write me. Sincerely yours, Mrs. J. M. Dailey, 653 64th Ave. South, St. Petersburg, Fla. 33705.

(Presumably Lucretia Massie was born after Hardesty's History was Published in 1884 as her name is not included in the original text. CMT.)


(WCN - 5/14/1970) Fort Gay FHA Team Places First At Cedar Lakes

The Fort Gay High School Future Farmers of America Parlimentary Procedure Team won first place in the Southwestern District Contest at Cedar Lakes April 22. This team will represent Southwestern District in the State FFA Convention at Jackson's Mill in July.

Fort Gay High School won State Championship in 1968 and was runner-up last year. Members of this year's team are President, Danny Sartin; vice-president, David Marcum; secretary, Neil Marcum; reporter, David Meade; treasurer, Andy Marcum; sentinel, Kennith Chaney; Parliamentarian, Charles Brewer; and their adviser is Mr. Clarence Spencer.


(WCN - 5/14/1970) Crum High School Honor Roll

Sixty-one students achieved a "B" average or better for the Fifth six weeks at Crum High School. Patricia Meddings, Eleventh Grade; James Jervis, Tenth Grade; Virginia Evans & Teresa Profitt, Ninth Grade have achieved an all "A" average. The following represent the honor students by grades:

SEVENTH GRADE: Linda Williams, Karen Marcum, Kathy Williamson, Rose Crum, Janet Jarrell, Jerry Stacy, Joyce Copley and Eugene Sammons.

EIGHTH GRADE: Bonnie Porter, Dallas Osborne, Darrell Stepp, Joseph Meade, Diana Prince and Connie Dillon.

NINTH GRADE: Virginia Evans, Teresa Profitt, Bessie Spaulding, Lou Ann Blair, Brenda Ward, Judy Kazee, Naoni Ferguson, Patricia Kazee, William Thompson, Sadie Stacy, Evelyn Stroud, Polly Gillman, Shelia Marcum, Imogene Perry, Deborah Williamson, and Mary Chaffin.

TENTH GRADE: College Prep. James Jervis, Ted Collins, Vivian K. Marcum and Pam Dillon.

Vocational Ed. Marcella Marcum, Virgie Evans, Judy Marcum, Millie Allen, Billie Eslick and Shirley Perry.

General Ed. Sandra Sturgell.

ELEVENTH GRADE: College Prep. Patricia Meddings James Meddings, Oscar Varney, Shelby Messer, Wilfred Bowens and Elias Perry.

Vocational Ed. Dorothy Maynar, Sara Eslick and Patsy Muncy.

General Ed. Randy Evans, John Damron, Dottie Messer and Regina Wallace.

TWELFTH GRADE: College Prep. Hazel Messer, Dorothy Jervis, Stephen D. Brown and Donna Perry.

General Ed. William Justice, Delmas Crum and Kyle Prince.


(WCN - 5/21/1970) Five Seniors At WCHS To Speak At Graduation Ceremonies

Wayne High School will have 5 senior speakers at graduation exercises June 7, 1970.

Bonnie Justice, the daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Fred Justice of Wayne has receive the following honors or awards. She os President of the Senior Class: President of the Student Council, Week in Washington Winner, Business Manager of the Who's Who in American High Schools, and a member of The National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, and Fashion Council.

Priscilla Maynard, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Buster Maynard of Dunlow, has received the following honors or awards. She is Secretary of the Future Homemakers of America, Homemaker of Tomorrow, Chaplin of the National Honor Society, Treasure of Library Club, Who's Who in American High Schools, and a member of the Band, Latin Club, and Tri-Hi-Y.

Bonita Prichard, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Belvard Prichard of Wayne, has received the following honors or awards. She is a member of the Student Council, Future Homemaker of America Historian, Who's Who in American High Schools, Assistant Head Majorette, and a member of the Band and Tri-Hi-Y.

Patricia Ross, the daughter of Reverend and Mrs. Paul Ross of Wayne, has received the following honors or awards. She is a National Merit Finalist, Co-Editor of the Pioneer, Co-Editor of the Yearbook, Member of the National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Who's Who in American High Schools, Secretary of the Tri-Hi-Y, and has maintained a 4 point average.

Julia Wells, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Wells of Wayne, has received the following awards or honors. She is Co-Editor of the Yearbook, President of the Tri-Hi-Y, Who's Who in American High Schools, Quill and Scroll, Fashion Council, and a member of the National Honor Society.



In the early 1900's it was the Dean and Osburn Store at East Lynn and no one wanted to miss an opportunity to get in the picture when a photographer was handy. The only one identified in the picture (arrow) is Maude Osburn, who grew up to become Mrs. Maude Adkins, wife of Cab Adkins, both employees of the Wayne County News for years. They are now deceased. Picture and information was furnished by Mrs. Hester Crabtree of East Lynn, who is related to the Osburn mentioned on the building.


(WCN - 5/28/1970) Wayne High School Honor Roll

The Honor Roll for the fifth six weeks as released by Iliff West, Principal at Wayne High School, lists 136 students.

The following students have an A or 4-point average:

SENIOR COLLEGE: Sandy Castle, Bonnie Justice, Pricilla Maynard, Vera Motz, Patricia Ross and Julia Wells.

SENIOR GENERA: Ronald Damron.

JUNIORS COLLEGE: Sue Adkins, Debbie Clay, Ruby Kitchen, Harvey Maynard and Ford Newman.

JUNIORS VOCATIONAL: Lucille Booth and Linda Lycans.

JUNIORS GENERAL: Virgil Stapleton.



SENIORS (COLLEGE): Dewey Joe Adkins, Ruby Adkins, David Perry, Bonita Prichard, Betty Beckett, Shelia Bradshaw, Freeda Clay, Susan Deskins, Katy Frasher, Suzanne Wiley, Mary Ellen Casto, John Gilkerson, Christine Smith, Larry Tomblin, Brenda Dean, James Lycans, Patricia Scaggs, Kenney Dyer, Eddie Smith, Carol Ramey and Melane Ferguson.

SENIORS (VOCATIONAL): Sherri Watts, Connie Thompson, Pam Clay, Janice Sue Fry, Gregg Stephens, Kay Steele, Sadie Wallace, Mary Dean, Sharon Maynard, Linda J. Adkins, James Ferguson, Darlene Spence, Carl Steele, Eddie Thompson and Linda Webb.

SENIORS (GENERAL): Harriet Crisel, Rhoda Adams, Patty Abbott, Clarence Sanders, Glen Johnson, Phyllis Adkins, Oshel Chaney, James Clark, Edmond Dean, Roger Johnson, Faye Maynard, Rayetta Osburn, and Brenda Sanders.

JUNIORS (COLLEGE): David Adkins, John Baisden, Donna Johnson, Roy Merritt, Sharon Blankenship, John Jones, David Maynard, Shelia Stephens, Barbara Skeens, Delia Curtis, Sandy Cyrus, Linda Lucas, Patti Shannon, Byron Johnson, Carolyn Osburn, Jack Thompson, Greg Webb, Janeen Hall, Gary Adkins, Roger Perry, Donald Smith, Darlene Napier, Sandy Frasher, Nancy Smith, Robert Clay, Lilly Elliot and Paulette Smith.

JUNIORS (VOCATIONAL): Sharon Booth, Linda Thompson, Karen Blankenship, JoAnn Leep, Jean May, Rose Lee Clark, Brenda Crum, Cletis Wallace and Dale Wallace.

JUNIORS (GENERAL): Joe Booten, Shelia Osburn, Wavie Adkins, Oma Adkins, Kathleen Adkins, Connie Harper and Donald Perry.

SOPHOMORES (COLLEGE): Anny Richardson, Laddie Cyrus, Stanley Merritt, Margie Macklin, Kenneth Nolan, Jenny Adkins, Debbie Booten, Darrell Jackson, Shawnee Neal, Beverly Blankenship, Terri Lycans, Jerry Elkins, Randy Jeffers, David Stamper, Connie Lester, Marsha Day and Sallie Smith.

SOPHOMORES (VOCATIONAL): Rhonda Webb and Deloris

SOPHOMORES (GENERAL): Rosemary Bryan, Judy McCoy, Shirley Cyfers, Sue Hale, Jeanetta Cassidy, Connie Copley, Alpha Dyer, Obie Maynard, Fred Smith and Myrtle Walker.





Buffalo High School will have its 56 annual commencement exercises Sunday, June 7, at 8:00 p.m. in the school auditorium, Principal Mose A. Napier announced. Baccalaureate services will be held Sunday, July 7, at 10:00 a.m. at the school auditorium. Mr. Napier has announced the honor graduates as those who have maintained a 3.0 or higher during their four years of high school. The honor graduates are; Row 1, Thelma McGhee, Debbie Hutchinson, high honors, Vicki Shy, Beverly Staley, Sandy Cole, Clarice Hutchinson, Kathy Wellman, Ginny Smith, Jackie Ward, Annette Michael, Debbie Bailey, Pam Noe, Ellen Smith. Row 2: Bobby Overby, Sue Hensley, Micky Plymale, Bart Conradi, Joan Pyles, Dan Casey, Vincent Agee, Gary Taylor, high honors.







A Special Communication of the Grand Lodge of the State of West Virginia was held at Fort Gay, Saturday, June 6, 1970. It was held in the Lodge Room of Vinson Lodge No. 66 for the purpose of laying the cornerstone of the new Lodge Hall of Vinson Lodge No. 66. Shown in the picture is the actual laying of the cornerstone.











(WCN - 7/2/1970) Crum High Honor Roll

Sixty-six students achieved a "B" average or better for the semester at Crum High School. Patricia Meddings, Eleventh Grade; James Jervis, Sturgell, Sandra Marcum, Sturgell, Tenth Grade; Teresa Profitt, Ninth Grade have achieved an all "A" average. The following represent the honor students by grades:

SEVENTH GRADE: Jerry Stacy, Janet Jarrell, Linda Williams, Karen Marcum, Joyce Copley, Rose Crum, Lesa Profitt, Elmer Stacy, Linda Stepp, Kathy Williamson.

EIGHTH GRADE: Bonnie Porter, Dallas Osborne, Darrell Stepp, Joseph Meade, Diana Prince.

NINTH GRADE: Teresa Profitt, Lou Ann Blair, Virginia Evans, Brenda Ward, Patricia Kazee, Bessie Spaulding, Naomi Ferguson, Polly Gillman, Sadie Stacy, Deborah Williamson, Alberta Allen, Judy Booth, Emogene Perry, Evelyn Stroud, William Thompson.

TENTH GRADE (COLLEGE PREP): James Jervis, Ted Collins, Pam Dillon, Vivian Marcum.

VOCATIONAL ED. Marcella Marcum, Billie Eslick, Shirley Perry, Judy Marcum, Millie Allen, Gloria Marcum.

TENTH GRADE (GENERAL ED.): Sandra Sturgell.

ELEVENTH GRADE (COLLEGE PREP.): Patricia Meddings, James Meddings, Shelby Messer, Elias Perry, Oscar Varney, Wilfred Bowens.

VOCATIONAL ED.: Sara Eslick, Judy Kazee, Dorothy Maynard.

GENERAL ED.: Dottie Messer, Regina Wallace Randy Evans.

TWELFTH GRADE (COLLEGE PREP.): Hazel Messer, Rhonda Sturgell, Dorothy Jervis, Donna Perry, Stephen D. Brown, Rose Anna McCoy.

VOCATIONAL ED.: Una Mae Copley, Linda Pertee, Virginia Sturgell, Ora Lea Gillman.

GENERAL ED.: Delmas Crum, William Justice, Kyle Prince.


(WCN - 7/2/1970) WAYNE COUNTY PIONEER - Charles Morris Thompson

This column in the January 30, 1969 issue of the Wayne County News briefly mentioned John W. Trout the son of Matilda (Vaughan) Trout and her first husband John Trout, son of Abraham. Soon after that I received a letter from Mrs. Peggy Thompson of Wayne giving an interesting and well written record of the descendants of John and Matilda Trout. Through an oversight I failed to send it in to the Wayne County News. It is now submitted together with my apology to Mrs. Peggy Thompson for the long delay.

Wayne West Virginia

February 13 1969

Dear Mr. Thompson:

My family and I have enjoyed reading your Wayne County Pioneer articles in the Wayne County News and thought you might be interested to know our side of the Family. Matilda Vaughan Trout was my Great-Great-Grandmother.

As you already know Matilda and John Trout had one son John W. Trout born 1835 and died 1914. He married Mary A. Warren in Zionsville Indiana in 1858. They moved back to Wayne County after the Civil War. To this union were born seven children. Only one lived to maturity. He was Charles D. Trout (my Grandfather). Charles was bom at Wayne in 1875 and died and was buried in Toledo, Ohio in 1955.

Charles married Rosie Marshall of Wayne in 1911. They had five children: Mary Trout born 1912, Shirley born 1913, Elois born 1915 and died 1916, John W. born 1921, and George R. born 1923.

Mary Trout married John Simpkins of Wayne in 1933. They have three children: Peggy Lou born 1934, John Keith born 1937 and Sue Carol born 1942. Peggy married Dale Thompson in 1954. They have four children; Larry D. born 1955, Robin Ann born 1957, Michael E. born 1958 and Rebecca born 1966. Carol Sue married Golden Bartram, Jr. They have one son Robert G. born 1967. Keith is unmarried (This family all live in and around Wayne and if you are ever this way, stop by and we would love to discuss our families with you.)

Shirley Trout married Edwin C. Tiller. They have no children. John W. married Geneva Tyler from Mansfield, Arkansas. They have three children: Rose Marie born 1949, Peggy Ann born 1953 and James W. born 1955.

George R. Trout married Naida Curnutte. They have no children. Shirley, John W. and George R. all live in Toledo, Ohio.

John W. Trout (Matilda's son) married Laura Copley in 1911. They had two sons: Theodore R. born 1912 and John V. born 1914. After their father's death they were adopted out. Theodore was adopted by John Layne of Williamson, W. Va. and still lives there. John V. was adopted by John Barton of Dunbar, W. Va. and he still lives there.

John W. Trout and his wife Mary are both buried in the Wayne Cemetery across from the Wayne Elementary School.

Matilda Booth is buried in the head of Toms Creek. My mother tells me that her father told her many times about hauling tombstones to those graves in a wagon. When the weather breaks we hope to walk up to the cemetery and get the dates for you.

The old log house you speak of on Toms Creek is still standing and is occupied.

Again I would like to say we enjoy your column.


Peggy S. Thompson


(WCN - 7/2/1970) Fort Gay High School Honor Roll

12 GRADE (COLLEGE PREP): Sibyl Adkins, Margaret Lycan, Thelma Ailiff, Phyllis McCloud, Marcella Sammons, Richard Thompson, Maxwell Maynard, Jack Frazier.

VOCATIONAL: Barbara Copley, Loretta Jackson, Linda Robertson, Barbara Sturgill, Loretta Hunt, Jane Vanhoose.

11th GRADE (COLLEGE PREP): Mary Edwards, Carol Hubbard, Marilyn Webb, Pam Dawson, Darrell Pratt, Barbara Lycan.

VOCATIONAL: Sheila Marcum, Lois Blake, Georgia Thompson.

10th GRADE (COLLEGE PREP): Anna Lee Unterwagner, Timothy Spears, Paul Sammons, Gail Chaney, Rhonda McKenzie, Robert Collins. Christine Evans, Terry Maynard.

VOCATIONAL: Debra Skeens, Alice Copley, Roberta Sammons, Ramona Williams, Earnest Dean, Billie O'Brian.

9th GRADE (COLLEGE PREP): Deborah Campbell, Pamela Lambert, Frank Wellman, Kenneth Campbell, Jackie Trautwein, Debra Tucker, Shannon Hatfield, Johnny Castle, Glenna Webb, Rhonda Adkins, Richard Frazier, Wannetta Pratt, Pamela Wellman, Joan Sellards.

VOCATIONAL: FONTELLA Webb, Melinda K. Kearns, Paula Peters, Nancy McCormick, Joan Robertson, Diana Jackson, Jeraldine Peck, Anna Smith, Nora Thompson.

GENERAL: Randy Ratcliffe.

8th GRADE: Rita Webb, Brenda Grant, Mary Colleen Webb, Marilyn Dawson, Dixie Meredith, Eunice Scott, Jo Ann Waller, Melvin Jackson, Mary E. Thompson, Pamela Copley, Lou Von Maynard, Sandra Crabtree, Claudia Plummer, Karen Scott, Gary Porter, Joseph Lee Kitts, Jeffrey Thompson, Eva Young, Larry Fluty, Susan Ratcliffe, Terry Thompson, Patricia Copley, Kathy Jarrell, Tommy Baisden, Connie Jackson, Keith Massie, Kenneth O'Brian, Carl Perry, Marcelle Salmons, Billy Short, Lenwook Campbell.

7th GRADE: Joe Lycan, David Meek, Phillip Walker, Tammy Webb, Rebecca McKenzie, Donita Thornsbury, Barbara Salmons, Diana Raines, Bobby Daniels, Darlene Thompson, Keith Fraley, Cynthia Fields, Janet Sammons, Penny Wellman, Jimmy Matney, Betty Hardwick, Brenda Cook, Mark Christian, Linda Jackson, Orpha Pack, Timmy Preston, Douglas Thompson, Mary Thompson, Connie Sue Webb, Randall Webb.


(WCN - 7/2/1970) Ceredo-Kenova High School Honor Roll

1969-70 Terms

GRADE 12 (COLLEGE PREP. COURSE): Donna Riggs John Spangler, Jenny Massie, Jeanne Hill, Paul Billups, Tom Smith, Robert Sullivan, Pat Toler, Trudy Blackburn, Lavonne Bellomy, Rhonda Dorsey, Karen Ferguson, Jerry Fuller, Patty Justice, Tom Plymale, Jeannie Hardwick, Janey Prario, Bill Salmons, Nancy E. Wood, Jay Brown, Linda Hatton, Tom Jenkins, Pamela Napier.

BUSINESS COURSE: Shirley Ferman, Sharon Terry, Donna Hoschar, John Ferguson.

GENERAL COURSE: Richard Frazier, James Johnson, Constance Hager, Brenda Ferguson, Karen Shannon.


GRADE 11 (COLLEGE PREP. COURSE): Carol Crouch, Sammie Lambert, Beth Rowley, David Farmer, Debbie Lycans, Janice Spradlin, Sidney Wheeler, Jim Young, Lugene Mitchell, Teresa Bryant, John Rollins, Randy Adkins, Steve Diamond, Kathy Maynard, Sarah Neal, Donna Sherwood, Ricky Skeens, Teresa Johnson, Melvin Kiser, Mike Lewis, Carol Smith, William Hall, Diana Ward, Terry Dale, Mike Bias, Greg McGlone, Jamie Peters , Florence Watts, Atha Mayo, Pam McClure, Ralph Mattiste, Danny Chaff in, Denise Crow, Celeste Winters.

BUSINESS COURSE: Terri Kesterson, Lisa Porter, Barbara Neal, Lilia Clark, David Hatton, Jan Skeens, Debra D. Brown Kathy France, Teresa Pyles, Vicki Watts.

GRADE 10 (COLLEGE PREP. COURSE): Sally Farmer, Brenda Lewis, Vicki Rutherford, Clifford Staton, Richard Dean, Kathi Noble, David Turner, Gale Carter, Richard Chaffin, Sherry Blevins, Scott Byard, Gary Chadwick, Sharon Jo Frazier, Dale Rollins, Jaylen Sperry, Phillip Stone, Gary Graves, Deborah Riggs, Joan Workman, Fred Ross.

BUSINESS COURSE: Judy Skeans, Gordon Neace, Arbutus Napier.


GRADE 9 (COLLEGE PREP. COURSE): Lynn Justice, Teresa McClure, Jonathan Neal, Patty Spry, Rita Workman, Debra Chadwick, Libby Shannon, Marsha Sherwood, Charlie Brown, Dave Campbell, Joella Porter, Sara Adkins, Malana Henderson, William Rowley, Debbie Duncan, Rusty Gallion, Shelia Napier, Ramona Rutherford, Vickie Roach, Charles Ross, Gerri Young, Gwen Heck, David Hoachar, Kevin Moore, Pam Adams, Danny Connar, Chiquita Collins, Jody Peters.

GRADE 8: Brenda Evans, Charles Sowders, Freda Adkins, Hope Lycans, Ted Smith, Faith Lycans, Leah Meredith, Carol Stewart, Michael Ferrell, Sabrina Hammond, Vicki Sparks, Vickie Bailey, Debra Gallimore, Pamela Hayton, Sharon Lewis, Malissa Neace, Ray A. Adams, Jane Johnson, Linda Blackburn, Betty Skeens, Pamela Burke, Traci Davidson, Teresa Moore, Robert McLaughlin, Pamela, Smallridge, Ida Dorsey, Rebecca Galloway, Phyllis Hatton, KIu Hardin, Michael Merritt, Steve Nester, Sandra Smith, Mary R. Sutfin, Bobby E. Tipton.

GRADE 7: Perry Meadows, Connie G. Moore, Russell Ferrell, Michael Lee Billups, Leigh A. Billups, John M. Farley, Don Robinson, Debra J. Brumfield, John Dickerson, Don Jarrell, Steven Johnson, Brent Smith, Richard Brown, Christa L. Willis, Fred Adkins, Mary Chaffin, Jennifer Christian, Michael Dawson, Sandy G. Hodge, William Napier, Valendia Nester, Patty Quate, Ronald Jeff Rakes, Sue Ann Rowley, Philip Rutherford, Albert Ward, Ron Wilson, Kimberly Workman, Anthony Adkins, Steven Blanton, Robin Carey, Sam Cochenour, Jr., Lora Beth Cooney, Vicki Dean, Kathi Graves, Debbie McComas, Michelle Napier, Debbie Perdue, Donald P. Reyburn, Carol Ross, Robin Rutherford, David Smith, Linda Smith, Tim Smith, Roger Ball, William Ball, David Carter, Patty Craig, Greg Frisby, Deborah James, Patty Maynard, Ivan McGlone, Wanona Saville, Pam Taylor, Donna Watts, Kathy Wheeler.


(WCN - 7/9/1970) Brinkley Bridge To Be Replaced

The one-lane Brinkley Bridge in Wayne will "definitely" be replaced said West Virginia Department of Highways Commissioner William S. Ritchie, Jr. at a Wayne Chamber of Commerce dinner last Wed.

Mr. Ritchie told the approximately 125 persons attending the dinner that a public hearing would be held within 60 to 90 days to discuss the bridge relocation and reconstruction proposal.

Weight restrictions were recently placed on the old bridge which is a part of U.S. 52, a major link to southern West Virginia.

The bridge was extensively rebuilt and named for NBC TV newsman David Brinkley after he commented on its poor condition during the 1960 presidential primary campaign.

New officers were named for the chamber including the reelection of Fred Justice as president. Other officers are D. C. Morris, vice president; B. R. Prichard, secretary; John Mack Merritt, treasurer, and W. B. Bias, assistant secretary and treasurer.


(WCN - 7/9/1970) Buffalo High Honor Roll

Fifteen students at Buffalo High School have attained a 4.0 average for the second semester grade period.

12th GRADE: Bart Conradi, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Conradi Route 1, Kenova; Debra Hutchinson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Hutchinson, Route 1, Shoals; Annette Michael, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Michael, Prichard; Joan Pyles, daughter of Mrs. Emily Frazier, 4704 Piedmont Road, Huntington and Mr. John Pyles, Route 4, Huntington; Vickie Shy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Shy, Route 4, Huntington; Kathy Wellman, daughter of Mrs. Fay Wellman, Route 4, Huntington.

11th GRADE: Jennifer Akers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Akers, Route 1, Kenova; DeeAnn Booth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George D. Booth, Route 1, Kenova; Diane Clark daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cumberland Clark, 4041 Fifth Street Road, Huntington; Sue Ann Fields, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Fields, Route 1, Prichard; Larry Hensley, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Hensley, Route 1, Shoals.

9th GRADE: John Mitchell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Mitchell, Route 1, Kenova; Melba Sellards, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orion Sellards, Route 3, Huntington.

7th GRADE: Denise Thompson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Thompson, Route 1, Kenova; Bonita Gail Wellman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Wellman, Route 1, Prichard.

12th GRADE: COLLEGE PREP: Vincent Agee, Debbie Bailey, Roseanna Blair, Mitchell Blankenship, Dan Casey, Betty Christian, Sandra Cole, Tommy Dorsey, Sue Hensley, Richard Hutchinson, Dennis McCullough, Trelma McGhee, Pamela Noe, Bobby Overby, Mickey Plymale, Richard Simmons, Sara Ellen Smith, Virginia Smith, Gary Taylor, Thomas Truex, Jackie Ward.

VOCATIONAL: Patricia Bailey, Nancy Black, Michael Hammock, Mary Harmon, Clarice Hutchinson, Marietta Napier, Connie Preece, Janie Preston, Beverly Staley.

GENERAL: Jim Lyons, Tim Mayo, Gloria Maynard.

11th GRADE: COLLEGE PREP: Ricky Adkins, Fred Dorsey, Jacqueline Layne, Virginia Lyons, Danny Newman, Pam Plummer.

VOCATIONAL: Deborah Christian, Stella Nelson, Sally Norris, Mary Owens, Raenette Ward.

10th GRADE: COLLEGE PREP: Kathy Adkins, Dianna Damron, Rick Davis, Twranna Edicott, Debbie Freeman, Cathy Hall, Amy Mitchell, Danny Napier, Vernie Plybon, Connie Ray, Johnny Robertson, Bill Robinson, Grant Shy, Cindy Sperry, Mark Springer, Jack Wells.

VOCATIONAL: Shelia Cook, Alice Davis, Carla Kilgore, Glenda White.

9th GRADE: COLLEGE PREP: Dolores Adkins, Don Akers, Stephen Alley, Robyn Arthur, Gary Bailey, Rose Cyrus, Dovetta Dixon, Mark Dixon, Connie Fraley, Paul Gordon, Peggy Hatfield, Larry Keith, Robert Leete, Melanie Lewis, James Menear, James Mills, Linda Noel, Deborah Patrick, Jacklyn Rains, Mike Reynolds, Charles Robinson, Debra Simpson, Dan Smith, Becky Spangler, Linda Staley, Pam Stapleton, David Thompson, Gerri Wellman, Melinda Wellman, Debra Wilson.

VOCATIONAL: Shawna Ferguson, Vickie Poff, Richard Preece, Terry Turley, Ruth Ward.

GENERAL: Eddie Jackson, Tommy Plymale.

8th GRADE: Hubert Alley, Terry Clark, Nancy Asbury, Deborah Bellomy, Marsha Bolton, Toni Chadwick, Jennifer Chinn, Sharon Collins, Patricia Hensley, Charlotte Hicks, Stephanie Hill, Pam Hutchinson, Lee Ann Insco, Delores Kilgore, Sara McCallister, Vickie McSorley, Joyce Newman, Prudence Olmstead, John Perry, Rose Sellards, Barbara Smith, Earlene Smith, Keith Smith, Warren Spry, Ernest Spradling, David Streets, Michael Strickland, Richard Ward, Donna Wiley.

7th GRADE: Rhonda Adkins, Michael Alley, Dawn Bennett, Mark Booth, Tony Cox, Paula East, Karen Fry, Gregg Hall, Mary lew Kings, Susan Leep, Angela Lewis, Greg Maddox, Sharon Massie, Thelma Mills, Barry Mosby, Mary Murphy, Terry Napier, Larry Rowe, Annette Smith, Larry Smith, Renee Spangler, Ronda Sullivan, Jeff Taylor, Tina Viers, Tammy Ward.


(WCN - 7/9/1970) OUT OF THE PAST - By Byron T. Morris

There have been several stories in times past on the hanging of Laban Walker, which was the last public execution in Wayne County and took place November 28, 1879 in front of a large crowd of several thousand people. Walker's conviction was the result of a fight in which Pat Nolan was Killed at Virginia Point, which later became Kenova.

Walker remained in jail almost a year awaiting indictment and trial, which eventually led to his conviction. In 1879, Frank Bing was the Wayne County Jailer and was responsible for the custody of Walker. While Walker was spending time in the County Jail, he wove a necklace of horse hair which was acquired by Bing and through the years has been kept by his family.

Today's story is accompanied by a picture of this necklace, which is being held by Delbert Barbour of Hico, West Virginia. His wife is the former Mary Augusta Bing, granddaughter of the Jailer and the one responsible for making the picture available.

Because it would be of interest to some connecting families, a portion of Mrs. Barbour's recent letter is quoted:

"Once he (meaning her grandfather) stayed with us a few days and built us a stairway. I recall that he snored so loud at night that it frightened me. He was the only grandparent that I ever knew and he died when I was about 7 years old. I am 72 now so you see it is difficult to recall some things. I do know that in later years he lived in or near East Lynn in Wayne County. He died on a small farm near there. He was a carpenter and small farmer, who did not live to a great age. I think he was in his 60s when he died. His second wife outlived him by many years.

He was born in 1840 and fought in the Civil War. His parents were John Bing and Sarah Alice Entsminger Bing. Sarah Alice was the daughter of John E. Entsminger and his wife Jane Reese. John E. Entsrninger was born in 1757. He was a soldier during the Revolution and served under General Francis Morgan. At the age of 55, volunteered and served a tour of the Northwest under General E. W. Tupper. He died in 1830 and is buried at Pomeroy, Ohio. The U. S. Government keeps the flag flying over his grave. His father came here from the Saar area in Germany. His name was Henry Entsminger.

Frank Bing's first wife was Harriet Ferguson, who was the mother of my father, Charles. They also had a daughter, Florence, who was the mother of Bernard McGinnis of Huntington. Harriet died when my father was 4 years old and grandfather later married Augusta Davis. To them were born 2 sons and a daughter. I believe they were all of the Wayne County vicinity. My father was bom at the old Ferguson house on Elmwood in 1863. His mother, Harriet, was double-cousin to Charles W. Ferguson. During the Civil War, she lived at his house and father was born there. The house is still standing and I understand is still being lived in. Charles W . Ferguson was the grandfather of Judge Ferguson."

I wish to thank Mrs. Barbour for this most interesting picture and her informative letter.



The Fort Gay Chapter of Future Farmers of America will represent the Southwestern District in the State Parliamentary Procedure Contest to be held on July 17, at Jackson's Mill, in connection with the State FFA Convention. The Fort Gay Chapter won the State Championship in 1968, and were runner up in the Southwestern District last year. Clarence D. Spencer, Vo-Ag Teacher at Fort Gay High School and FFA Adviser, will coach the team. Members of the team are: President, Danny Sartin; vice-president, David Marcum; secretary, Neil Marcum; reporter, David Meade; treasurer, Andy Marcum; sentinel, Kennith Chaney; parliamentarian, Charles Brewer and alternates Chester Meredith and Richard Wellman. Kevin Crank of the Ripley Chapter will represent the District in the Public Speaking Contest, with his speech entitled, "The Food Crisis." The Wahama Chapter in Mason County will represent the District in the Creed Contest.


(WCN - 7/16/1970) Out Of The Past

One can quickly get in trouble by attempting to name or list outstanding Wayne County Families because there are so many. Certainly the Hardwick Family has been well known in Wayne County for many years and has contributed much to it. The same can be said of the Ketchum Family. It is hoped the writer at some future date can give more information and details concerning these two families and possible others.

Today's picture includes members of both these families and was taken at the Hardwick home place near Fort Gay. By looking closely, one can see the N&W Railroad tracks in the background, as well as the banks of the Big Sandy River. I don't know whether the large tree, also in the background, is still standing but it is entirely possible it is.

The adults shown in the picture, from left to right, are: Blanche Hardwick (now Mrs. Reeder), Arthur Hardwick, Zena Ketchum Hardwick (now Mrs. Austin), and Ethel Hardwick. The little boy in the left of the picture with the straw hat is John R. "Cal" Hardwick.

We thought the friends of these two families would be interested in this early snapshot, the date of which is not known but it certainly is 40 or more years old.

(Please send any comments or material you may have on Wayne County History to Byron T. Morris, 912 Poplar Street, Kenova, West Va. 25530)





The Vinson Junior High School Cheerleaders recently attended the American Cheerleader Academy Camp at Morehead State University. They won 3rd place in the competition with other senior and junior high groups from other states. Standing from left, Gloria Handley, Capt; Robin Bellomy, co-capt.; Cathy Deal, Sandy Moreland. Kneeling are Dreama Smith, Lynn Damron, Donna Morrison and Dianna Dixon. Mrs. Fred Russell of Wayne is their sponsor.









(WCN - 7/23/1970) Out Of The PAST - By Byron T. Morris

Beginning before the turn of the century, there was frequent and strong competition between Wayne and Kenova over the location of the County Court House, particularly after a fire occurred and it became necessary to erect a new building. On numerous occasions the removal of the Court House to Kenova was a topic of hot debate with the citzens of Wayne County and frequently had an important bearing on the outcome of elections. Earlier several special elections were held on the question of removing the Court House but it failed each time.

The newspapers of the communities took a leading part in the agitation for or against the removal of the Court House. The Kenova Reporter, a local newspaper, led the fight on more than one occasion to try to get the Court House placed in Kenova. The Wayne County News was equally active in its efforts to see that this didn't happen. I am sure the Wayne County News was able to point out many reasons why the Court House should not be in Kenova. Among the reasons were that it would not be centrally located the vulnerability to floods and the undrained ponds or swamps withing the town. Doubtlessly the mud was just as deep in Kenova as it was in Wayne.

Anyhow, to show how heated the newspapers might be in their efforts to bring about a removal, the following article is quoted. I am sure the good people of Wayne will not at this late date take any offense at some of the things said in the article. No doubt the stories in the Wayne County News were equally damaging toward Kenova.

The Kenova Reporter, dated March 18, 1896, carried the following story:

"Since the burning of the Court House at Wayne last week, the question of trying to get the building located here has been strongly agitated and is about the only talk we can hear on the streets, in the stores or anywhere we chance to go.

Why should Kenova not have the Court House? Can any town in the County offer more inducement? We would answer these questions at once in the negative. Kenova is one of the prettiest cities in the State. Besides our natural resources cannot be surpassed. It borders on the beautiful Ohio and the Big Sandy Rivers and is one of the best railroad centers in the State. Notwithstanding this fact, our citizens and Land Association propose to offer some excellent inducements for the County Seat and we may expect to see it located here - the coming metropolis of the State.

What does the little hilly town of Wayne possess to offer as an inducement for the erection of a new building? The question is very easily answered. There is one large hill on the top of which the town is located. By the time people climb the hill, wading through mud shoe-top deep, they are so fatigued they do not feel like transacting business. There are no attractions there. The people living up the Big Sandy River have to mount their horses and ride 15 or 20 miles to attend Court, whereas if the County Seat was located here these people could easily come down the O. and B. L. Branch of the C&O, and transact their business without being compelled to travel horseback until worn out. Besides this, should the new County be formed we venture the assertion there are only a very few citizens in Wayne County that would vote for relocating the building where it was.

The reporter called on Mr. L. T. Peck, Superintendent of the Land Association, and interviewed him in regard to the amount the Land Association proposed to offer as an inducement for the building. Replying to pertinent questions, he said: "We propose to offer as an inducement to the taxpayers of Wayne County the large hotel building near the Union Station and the square of ground on which it is located, there being about 22 lots in the square. After donating this, we will call a Citizens meeting, appoint a committee, circulate a subscription newspaper and I do not think there is a doubt but that we can raise sufficient amount to complete the building and give to the taxpayers of Wayne County a free Court House and as good a building as can be found in the State."

The large building spoken of is one of the finest constructed buildings in West Virginia as far as it has been completed. We could not ascertain in the exact dimensions but suffice it to say the building would make a superb temple of Justice. The stone and brick are excellent, to say nothing of the basement for a jail. Is there another town in Wayne County that can offer such an excellent inducement? We don’t think there is.

Yet there is a law in this State which will prohibit the Court House being moved at this point unless a 3/4 vote can be secured. This law was passed especially for the purpose of holding the Court House at the present County Seat when the question of moving the building was agitated sone years since. This law can doubtless be repealed.

(Please send any comments or material you may have on Wayne County History to Byron T. Morris, 912 Poplar Street, Kenova, West Va. 25530)


(WCN - 8/6/1970) Head Start Graduates




Pictured above are graduates of the Genoa Head Start Center. These 12 youngsters are among the 350 Wayne County five-year olds who will complete this beginning phase in their education Friday, August 7. Mrs. Billie A. Cloud, director, feels this has been one of County's most successful programs.












Work has finally begun on the $22 million Beech Fork Dam and Reservoir in Wayne County. Kenneth M. Dunn Co. Inc., of South Charleston started work in June on a by-pass and access road and on excavation of one of the dam abutments under a $503,606 contract which is to be completed by next June. The U.S. Engineers currently are aiming for completion of the dam project in late 1973, depending on the amount of annual fund allocations by Congress.


(WCN - 8/20/1970) Out Of The Past - By Byron T. Morris

The brick building located on the north side of Chestnut Street between 13th and 14th Streets, which now houses the Loar Furniture Store, was build in late 1915 or 1916.

Mr. W. M. Cooksey, who was a tobacco man and merchant, purchased in August, 1915, two lots totaling 55 feet frontage at this location from Gus Hampton of Catlettsburg. Brig Harris, who owned and operated a small hotel on Chestnut Street in the 1300 block, wanted some additional footage to expand his hotel. After Cooksey made the purchase of the two lots, he subsequently sold 20 feet of the 50 feet to Harris. I am not sure whether or not Harris ever did use the ground for the expansion of his hotel. In any event, Cooksey kept the 30 feet of his property and erected the brick building that later housed his large store.

I remember with a great deal of pleasure this building, not as a place of merchandise but as the movie house. The Booth Family came to own this building and converted it into a theater. Prior to that, the only movies shown in Kenova were on the second floor of City Hall and were run for a time by Mr. Handley. I am not sure just when Booth converted the building to a theater but I was a small boy and remember vividly the movies that played there regularly. Particularly imbedded in my mind are the Westerns, with such stars as William S. Hart, William Duncan, Pearl White, and others.

Julian Handley for many years was operator of the projector and was assisted by Mike Jordan, who went to work for the Booth Family as a boy and was in their employment for several years. In later years, Mike operated the projectors and pretty much ran the theater.

Of particular interest to young boys were the serials which would run from week to week and invariably each installment would end with enough suspense that you could hardly wait to get back the next week. To add to the excitement of the movie was a piano played by Polly Flannery, who watched the silent movies and would play songs in the tempo suited to the action on the screen. She was very adept at this and it added much to the movies. Of course, this was all before the talking pictures.

You can imagine how small the theater was when actually it was only about 25 feet wide and perhaps 60 feet long. This building was a theater for quite a number of years, then movie attendance began to decline and films were only shown on weekends, then eventually dropped completely.

On the west wall of the brick building can still be seen Mr. Cooksey's advertisement concerning his store.

In the year 1915, one automobile agency in Kenova was the Jackson & Rife Agency that sold the Overland. It is remembered that J. P. Eakin, who was a N&W Engineer, had purchased a Model 83 Overland and proudly drove it up and down the streets of Kenova. By this time, Chestnut Street had been paved and it was considered quite a thoroughfare.

The writer would be interested in hearing from anyone who could name some of the movie stars of these early days and titles to the pictures. Whether such a list has ever been compiled I do not know but it would be interesting. If you recall some of the early pictures, please let me hear from you.

(Please send any comments or material concerning Wayne County History to Byron T. Morris, 912 Poplar St., Kenova, West Virginia 25530).


(WCN - 8/27/1970) Out Of The Past - By Byron T. Morris

Last week we wrote about the 2-story building in the middle of the 1300 block of Chestnut Street in Kenova and mentioned the lot on which the building was erected was first purchased by Mr. Cooksey. He did build the building that stands there at this time. It was a general store dealing primarily in dry goods and Queen's ware (dishes, pottery, etcetera). The building was of cement block and pressed brick. The actual cost of it is not known but Mr. Cooksey paid Mr. Homer Bell of Catlettsburg $1,000 for the lot.

I am not sure how long Cooksey operated the store before the Booth family acquired the building and made it into a movie theater. Previously the only movies shown in Kenova, I believe, was in City Hall and by Mr. Clyde Handley. Later his son, Julian 'Punk' , was the projectionist at the Kenova theater. Mike Jordan, who went to work for the Booth family as a boy, worked for them for a number of years. He took tickets, helped with the operation of the theater in general and later ran the projections.

I recall vividly how the film would break occasionally, there would be a time out while the film was spliced and the movie started again. The building was small, therefore the quarters were crowded but this made little or no difference to young boys, such as I, between 1915 and 1920.

Mentioned also last week was Mrs. Polly Flannery, who played the piano so well and added so much to the enjoyment of the picture. There was a lot of talking and commotion among the spectators of the movies because there was no sound and people were not unduly disturbed by a great deal of conversation. Usually the feature was preceded by a short one or two-reel comedy, and possible a news reel or travel picture.

Among the pictures looked forward to mostly by the young people were the serials. They were usually shown on Friday or Saturday nights. These serials would invariable end at some exciting time with the hero or heroine in danger of death or capture, then suddenly would be flashed on the screen "Continued next week". This would leave all the young people in great expectation and they would immediately start saving their money for admission the next week in order to find out what happened to Pearl White, or some other leading character.

I recall one serial in which Pearl White played called "The Red Glove". The youth of my neighborhood re-enacted this play each week, trying as best we could to carry out the actions we had seen in the previous film. Also Pearl White played in "Perils of Pauline" and 'The Iron Claw' and many others.

Pearl White was only about 5 feet, 6 inches tall, weighed approximately 120 pounds and in her movie career wore a blond wig that covered her naturally red hair. She was a young woman who had been a bare-back rider in the circus and an acrobat, and was very agile as well as being a good actress. It was said Pearl never did use a double. Whether she was sinking in quicksand, hanging by her fingertips from a cliff or ready to be run down by a railroad engine, she always took the role herself.

Another well-known actress was Ruth Roland, who played in many pictures but was not the dashing and adventuresome heroine Pearl was.

The writer also remembers in particular William S. Duncan, hero of a serial called "Smashing Barriers". This was a picture built around a lumbering camp in operation. Then there was Bill Hart, a real cowboy and 2-gun man, and one of the fastest Western heroes of his day. One of the pictures he made was "Hell's Hinges' . Then there was "Hoot' Gibson, who played Western roles. I remember comedians as Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin. These movies played an important part in the lives of the young people and, no doubt, many adults although I don't remember so much about them.

The movie house existed for a number of years and perhaps was last operated after World War II. With the coming of Drive-In Theaters and television, the small neighborhood theater such as the one in Kenova disappeared.

No doubt some of the readers will have more vivid recollection of the movies and their heroes than I do. It would be interesting if you would share your recollection about these early movies and the characters who took part in them.

(Please send any comments or material encerning Wayne County History to Byron T. Morris, 912 Poplar St., Kenova.)



In the picture above are the C-K High School majorettes for the 1970-71 season. From left to right front row, Luegene Michell, Terry Dale, Pam McClure, Teresa Johnson; Back row, Roberta Anderson, twirler, Debbie Riggs, Debbie Heck, Gale Carter, Jaylean Sperry, Debbie Lycan, Susanne Sullivan, and Karla Brumfield, twirler.










(WCN - 9/10/1970) Mrs. Vernetta Cyrus Wins 4-H Honor For Youth Work

Mrs. Vernetta Cyrus, a 4-H leader, of Prichard was presented a certificate by Winthrop Merriam, State Extension Program Leader 4-H, for her outstanding contribution to 4-H youth work as a local volunteer leader in Wayne County. She was among a score of West Virginians who received recognition at Jackson's Mill in August.

Vernetta has been a 4-H leader for the past 35 years. During this time she has helped many boys and girls in her local community as well as youth throughout the county. She assisted with many county wide activities among which have been county 4-H camps, Achievement Day and 4-H Round-Up.

Mrs. Cyrus has taught school and has been principal at the Prichard School. She has been very active in County and State Organizations and has served on various committees. She retired at the end of the last school term.

Awards were presented at the Saturday evening banquet of the 4-H Leaders Weekend, which featured workshop and discussion sessions on "Making 4-H Relevant to the 70's." 4-H Leaders attending the weekend studied program planning, understanding youth, developing teen leadership and evaluating youth programs. Special speaker was Dorothy Emerson of the National 4-H Center.

Other leaders attending this event were Mrs. Dorothy Lycan, Prichard; Mrs. Addie Smith and Mrs. Phyllis Blankenship, Lavalette; and Mrs. Belle Cade of Ardel. Miss Betty Neil Smith, Wayne County 4-H Agent, accompanied the leaders.




Shown in this picture is the cheerleaders at Wayne High School. Pictured kneeling front left to right are Shelia Stephens, captain; Darlene Napier, senior; Sally Smith, junior and Reva Beckett, sophomore. Standing left to right are Maude Adkins, sophomore; Sharon Blankenship, senior; Margaret Macklin, junior and Kay Fry, sophomore.








(WCN - 10/8/1970)  Dan Watts Joins Staff Of Wayne County News

Dan Watts, a former Ashland, Ky., and Huntington newsman, has joined the staff of the Wayne County News, according to an announcement by Edward Chadwick, managing editor.

A graduate of Marshall University, Watts, 29, worked as a journalism intern with WHTN-TV and as a reporter for the Ashland, Ky., Daily Independent. Most recently, he worked for the Huntington Herald-Dispatch as city hall reporter.

An education major at Marshall with teaching fields in social studies and journalism, he did his student teaching at Wayne High School in 1966. He is a 1959 graduate of Fort Gay High School.

He and his wife, the former Cora Elizabeth Meade of Louisa, Ky., and a son, Dennis, live at Fort Gay.


(WCN - 10/15/1970)  Out of the Past - By Byron T. Morris

Kenova Baseball Team Of 1906

As mentioned before in this column, sports have always been an important part of the community life in both Kenova and Ceredo. This was also true in the early years of the towns. The most common sport at the turn of the century was baseball.

Kenova has an excellent team and the picture that accompanies this story shows the Kenova team as it appeared in about 1906. It is believed this picture was taken at Central Park in Ashland, Kentucky, because of the rather nice grandstand and the canvas roof and back wall. It is doubtful if either Kenova or Ceredo had any such arrangement for the seating of spectators in that day.

In this picture there are actually only 2 men the writer can identify for sure. The handsome young man second from the left in the back row with the snappy blazer is Ed Adkins, who played on athletic teams for both Ceredo and Kenova. The fine looking man on the left in the second row and kneeling is the late and beloved Lawson "Patty" Willis. I do not know for sure but believe the fellow in the back row second from the right with the letters "WV" on his sweater which, no doubt, stood for West Virginia University, is Etley Smith. He worked for a time in the drug store of R. Ney Williams, later went to school and became a Medical Doctor. It might be that some reader can identify some other members of the team.

"Patty" Willis was the Secretary of the team and at least for 1 year kept a journal concerning the team's activities. For this book we are indebted to Mrs. Loretta Willis, widow of "Patty". She believes the team listed in the book is that of 1906 or 1907, and that one of their opponents that year was the 22nd Street team of Ashland. Games were played in Central Park at club: G. T. Ramsey, Manager; P. J. Machoney, Pitcher; Arthur Kelley, Pitcher; Clarence Ferguson and William Hill, Catchers; Edward Adkins, Short Stop; William Piles, 3rd Base; Lawson Willis, 1st Base; Roscoe Porter, Left Field; Mr. McGuire, right field; Mr. Cole, Center Field; Etley Smith, 2nd Base and Team Captain.

In the Spring of 1906, certain expenses were incurred to partially equip the team for the season. These purchases were made through the R. Ney Williams Drug Store and some of the items bought were as follows: 1 Catcher's Mitt, $5.; 2 Baseball Bats, $2.50; 1 Spaulding Baseball, $1.25; 1 Catcher's Mask, $2.50; 1 Rule Book, .10˘; 1 Reach Baseball, $1.25.

No doubt each player furnished his own uniform and, for the most part, his glove. The expanse account was rather meticulously kept and most expenditures were shown for carfare for the players. No doubt the streetcar was used by the baseball team to ride to their games both in Ashland and Huntington. Other expenses were: 10˘ for water boys; cost of a dance, 90˘; chalk 25 ˘, and other minor and miscellaneous expenses. The umpires undoubtedly donated their services because no entry was made concerning their pay.

In 1906, the Kenova team played 4 games away from home. On June 16, they lost to Guyandotte by a score of 11 to 4, and on June 23 lost to the Huntington Reds by a score of 9 to 4. However, on July 4, they beat Louisa 7 to 3. They did better with their games at home. On April 27 they defeated Ceredo 14 to 6. On May 12, they won over Ashland High School 6 to 5, and defeated Central City on July 28 by a score of 11 to 4. They did lose to Ashland, Kentucky, home on July 20 by a score of 3 to 2 in 10 innings.

It was interesting to note in the journal the money collected at the games for the purpose of supporting the team. Most of the collections at the games ranged between $1.50 and $2.50. However, the team did other things to raise money for their expenses. On May 10, they had an ice cream social on which they netted $10.50. Their biggest income for the year 1906 was $20.55, which they collected from a dance given on June 26.

A number of these players were outstanding performers and some went on later to play both College and amateur baseball and made good records. "Patty" Wilson and Ed Adkins particularly were outstanding athletes and great ball players.

(Please send any comments or material concerning Wayne County History to Byron T. Morris, 912 Poplar St., Kenova, West Virginia 25530).


(WCN - 10/22/1970) Out of the Past - By Byron T. Morris


Tourism has become an important segment of the culture and economy of this country. Going along with it is the fast-growing motel business. One does not need to travel very far in this day and time to be awed by the great number of motels and the amount of money invested therein. It is truly one of the big businesses of the nation.

In the 1920s and 1930s tourism was a business, too, but housing was furnished almost entirely by established hotels, then later tourist homes, which were private homes that had been opened to the public on a limited scale. There may have been in Kenova at one time one or two tourist homes but the first motel the writer can remember was that of the Green Gables, which was built by Mr. Henry J. Stark and Associates.

This motel was built about 1935 at the northeast corner of 6th and C Streets in Ceredo. This would be the same corner where Leslie's Restaurant now stands. The cabins faced 6th and extended from C Street, now U. S. 60, north to almost B Street. These cabins were advertised as having beds with interspring mattresses, hot and cold running water, private showers and garages. You may be assured this was no Holiday Inn but it was a big departure from the tourist homes then generally available to the traveling public. There was a small complex in connection with the tourist camp inasmuch as there was a lunch room, grocery store, gasoline station, souvenir stand and a pottery shop, all located adjacent to the tourist camp.

In 1936, the tourist camp employed 12 people and it was said over a short period of time practically every State in the Union had been represented by guests. In addition to the Stark Family, O. E. Haubrock was also interested in the enterprise.

The cabins were partially built from slabs which, as I remember, were obtained from the Breece Veneer Company. They added to the appearance of the cabins and looked very well. This business did not last too long because of the coming of the War, then later the establishment of better and more substantial motels. For a period of 3 to 4 years, this was a flourishing little company known as the Wayside Service and Sales Corporation.

At the time I am speaking about, the highway came down C Street through Ceredo, as it does now, but it abruptly turned north on 6th Street and proceeded to Beech in Kenova, past the high school and on down to 12th Street in Kenova before turning south.

It is my recollection that the pottery shop was owned and operated by the Haubrock Family for some little time after closing down of the tourist camp.

Many of you will recall that the period written about was the height of the depression. Money was extremely scarce and people did not have too much to spend on travel expenses and vacations.


(WCN - 10/22/1970)  THE WHITTLING MAN



L. W. Bing, 73, of Craig Road, has been whittling since he retired some nine years ago from a Boone County coal company. During that time he has worn out one knife while whittling for as long as eight hours a day. Some days he may whittle just one chain link and other days nothing at all, said Mr. Bing, who is a Wayne County native born in the East Lynn area. He has "10 or 11 knives" now, he said, and dozens of wooden chains, carved men and women figures, cradles, spoons and puzzles. He whittles for fun and won't sell his handicraft although he does occasionally give his works to friends.










Sandy Frasher, senior, Wayne High School assistant head majorette, and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Frasher of Wayne, was second runner-up to Miss Majorette at the Black Walnut Festival at Spencer, W.Va., on Oct. 10. She was selected from approximately, 160 majorettes and twirlers competing for the title. Debbie Booten, junior, Wayne High majorette and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Childers of Booten, was among the 25 finalists for the Miss Majorette title. This was the second consecutive year Debbie has been selected. The Wayne High School Band was one of the few bands represented at the Black Walnut Festival to have two majorettes selected to compete for the Miss Majorette title. David Becker is the band director and Mrs. Ann Ross is the majorette sponsor.


(WCN - 10/29/1970) Bridge Completion Expected In Year

Contract To Be Awarded Next Month, Engineer Says

Contrary to what Gov. Arch A. Moore, Jr., said here last week, the contract for construction of a new bridge for Wayne will not be awarded until late November or early December.

During a speech at the Wayne Junior High School gymnasium last Thursday, the governor said bids would be opened Tuesday and the contract would be awarded the same day, if possible, and if not, then it would be awarded Wednesday.

But Tuesday the State Department of Highways in Charleston said the governor must have been mistaken because a replacement for the collapsed Brinkley Bridge over Twelve Pole Creek was not included among bids taken Tuesday.

Later Tuesday at a location and design meeting at the same school, highway department officials confirmed that the contract award would be about a month away. Joseph S. Jones, who was in charge of the meeting for the department, also said the new span would not be opened for traffic until next fall at least.

Jones said the department would advertise for bids the following morning (Wednesday, Oct. 28) but the advertising procedure took three to four weeks. The contract probably will be awarded as soon as bids are opened and the contractor will be given 10-15 days to start construction from that date, he said.

The highway engineer added that since the winter season is near, very little work could be done until next spring. It is expected that the new steel girder bridge with a concrete deck will be completed in one construction season and opened to traffic about this time next year.

Jones said the span will have no overhead trusses as did the Brinkley Bridge and the other

narrow bridges in the area and the new structure will cost an estimated $435,000.

Asked by Wayne Councilman William Harrison if the state had requested emergency federal funds to replace the bridge, Jones replied, "No."

The engineer said the situation here did not qualify "under the strict rules of the 1968 highway act" establishing the fund.

Harrison asked, "How do we know we don't qualify if we haven't applied?"

Harrison also asked if the state had applied to the U.S. Corps of Engineers for construction of a temporary span. Is it not an emergency if the entire town of Newtown could not get fire protection because we don't have a bridge?"

Jones said Wayne has not been declared a disaster area by Gov. Moore and consequently is not eligible for disaster relief.

Harrison said disaster relief and emergency relief are two different things and there are two different funds established at the federal level.

Jones then said, "I'll make the request personally tomorrow morning (Wednesday) but I know it will be turned down."

District 2 Engineer Floyd Hillman told the audience that Asbury Hoad, one of two detour routes around the collapsed bridge, has been surveyed and work is to begin next week on upgrading to handle two-lane truck traffic.

Work already has begun on installing guardrails on Craig Road and Mr. Hillman said the one-lane bridge by the high school is being strengthened so that it will bear the weight of a loaded school bus. The span now has a six-ton load limit.

In his appearance here last week, Gov. Moore said U.S. 52 from Huntington to Bluefield

will be included in the interstate highway system if a bill before Congress now is enacted. The bill, which has passed the U.S. Senate, the governor said, would permit states to decide which highways should be made a part of the interstate system.

He said this appears to be the only feasible way to eliminate one-way bridges on U.S. 52.

The governor said a directory indicating the business places located in Newtown, which is nearly isolated by the detours around Twelve Pole Creek, would be erected by Thanksgiving.

He also said the contract for the missing link of the Tolsia Highway will be awarded early next spring. He again promised to build access roads to industrial sites along the Big Sandy River if it develops that industry is interested in locating there.


(WCN - 10/29/1970)  Out Of The Past - By Byron T. Morris

The Appalachian Power Company plant at Kenova was built in 1903 and for many years was the principal source of electrical energy in the Tri-State area. It was first built to supply electricity for the street cars but later was expanded and became an important part of the generating system of the Appalachian Power.

If one would look at the site of this plant in Kenova today, they would not be aware in any way of the size and enormity of this power plant. It employed a number of men and was in operation until a few years ago. As most know, the structure has now been demolished and there is only a small sub-station at the present locality.

Today's picture shows the power plant as it looked about 1910. The intersection shown is at 21st and Chestnut. The rutted, muddy street, except for Chestnut, was typical of the streets in Kenova at that time.

(Please send any comments or material concerning Wayne County History to Byron T. Morris, 912 Poplar St., Kenova, West Virginia 25530).


(WCN - 10/29/1970) Crum High School Honor Roll Announced


First Six Weeks Honor Roll

Seventy-four students achieved a "B" average or better for the first six weeks at Crum High School. Veva Evans, Nina Hayes, Johnny Kazee, Seventh Grade; Linda Williams, Eighth Grade; Louann Blair, Teresa Profitt, Tenth Grade; Gloria Marcum, Marcella Marcum, Eleventh Grade; and Patricia Meddings, Twelfth Grade have achieved an all "A" average. The following represent the honor students by grades:

SEVENTH GRADE: Veva Evans, Nina Hayes, Johnny Kazee, Karen Ward, Belinda Porter, Arlene Bragg, Nancy Farley and Terry Farley.

EIGHTH GRADE: Linda Williams, Rose Crum, Lesa Profitt, Jerry Stacy, Dianna McCoy, Karen Marcum, Linda Stepp, Elmer Stacy, Emma Elkins, Joyce Copley, Judy Collie, Thomas Porter, Lois White and Kathy Williamson.

NINTH GRADE: Dallas Osborne, Charles Perry, Bonnie Porter, Darrel Stepp, Dianna Prince, Doris Marcum and Joseph Meade.

TENTH GRADE COLLEGE PREPARATORY: Louann Blair, Teresa Profitt, Virginia Evans, Bessie Spaulding, Brenda Ward, Naomi Ferguson, Patricia Kazee, Connie Marcum, Debbie Williamson, Berthal Ferguson, Angela Michels and Evelyn Stroud.


TENTH GRADE GENERAL EDUCATION: William Thompson, Polly Gillman, Sadie Stacy, and Wanda Evans.

ELEVENTH GRADE COLLEGE PREPARATORY: Ted Collins, Vivian Kay Marcum and Charles Salmons.

ELEVENTH GRADE VOCATIONAL EDUCATION: Gloria Marcum, Marcella Marcum, Judy Marcum, Janice Corns, Billie Eslick, Virgie Evans, Shirley Perry and Millie Allen.

ELEVENTH GRADE GENERAL EDUCATION: Debbie Marcum, Sandra Sturgell and Roger Evans.

TWELFTH GRADE COLLEGE PREPARATORY: Patricia Meddings, Shelby Messer, James Meddings, Elias Perry, Wilfred Bowens and Judy Kazee.

TWELFTH GRADE VOCATIONAL EDUCATION: Dorothy Maynard, Dottie Masser, Patsy Muncy, Cynda Salmons and Regina Wallace.



(WCN - 10/29/1970) Ceredo-Kenova High Honor Roll Released

First Six Weeks 1970-71 Term

GRADE 12 (COLLEGE PREP. COURSE): Judy Blackburn, Carol Crouch, Steve Diamond, Sammie Lambert, Carol Smith, Janice Spradlin, Terry Dale, Pam McClure, Lugene Mitchell, Anita Murphy, Sara Neal, Denese Crow, Teresa Johnson, Kathy Maynard, John Rollins, Barbara Neal, David Conner, Ralph Battiste, Hubert Galloway, David Solar, Diana Ward, Florence Watts, Jim Young, Cathy Capron, Danny Chaffin, David Farmer, Lee Hall, Debra Lycan, Mike Lewis, Debra Spence, Greg Workman, Debbie Heck, Charles Napier, Lisa Porter, Rick Skeens, Sidney Wheeler, Randy Maynard, Jan Skeens, Donna Sherwood, Karen Fisher, Terry Newman, Jamie Peters, Randy Adkins, Mike Bias, Teresia Bryant, Russell Duty, James Hanlon, Barbara Holland, Larry Johnson, Atha Mayo, Melvin Kiser, Al Lester, Garry Watts and Larry Watts.

GRADE 12 (BUSINESS EDUCATION COURSE): Sarah Curry, Vicki Watts, David Hatton, Terri Kesterson, Brenda McCallister, Frances McComas, Debra D. Brown, Judy Adkins, Joy Carter, Faye McFann.

GRADE 12 (LIBERAL ARTS): Charles Mills, Richard McComas and Danny Blanchard.

GRADE 11 (COLLEGE PREP. Course): Sally Farmer, Brenda Lewis, Mike Campbell, Vickie Rutherford, Debra Riggs, Clifford Staten, Kathi Noble, Gale Carter, Gary Chadwick, Sheron Jo Frazier, Gary Graves, Richard Dean, Sherry Blevins, Terry Clay, Joan Workman, Sharon Gue, Janie Runyon, Dale Rollins, and Jaylen Sperry.

GRADE 11 (BUSINESS EDUCATION COURSE): Judy Skeens, Thomas Jarrell and Arbutus Napier.


GRADE 11 (LIBERAL ARTS COURSE): Daivd Turner, Patty Yelkey and Keith Chadwick.

GRADE 10(COLLEGE PREP. COURSE): David Campbell, Jonathon Neal, Patty Spry, Lynn Justice, Teresa McClure, William Rowley, Debbie Chadwick, Malana Henderson, Joella Porter, Debra Rakes, Elizabeth Shannon, Marsha Sherwood, Charlie Brown, Vicki Roach, Rita Workman, Debbie Duncan, Sheila Napier, Sara Adkins, Chiquita Collins, Kathi Hale, Gwen Heck, Diana Hooker, Ramona Rutherford and Gerri Young.

GRADE 10 (LIBERAL ARTS COURSE): Barbara Beckley and Rhonda Bocook.

GRADE 9 (COLLEGE PREP. COURSE): Freda Adkins, Chuck Sowder, Carol Stewart, Faith Lyons, Brenda Evans, Hope Lyons, Michael Ferrell, Betty Skeens, Paula Solar, Vickie Lynn Bailey, Vickie Sparks, Lisa Seibert, SandraSmith, Ted Smith, Jerry Workman, Rae Ann Adams, Debra Gallimore, Sabrina Hammond, Cindy McComas, Phyllis Porter, Pamela Hayton, Teresa Moore, Jeanette Stollings, Linda Blackburn, Ida Dorsey, Sheila Hall, Barbara Johnson, Jane Johnson, Mary Napier, Starr Rife, Pamela Burke, Kristi Ferguson, Klu Hardin, Sharon Lewis, Linda May, Lynn Seibert, Bob Tipton and Randy Wright.

GRADE 8: Rhonda Adkins, Leigh Ann Billups, Fred Adkins, Sammy Cochenour, Sue Rowley, Debbie Brumfield, Jeanette Chadwick, Jennifer Christian, Sandy Hodge, Christa Lynn Willis, Perry Meadows, Brent Smith, Nancy Bellomy, Laura Beth Cooney, Connie Moore, Kathy Graves, Don Jarrell, Steve Johnson,Kim Peters, Linda Smith, Steve Smith and Ron Wilson.

GRADE 7: Toni Hatton, Terri Childers, Karen Mays, Terry Blackburn, Joe Dorsey, Helen Hodge, Elizabeth Farmer, Barbara Smith, Natalie Riggs, Philip Yeoman, Debra Copley, Paula Ferguson, David Hatfield, Trina Neal, Andrea Ramey, Mike Smith, Debra Swathwood, Janet Turner, Dale Wise, Judy Caldwell, William Cole, Kim Davidson, Sharon Finley, Tim Hatfield, Shelia Hodge, Joyce Kelly, Lynn Little, Vivian Lykins, James McCallister, James Merritt, Debra Napier, Kathy Null, Naomah Saville, Mark Wheeler, Terri Adkins, Robert Barcello, Carrie Gayheart, Earl Lawhorn, Toni Mayse, Debra Sparks, Teresa Stewart, Jill Copley, Paul Fraley, Ricky Jividen, Jayne Johnson, David Moore, Bruce Phillips and Virgil Staphenson.


(WCN - 10/29/1970)  Vinson Honor Roll Announced

The following are 4.00 students for the first six weeks grading period at Vinson High School:

SENIORS: Rodney Barbour, Becky Glasgow, Diane Holder, Steve Howerton, Carolyn Ketchum, Marsha McDowell, Keith Pyles and Janet Smith.

SOPHOMORES: Kathy Metheny.

FRESHMEN: Sharon Peters.

EIGHTH GRADE: Danny Kauff.

SENIORS COLLEGE PREPARATORY: Linda Adkins, Rodney Barbour, Steve Barnhill, Allen Blackman, Anita Boster, Mike Cole, Teresa Compton, Robbie Cutright, Sue Daniels, Dana Ferguson, Debbie Frantz, Becky Glasgow, Debra Hardy, Paula Hatfield, Diane Holder, Steve Howerton, Becky Humphreys, David Jividen, Carolyn Ketchum, Roberta Kitchen, Frank Lewis, Glenn Lowe, David Lyons, Diana Lucas, Joan Marshall, Paul Martin, Marsha McDowell, Lloyd McKee, Holly Matthews, Mike Patterson, Sharon Patrick, Mike Paxton, Debbie Pelay, John Persun, Keith Pyles, Margaret Queen, Ruth Rector, Debbie Russell, Janet Smith, Debbie Webster, and Mary Lou Wheeler.

SENIORS VOCATIONAL: Teresa Hatfield and Betty Waugh.

SENIORS GENERAL: Teresa Ball, Donna Baker, Richard Bing, Patricia Blair, Ann Booth, Karen Bradshaw, Allen Caldwell, Kathy Cline, Cheryl Crabtree, Cathy Davis, Nancy Duke, Billy Edmonds, Kim Elmore, Linda Fannin, Jim Helton, Phillip Mallory, Connie Manis, Donnie Manis, Connie McCain, Beverly McGinnis, Roger O'Dell, Debbie Phillips, Doug Plummer, Arlene Scott, Linda Stanley, Gary Trout and Ella Wray.

JUNIORS COLLEGE PREPARATORY: Linda Bowen, Mike Carter, Mike Clagg, Candy Conley, Randy Davis, Debbie DeVore, Robin Estep, Barry Farley, Kim Field, Roberta Gallagher, Linda Huff, Debbie Johnson, Sue Kent, Arnold May, Donna Maynard, Curtis McKensie, Debbie Mullen, Gary Miller, Phil Naylor, Lana Rickman, Keith Robson, Teresa Spurlock, Greg Tomlinson, Debbie Wellman, Jesse Wilson, Jenny Wilham and Roberta Woodward.

JUNIORS VOCATIONAL: Louann Carder, Kathy Traylor and John Ward.

JUNIORS GENERAL: Timmy Gibbs and Candy Hayes.

SOPHOMORES COLLEGE PREPARATORY: Carla Burner, David Chandler, Susan Chandler, Christy Conley, Paul Cook, Linda Evans, Donna Ferro, Carole Gibson, Phil de Gruyter, Elizabeth Hay, Mary Ann Houck, Sonna Keller, Margaret Legg, Nancey Legg, Joan Long, Laura Maynard, John McDonald, Kathy Metheny, Donna Napier, Stan Pemberton, Jean Pittenger, Joey Plymale, Lisa Raisovich, Jim Saunders, Jane Seldomridge, Beverly Smith, Patty Wilcox and Pam Wilson.

SOPHOMORES GENERAL: Pam Arthur, Patty Pinson, and Sharon Sarver.

FRESHMAN COLLEGE PREPARATORY: Denver Bash, Robin Bellomy, Georgana Black, Susan Blair, Kim Bradshaw, Connie Caudill, Karen Chandler, Brenda Colliflower, Phillip Daniel, Penny Dowes, Georgeann Farmer, Gloria Handley, Charles Hemann, Janet Hicks, Georgia Hobbs, Sandy Holder, Lorna Hudnall, Barbara Johnson, Debra Jones, Faye Keefer, David Maynard, Kim Maynard, Susan Mayo, Mike McCallister, Karen McCreery, Vickie McLin, Kenny Pemberton, Marsha Queen, Brenda Queen, Elizabeth Ripper, Joyce Ryu, Charles Smith, Bobbie Swann, Steve Tardy, Brenda Tomblin, David Thompson, Laura Wain, Cathy Walls, Steve Waugh, Sandy Wise and Terry Workman.

FRESHMAN VOCATIONAL: Donna Morrison, Sharon Peters and Sherry Ramey.

FRESHMAN GENERAL: David Bond, Wendy Bunton, Denise Crabtree, Dannie Damron, Jeannette Davis, Danny Deal, Steve Dillard, Debbie Edmonds, Joan Fortner, Janea Haney, Susan Harris, Maybelle Short, Danny Smith and Dreama Smith.

EIGHTH GRADE: Tom Bottoms, George Conard, Caryn Conley, Cathy Deal, Sam Dudding, Joe Evans, Mark Garren, Lynn Hackathom, Dave Howerton, Louise Jenkins, Danny Jividen, Danny Kauff, Tom Keeney, Doug McCain, Joe McGlothin, Carol McMullen, Mark Paxton, Margaret Persun, Tony Reed, Jeff Smith, Jennifer Tardy, Randy Ward, Sammy Wellman, James Wilkes, Teresa Williams, Jennifer Wilson and Karen Wood.

SEVENTH GRADE: Sharon K. Adkins, Contance Adkinson, Cheryl D. Bocook, Paul Harless, Jay Hollinger, John Lambert, Beth Legg, Beth Lynch, Margaret Matovich, McDonald, Sally Mils, Debbie Ward, Edith Wells and Greg Wright.


(WCN - 11/5/1970)  Buffalo Honor Roll Students Announced

The following students have perfect 4.0 averages for the first six weeks grading period at Buffalo High School:

12th Grade: Dee-Ann Booth, Debbie Christian, Fred Dorsey, 11th Grade: Bill Robinson, 10th Grade: Rose Cyrus, John Mitchell, Pamela Stapleton; 9th Grade: Pamela Hutchinson, Vickie McSorley, Rose Sellards; 8th Grade: Marylew Kings, Rhonda Sullivan, and Tammy Ward.

Others on the honor roll are:

12th GRADE COLLEGE PREPARATORY: Rick Adkins, Jennifer Akers, Dennis Canterbury, Diane Clark, Sue Ann Fields, Larry Hensley, Jackie Layne, Virginia Lyons, Danny Newman, Pam Plummer, Albert Tomlin, Danny Ward, Randall Ward.

12th GRADE VOCATIONAL: Gloria Adkins, Ella Bickar, Mary Etta Brumfield, Faye Hensley, Sharon Miracle, Joy Mullins, Stella Nelson, Sally Norris, Mary Owens, Wade Stiltner, Kathy Summerfield, Janet Walters, Raenette Ward, Donna Workman.

12th GRADE LIBERAL ARTS: Ronald Daniels, Eddie Hutchinson, David Riggs Gary Simmons.

11th GRADE COLLEGE PREPARATORY: Kathy Adkins, Judy Armstead, Roy Bailey, Kay Barbour, Danny Ray Beckley, Dianna Damron, Twranna Endicott, Debbie Freeman, Cathy Hall, Temia Holbrook, Lora Mills, Sue Mitchell, Camille Olmstead, Connie Ray, Johnny Robertson, Grant Shy, Cindy Sperry, Mark Springer, Ramona Streets, Jack Wells.

11th GRADE VOCATIONAL: Claudia Ball, Sheila Cook, Alice Davis, Carla Kilgore, Johanne Layne, Betty Siegle, Glenda White.

11th GRADE LIBERAL ARTS: Donald Hensley.

10th GRADE COLLEGE PREPARATORY: Dolores Adkins, Steve Alley, Robyn Arthur, Gary Bailey, Raymond Ball, Barbara Cole, Dovetta Dixon, Shawna Ferguson, Connie Fraley, Paul Gordon, Peggy Hatfield, Larry Keith, Hazel Martin, James Menear, Linda Noel, Kathy O’Dell, Deborah Patrick, Jacklyn Raines, Mike Reynolds, Charles Robinson, Melba Sellards, Debbie Simpson, Dan Smith, Becky Spangler, Linda Staley, Terry Turley, Gerri Wellman, Melinda Wellman.

10th GRADE VOCATIONAL: Joyce Kilgore, Carla Nelson, Beverly Stone.

9th GRADE COLLEGE PREPARATORY: Hubert Alley, Nancy Asbury, Debbie Bellomy, Desiree Blatt, Marsha Boltin, Toni Chadwick, Dawna Chinn, Terry Clark, Sharon Collins, Rhonda Freeman, Patricia Hensley, Charlotte Hicks, Stephanie Hill, Lee Ann Insco, Jeff Jackson, Debbie Massie, Sara McCallister, Joyce Newman, Prudence Olmstead, John Perry, Danny Pyles, Sheila Preece, Keith Smith, David Streets, Susan K. Robertson, Donna Wiley.

9th GRADE VOCATIONAL: Suzanna Adkins, Carla Brown, Jennifer Chinn, Beverly Donahoe, Dolores Kilgore, Rosella Kilgore, Sandy Phillips, Barbara Smith, and Brenda Sullivan.

8th GRADE: Joe Adkins, Mike Alley, Dawn Bennett, Sue Brinkley, David Carroll, Tony Cox, Karen Fry, Greg Hall, Dwaine Kilgore, Susan Leep, Sharon Massie, Thelma Mills, Barry Mosby, Mary Murphy, Teresa Napier, Denise Owen, Judith Ramey, Larry Rowe, Fred Sanders, Annette Smith, Mark Smith, Jeff Taylor, Denise Thompson, Jim Thompson, Vernon Thompson, Tina Viers, Pam Ward and Gail Wellman.

7th GRADE: Penny Amis, Steve Barr, Deborah Cabell, Lanita Culter, Rita Dixon, Linda Graham, Cindy Hatten, Deborah Hutchinson, Sue Insco, Cathy Jarrell, Bruce McKeand, Christi Mitchell, Ruth Napier, Kathy Nicely, Cassandra Pickett, Steven Plymale, Jack Preece, Cindy Samosky, Jennifer Vickers, Penelope Vickers and Dale Wellman.


(WCN - 11/12/1970)  Old Masonic Lodge Makes Way For New In Fort Gay



Bids will be taken until 1 p. m. Saturday for purchase of the old Masonic Hall of Vinson Lodge No. 66, AF & AM, at Fort Gay. The two-story frame structure built about 1880 and one of the oldest structures in the town, must be either demolished or removed from the lot by the successful bidder. The lodge held its first stated communication Nov. 7 in the new hall to the left of the old building. The structure was recently completed and will be open Saturday from 1-4 p.m. for viewing by master masons. The lodge will have a covered dish dinner at the Fort Gay High School gym Saturday at 6:30 p.m.






(WCN - 11/12/1970) Fort Gay High Honor Roll Is Announced

12th GRADE COLLEGE PREP: Mary Edwards, Carol Hubbard, Mike Caudill, Marilyn Webb, Barbara Lycan and Pam Dawson.

12th GRADE VOCATIONAL: Joe Dean, Pam Hollingsworth, Ruth Williams, Charles Thompson, Sam Rosser and Debbie Grant.

12th GRADE GENERAL: Linda Webb, Bernard Robertson and Jerry Pennington.

11th GRADE COLLEGE PREP: Tim Spears, Christine Evans, Anna Lee Unterwagner, Gail Chancy, Paul Salmons, Robert Collins, Terry Maynard, and Rhonda McKenzie.

11th GRADE VOCATIONAL: Alice Copley, Deora akeens, Dana Staley, Charles Brewer, Billie O'Brian, Ernestine Porter, Roberta Sammons, Ramona Williams, Marie Rasnake, and Denna Howe.

10th. GRADE COLLEGE PREP: Frank Wellman, Deborah Campbell, Debra Tucker, Shannon Hatfield, Jackie Trautwein, Pamela Wellman, Joan Sellards, Johnny Castle, Pamela Lambert, Randy Ratcliff, Kenneth Campbell, Joe Rose, Karl Adkins, Rhonda Adkins, Richard Frazier and Glenna Webb.

10th GRADE VOCATIONAL: Kay Kearns, Fontella Webb, Paula Peters, Brenda Wellman, Loretta Parsons and Joan Robertson.

10th GRADt. GENERAL: Delbert McCloud.

9th GRADE COLLEGE PREP: Brenda Grant, Eunice Scott, Rita Webb, Juanita Caudill, Mary Webb, Lou Von Maynard, JoAnn Waller, Sandra Crabtree, Keith Massie, Dixie Meredith, Claudia Plummer, Jeff Thompson and Eva Young.

9th GRADE VOCATIONAL: Susan Ratcliff.

8th GRADE: Joe Lycan, Randy Ferguson, Phillip Walker, Tammy Webb, Sherry Webb, Thomas Dean, Donita Thornsbury, Penny Wellman, Billy Huff, Freddy Robertson, Darlene Thompson, Bobby Daniels, Keith Fraley, Betty Hardwick, James Matney, Janet Sammons and Vickie Thacker.

7th GRADE: Linda Adkins, Lola Akers, Patricia Castle, Joseph Kelly, Cheryl Preston, Kathy Thompson, Carlos Spencer, Dianna Ryland, Shreda Maynard, Randy Miller, Larry Waller, Mary Fowler, Vickie Pennington, Gary Artrip, Jack Ferguson, Pamda Preston, Karen Jackson, Lonni Johnson, Gloria Pratt, Rachel Thacker and Johnny Thompson.


(WCN - 11/12/1970) Pic -



Pam Blankenship, center, was crowned Homecoming Queen of Wayne High School during halftime ceremonies of the Wayne-Chesapeake football game Oct. 24. A daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Blankenship, she is escorted by Dale Staley. Pam was crowned by last year's queen, Faye Maynard. Pam is a senior and just recently transferred to Wayne High from Williamson. She plans to attend business school after graduation. With her are her attendants, Vickie Dunkle, at left, a sophomore, her escort, Jamie Ferguson, and Linda Mills, a Junior, her escort, Gary Paugh. Dean Adkins was in charge of homecoming activities.





(WCN - 11/19/1970) Wayne Pioneer - Charles Morris Thompson

The following is a supplement to an article that appeared in the news a few weeks back on John E. M. Bing:

From an authoritative source the following information concerning John E. M. Bing was recently obtained.

John Ernest Monterville Bing has two living children as of this writing. One is a daughter Sarah Gertrude, born 11 Nov. 1868, and now going on 102 years of age. She makes her home with a daughter in Florence, Alabama. Another living daughter is Miss Nellie Bing born 20 Mar. 1884 on Whites Creek, Wayne, W.Va., now of Pomeroy, Ohio.

John E. M. Bing led an interesting life and some may say that he was a bit of rascal. He deserted his first wife a few months before the birth of Nellie J. Bing, and went into the Valley Head of Randolph Co., W.Va., married again and fathered another family, and died under strange circumstances 31 Mar. 1897.

There is a community in that part of West Virginia named Monterville. It is said that he gave that portion of his name to the community, and never again used "Monterville" in his name.

Reportedly descendants of his two wives and their respective children have over the years developed a real affection for each other.


(WCN - 11/26/1970) Wayne County Pioneer - By Charles Morris Thompson

This article on the Hatten family of Wayne County was submitted by Miss Frances P. Bartram, 939 Piedmont Ave., N. E., Atlanta, Ga, 30309.

"The Hatten Family of Whites Creek, Wayne County, West Virginia."

Samuel Hatten, the founder of the branch in America was born in London, England, came to America and landed in Alexandria, Virginia. He served for three years in the Revolutionary War in the Virginia State Line under Gen. George Washington.

Samuel's oldest son, William Henry Hatten, also served in the Revolution in the Continental Line.

After the war Samuel and William Henry were employed by Washington on his estate along the Potomac.

At the conclusion of the Revolution the Commonwealth of Virginia set aside large tracts of unclaimed lands as bounty for soldiers and sailors who had served during the war. Sometime between 1790 and 1800 one of these land bounty claims for two hundred acres located at, or near, what became known as Whites Creek, Wayne County, W. Va. was filed on by William Henry Hatten. Afterwards a claim for one-hundred acres was filed on by Samuel Hatten. Samuel's claim was located on the Big Sandy River in what was early known as Round Bottom, now Prichard, Wayne County, W. Va. The land warrants for the above mentioned bounty claims are said to be No. 1604 and No. 3627 respectively, and are reportedly on file in the State Land Office, Frankfort, Ky. Thus among the many veterans of the Revolutionary War who were pioneer settlers in the wilderness that became Wayne County were the father Samuel Hatten and his son William Henry Hatten.

Samuel Hatten married Rosanna Queen of Loudoun County, Virginia. He was the father of nine sons and two daughters. Samuel's fifth son was Milo Hatten who was born Jan. 25, 1829 in what is now Wayne County. Milo Hatten married Emeline Frances Newman on March 14, 1853. They lived first on Big Sandy near Whites Creek. After the Civil War they moved to a farm near the head of Elisha Creek.

Amos Davis Hatten, son of Milo and Emeline Hatten, was born Sept. 6, 1859 near the mouth of Whites Creek on the original farm of Milo Hatten.

In 1874 Amos D. Hatten left home at the age of 15 and traveled westward. Eventually he arrived at Webb City, Missouri. There on Nov. 8, 1883 he married Sadie Coyne, daughter of Patrick Coyne of Webb City. The children born to Amos and Sadie Hatten were: Alvin Donald Hatten, born Mar. 25, 1896; Geneva Lucille Hatten, born Jan, 4, 1901; and Arthur Coyne Hatten, born Mar. 3, 1904.

Amos D. Hatten owned and operated various lead mines in the southwest Missouri and the nearby Indian Territory. He was also a banker, rancher and fruit grower. Reportedly he became a millionaire. A town was developed near some of his mines and named Hattenville, since changed to Commerce after the Indian Territory was admitted to the Union as the State of Oklahoma in 1912.

Hatten was president of the Home Land and Loan Bank in Webb City until his death. His son, Arthur Coyne Hatten was shot by a bank robber while doing some evening work in the bank office. Amos gave Webb city a baseball stadium in memory of Arthur Coyne Hatten.

Amos D. Hatten was a democrat, a Methodist, a mason, a member of the Royal Arch and the Scottish Rite. He was a personal friend of President Truman. He died Feb. 13, 1950 in Webb City, Missouri at the age of 92.

This information is from a personal biographical sketch made some years ago by Amos D. Hatten.



of Wayne High School in, top photo, are, from left, Mitzi Russell, Jenny Adkins, Donna Johnson, head majorette; Sandy Frasher, assistant head majorette, Debbie Booten, Terri Lycans and Nancy Martin. The Majorette sponsor is Mrs. Ann Ross and the band director is David Becker.










THE BUCCANEER MAJORETTES of Wayne Junior High School are from left, Sandy Maynard, Karen Booten, Lisa Osburn, Linda Martin, Elaine Matthews and Judy Rice, line captain. Mrs. Ross is also their sponsor.






(WCN - 12/3/1970) Wayne County Pioneer

Stephen Bartram, with his family, were early settlers near the present site of Fort Gay, Wayne County, W. Va. He also owned land in Lawrence County, Ky.

The Will of Stephen Bartram recorded in Will Book 1, Page 2, Cabell County Records is abstracted below. Date of will: 20 Sept. 1820. Proved: May 1821. Legatees: his wife, name not given; daughter, Betsy, Polly Bowen; son, John Bartram, David Bartram, James P. Bartram, Witnesses: John Ferguson and Jeremiah Lambert.

The spelling 'Bartram' and 'Bartrum' are both found in early records. In the 1870 US Census of Wayne County one census enumerator used the spelling "Botren." Maybe this was a phonetic spelling of an archaic pronunciation of the name.

The following record of David Bartram, and some of his descendants, was submitted by a subscriber to the Wayne County News, Miss Frances P. Bartram of Atlanta, Georgia. Her article is partly based on a chapter at Catlettsburg in 1887.

The Bartram Family.

David Bartram, when a boy, began his Sandy Valley career near the Forks of Tug and the Sandy Valley. He came to the locality in 1810. He hunted, fished, made shoes and farmed. Everbody liked him for his good qualities. He was the father of William Bartram and James Bartram, two men of prominance in the lower Sandy Valley. David Bartram died in Catlettsburg, Ky. about 1803 at an advanced age.

William Bartram, son of David, was a captain in the 14th Kentucky Infantry, Union Army, and served with distinction in the Civil War. William Bartram married Minerva Ratcliffe, a daughter of Judge William and Nancy (Garred) Ratcliffe, and after the war was a prominant citizen of Lincoln District, Wayne County, W. Va. The children of William and Minerva Bartram were: 1) William; 2) Jennie, married James Peters; 3) Sally, married Samuel Maynard; and, 4) Fannie Ellen, married Samuel Frazier.

James Bartram, son of David, married Jane Gray Frazier in Wayne County in 1844. They had 8 children, 3 dying in infancy. Those living to maturity were: 1) John Allen; 2)Samuel; 3) Frances "Fanny"; 4) William; and, 5) Lindsey.

When the Civil War set in James Bartram, son of David, owned a large farm at the Falls of Tug in what is now Lincoln District. He also had a store there and was largely engaged in trade. He had, at the time, valuable property in Catlettsburg. He lost heavily by the war. He moved to Catlettsburg and for awhile was engaged in buying horses for the government. At the close of the war he went back into the merchandising and timber business, but was unsuccessful. He lost most of his property and kept a hotel for a living until he died in 1883. Ely says, as of 1887, that the Bartram Hotel in Catlettsburg was run by the Widow of James and their daughter Miss Fanny.

William Bartram, son of James and Jane, was a farmer on Mill Creek, Wayne County. He raised a respectable family and died about 1880.

Lindsey Bartram, youngest son of James and Jane, was in the contracting and building business in Catlettsburg.

Captain John Allen Bartram, eldest in the family of James and Jane, was a steamboat captain at the mouth of Sandy. His steamboats were the Somona and the Fleet Wing, He was also a musician and choir singer and at one time conducted a band. John A. Bartram and Georgia Cyrus were married at Ironton, Ohio April 25, 1886. She was a daughter of Abraham Cyrus of Whites Creek, Wayne County, W.Va. The children of John A. and Georgia Bartram were: 1) Earl Cyrus Bartram, born Jan. 25, 1887, died Aug. 7, 1930; 2) Frances Pheriba Bartram, born Mar. 3, 1894, now a resident of Atlanta, Georgia; 3) Georgia Cyrus Bartram, born July 3, 1897, died Sept. 27, 1955; 4) David Abraham Bartram, born Sept. 7, 1909.

Submitted by

(Miss) Frances P. Bartram,

939 Piedmont Ave.,

Atlanta, Georgia 30309

Information on the history of the Bartram (Bartrum) family in the United States is being collected by Mr. Gerald R. Miller, 49 Burr St., West Hartford, Connecticut 06107.


(WCN - 12/10/1970) Wayne County Pioneer - Charles Morris Thompson

Miss Frances P. Bartram of Atlanta, Georgia has sent in some more information about the Hattens of Whites Creek and their Smith connections.

Samuel David Hatten, born 1728 in London, England, died in what is now Wayne County, W.Va. Aug. 20, 1839 at the age of 111 years. He and his wife, Rosannah (Queen) Hatten, had ten sons and one daughter, who were: 1) William Henry, married Susan Flick; 2) Samuel Jr., married Nancy Campbell; 3) Jonah, married Margaret or Susan Wallace; 4) Charles, married Nellie Mitchell; 5) David, married Sarah Bergett or Burchett; 6) Elijah, married Elizabeth McGinnis; 7) Phillip, married Jane Cardwell; 8) Mary, married William Hill; 9) John, no record; 10) Levi, no record; 11) Asa, no record.

Samuel Hatten Jr. and Nancy Campbell were married in 1802 and were the first persons married in what is now Butler District, Wayne County, W.Va. They were married on a sandbar in Big Sandy River. She was a daughter of Jesse Campbell who owned large tracts of lands on the Kentucky side about five miles south of Catlettsburg. Their gravestone slabs in a cemetery near Prichard states; Samuel Hatten Jr. March 21, 1853 - 87 years - born 1771, and Nancy - died Nov. 16, 1856 - age 82.

Jonah Hatten, a son of Samuel Jr. and Nancy Hatten, married Sarah Smith a daughter of John and Elizabeth (Vaughan) Smith. Jonah died in 1839 at the age of 28 while attempting to swim the Big Sandy River near his home. Jonah is buried in the Hatten-Burke graveyard at Prichard near his grandfather, Samuel Hatten Sr.

The children of Jonah and Sarah Hatten were: Joseph Francis, who married (1) Mary H. Fanin, and (2) Mary J. Wheeler; Noah, who married a Simmons from Ky.; Emmeline, married David Stewart; Matlida, married William Smallridge; Pheriba, married Abraham Cyrus.

After Jonah's death Sarah married his first cousin Edmund Hatten. The children of Edmund and Sarah Hatten were: Francis Marion, married (1) a Stewart, and (2) a Brown; Viola, married a Leffingwell; Columbia, married (1) Charles Hylton, and (2) John Webb: America, married (1) George Archer who was murdered by robbers in his store, and (2) Ralph Booten; Elizabeth, married William Hazlett; Melcina, married James Sturgill.

After Edmund Hatten died, Sarah (Smith) Hatten married Benjamin Turman who' was a first cousin of her two previous husbands. Benjamin and Sarah Turman had one son John A. Turman.

John A. Turman married (1) Columbia Banford, and (2) Sallie Bellomy.

In 1886 Sarah Smith Hatten Turman with others, died from poisoned food in her home. Dr. A. P. Banfield, a physician from Catlettsburg, was an invited guest at dinner and suffered poisoning. A woman cook and a chore boy were suspected and held, but both were acquited by the court. The case was never solved.

John Smith, father of Sarah, was born in Rockingham County, North Carolina Nov. 14, 1792. He was left an orphan at the age of 2. He came as a youth from North Carolina with his uncle and aunt, Jesse and Frances Cyrus who settled on what is now Whites Creek. On Aprll 15, 1813, John Smith and Elizabeth Vaughan were married in what is now Wayne County. Elizabeth, a daughter of Thomas and Nancy (Ford) Vaughan, was born Nov. 15, 1796 in Russell County, Virginia.

Hardesty's History and Ely's "Big Sandy Valley" both speak very highly of John Smith. It is said that from earliest boyhood he gave signs of thrift and economy, that he was looked upon as one of the most intensly hard-working men on Big Sandy, and at the same time one of the best financial managers in the locality. He is said to have accumulated a splendid farm and much other property.

John Smith drowned Nov. 1, 1858 in Big Sandy River near the mouth of Gragston. He is buried in the Smith graveyard near Prichard, Elizabeth, his widow died in 1885 at the age of almost 90 years.

Reliable information is that John and Elizabeth (Vaughan) Smith had nine children, but the names of only seven have been found. They were (order of birth not known): Pheriba, married James Hull; Nancy, married Burr Powell; Elizabeth, married Charles Ferguson; Lindsey Thomas, married Karen Chadwick; Edmund, lived at Catalpa, Ky. and married (1) Jane Curnutte, and (2) a Spurlock; Lucinda, married (1) Dr. Henry B. Maupin of Barboursville, and (2) William H. Pollard of Catlettsburg; Sarah, married (1) Jonah Hatten, and (2) Edmund Hatten, and (3) Benjamin Turman.

My grandmother Pheriba (Hasten) Cyrus was a daughter of Jonah and Sarah (Smith) Hatten.

(Miss) Frances P. Bartram

939 Piedmont Ave.

Atlanta, Ga. 30309


(WCN - 12/17/1970) OUT OF THE PAST - Byron T. Morris

Wayne County, Virginia, was created out of Cabell County and came into legal existence in 1842. The County was created by the Legislature of Virginia at Richmond.

One of the first orders of business in the new County was the establishment of a Legal System. The first action in this direction was taken June 8, 1842, with the naming of Henry Clarke as Clerk of Wayne County Court. It was necessary that he post a $10,000 bond as Clerk of the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery. In addition to signing the bond himself, Clarke had surety on his bond - John Laidley and Benjamin Brown, both of Cabell County. John Laidley, an attorney, was appointed to handle the criminal prosecution of any cases that might appear.

On May 6, 1843, the Circuit Superior Court of Wayne County had its first official session with Judge Lewis Summers presiding. He was one of the Judges of the 19th Circuit in the 10th Judicial District of which Wayne County was a part at that time. Another first order of business on May 6, 1843, was the admission of several attorneys to practice law in the newly formed County. The attorneys admitted May 6 were: John Laidley, Henry T. Fisher, J. J. Mansfield, James H. Ferguson, Evermont Ward, Elisha W. McComas and James H. Brown.

The first Grand Jury convened in Wayne County was composed of members from many well-known families of the County and of which many descendants are still living in this area. The first Grand Jury was composed of Frederick Moore, Foreman; Levi McCormick, John Plymale, John Gilkerson, Hiram Chadwick, Stephen Staley, Samuel Webb, Samuel Wellman, Daniel Davis, Solomon Hensley, Walter Queen, Milton Ferguson, Hezekiah Adkins, Jr., Hezekiah Adkins, Sr., Joseph Dean, Stephen Workman, Jacob Low and Joel Ferguson. The first Grand Jury returned only 3 indictments, all misdemeanors. Two were against William Spry and the 3rd, against James Vincent (Vinson), charged assault and battery and trespass.

The first case called by Judge Summers was that of James Hull vs. William McCroskey. The defendant failed to appear and judgment of $436 was awarded the plaintiff, with 6% interest retroactive to March 1, 1840.

The first Petit Jury was composed of Isaac E. Hanley, Isaac Bloss, James Wellman, William Blankenship, James Vaughn, Jacob Dean, Nathan Holt, David Webb, Thomas Duckham, Henry L. Bussey, Reuben Thacker, Jr., and Joel Ferguson.

Abraham Trout was one of the earlier settlers in the vicinity of Wayne and for many years the town was called Trout's Hill.

No doubt many cases were brought to Court because of disputes of fence lines. In 1843 one such case was styled Mary Ferguson vs. Abraham Trout in trespass. This case had been pending in the Cabell County Court and was transferred to the Wayne Court after formation of the new County.

Another early order of the Court in 1843 was that directing the Clerk of the Court to be allowed to keep records, books, papers and other property of the Court in his home until such time as a suitable building could be built for his use at the Court House. Of some interest are the following orders approved by the Court on May 8, 1843: John Laidley, Prosecuting Attorney, $50 for services of a term of Court; Henry Clarke, Court Clerk, $15 for a term of court; William Morris, Sheriff, $10 for a term of Court; Daniel Stephenson, Jailer, $15 for a term of Court.

The second Grand Jury that convened in Wayne County was in May 6, 1844, composed of John Plymale, Foreman; Levi McCormick, Isaac E. Hanley, Peter Haslett, Thompson Ratliff, John Gilkerson, Stephen Staley, William Stewart, Elias Hinds, Benjamin Ray, Samuel Wellman, Alderson Bowen, Hezekiah Adkins, Walter Queen, William Morris, Milton Ferguson, Isaac Bloss, John Stephenson, Cassander Spurlock, Ezekial Bloss, William Brumley, John B. Bowen, Samuel Webb.

Mentioned earlier in the column was the case of Mary Ferguson vs. Abraham Trout. This was tried in 1844 by jury composed of William Syrus, William Adkins, John Stephens, Stephen Acres, Harmon Loar, Hiram Pauley, Andrew Johnson, Washington Adkins, Jesse Adkins, Peter Miller, Simpson Booten, Tarleton W. Everett. The jury found Trout guilty on one count and assessed damages of $6.75.

In the record for the Court in 1844 it was noted there had been some change in the official family, with Calvary Fullerton becoming Jailer and Frederick Moore, Sheriff.

In the early days of Wayne County, it seems there was an awful lot of litigation and people getting into Court, to be so sparsely populated. However, in the early days disputes over fence lines were often resolved in Court by a charge of trespassing. Also there were frequent charges of assault and battery, which probably indicates that many disagreements and arguments were settled by fist fights. Another reason for so many people coming into Court was that it was a form of activity which afforded them business at the Court House, gave them an opportunity to express their feelings and was frequently a social occasion.

(Please send any comments or material on Wayne County History you may have to Byron T. Morris, 912 Poplar Street, Kenova, West Virginia 25530).


(WCN - 12/17/1970) Wayne County Pioneer

This article consists of more information about the Cyrus family of Wayne County sent in by Miss Frances P. Bartram of Atlanta, Georgia.

Jesse Cyrus, the ancestor, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He came with his family from North Carolina in covered wagons drawn by oxen. Jesse Cyrus had one daughter and four sons. They were: Phoebe, married Alexander Hazlett; Abraham, married Sarah Blue; Smith; Thomas; William, married (1) Rebecca Boulton, and (2) Leah Toney.

Abraham and Sarah (Blue) Cyrus had four sons and three daughters. They were: Jesse, married Sallie White; Abraham, Jr., married (1) Pheriba Hatten, and (2) Laura Williams; Joshua, married Elizabeth Rutherford; Roswell, married Caroline Lockwood; Sallie, married Samuel Hatten; Prances, married Ben Davis; Elizabeth, married Kil Davis.

William Cyrus and his first wife, Rebecca (Boulton) Cyrus, had the following children; Jethru; John; James; Jeremiah; Levi; Everett; Summers; Elizabeth; Mahala and Melvina.

William and his second wife, Leah (Toney) Cyrus had three children: Mary; Jesse; Caroline.

Abraham Cyrus, Jr. and his first wife, Pheriba (Hatten) Cyrus, had the following children: Shelby D., born Jan. 10, 1860; Arthur W., Apr. 12, 1862; Abraham III, Feb. 2, 1865; Georgia, Sept. 2, 1867; Perry J., Sept. 27, 1870.

Abraham Jr. and his second wife, Laura (Williams) Cyrus, had the following children: Ruth, born Sept. 13, 1875; Frederick, Aug. 23, 1876; Sallie, Apr. 13, 1878; Herndon H., Nov. 1, 1879; Mary, Feb. 25, 1882; Gertrude "Trudy", Oct. 13, 1885; Otho, Dec. 1, 1890.

Roswell aud Caroline (Lockwood) Cyrus, had the following children: Ona; Frank; Dock; and Burn.

Caroline Cyrus, daughter of William and Leah, married David Henson Johnson and they had the following children: Amelia Johnson; Dr. Delbert Johnson; Ada Johnson; Hermie Johnson.

Herndon H. Cyrus, son of Abraham and Laura, married Jennie Blodgett of Fort Gay, W.Va. They had the following children: Hermie Hayes; Virginia; Mason; Frederick; Charlotte. Herndon H. Cyrus was at one time sheriff of Wayne County.

Mary Cyrus, daughter of Abraham and Laura, married John Moore of Lockwood, Ky. and they had the following children: James Frederick Moore; Mary Cyrus Moore; John Moore, Jr.; Laura Williams Moore; Laban Tip Moore; Richard Francis Moore; William Abraham Moore.

Perry J. Cyrus, son of Abraham and Pheriba, married Leah Drown of White's Creek and the following children were born: Corrine and Abraham.

Gertrude Cyrus, daughter of Abraham and Laura, married Otto Humphreys; and the following children were born: Cyrus Humphreys; Katherine Humphreys; William Humphreys.

Georgia Cyrus, daughter of Abraham and Pheriba, married Capt. John Allen Bartram of Catlettsburg. She was born Sept. 2, 1867 at Whites CreeK, Wayne Co., W.Va. and died Sept. 27, 1955 at Atlanta, Georgia. He was born Nov. 26, 1852 and died Aug. 29, 1910. The following children wer born to them: Earl Cyrus Bartram, born Jan. 25, 1887; Frances Pheriba Bartram, Mar. 3, 1894; Georgia Cyrus Bartram, July 3, 1897; David Abraham Bartram, Sept. 7, 1909.

Abraham Cyrus Jr. acquire several thousand acres of land along and near Whites Creek. He donated a parcel at White Creek as the Cyrus Memorial Cemetery. Cyrus Station at Whites Creek was named for the Cyrus brothers who came there in the early 1800s, marker stating this is near Cyrus Station.

Pheriba (Hatten) Cyrus, wife of Abraham, taught the first Sunday School at Whites Creek in the barn on the farm of Abraham Cyrus. She assisted in having local option in Wayne County that has not been revoked these many years.

Abraham Cyrus and Pheriba Hatten Cyrus were my grantparents. Capt. John Allen Bartram and Georgia Cyrus Bartram were my parents. Should anyone need additional information about the Cyrus family of Wayne County please write me.

Yours very truly

(Miss Frances P. Bartram)


(WCN - 12/17/1970) Honor Students At Wayne High School Announced

The honor roll for the second six weeks as released by Iliff West, principal at Wayne High School, lists 150 students.

The following students have an A or 4-point average.

COLLEGE—Sue Adkins, Pam Blankenship, Deborah Clay, David Maynard, Roy Merritt, Ford Friel Newman, Seniors; Margie Macklin, Kenneth Nolan, Juniors; Maudie Adkins, Reva Beckett, Eddy Blankenship, Roger Mills, Caudle Tomblin, Randy Trautwein, Sophomores; Vocational— Karen Blankenship, Lucille Booth, seniors; Linda Lycans, Linda Thompson, juniors.

SENIORS (COLLEGE) – Sandi Cyrus, Ruby Kitchen, Harvey Maynard, Shelia Stephen, Paulette Smith, John Biasden, Jameen Hall, David Adkins, Robert Clay, Byron Johnson, Donna Johnson, Darlene Napier, Nancy Smith, Lester Fleming, John Jones, Tom Napier, Carolyn Osburn, Patty Shannon, Barbara Skeens, Sandy Frasher, Don Smith, Dale Staley, Sally Jo Watts, Gregg Webb, Daniel Wiley, Linda Lucas, Lilly Elliot, Gary Adkins, Fred Ferguson, Robert Pasley, Roger Perry and Jack Thompson.

SENIORS (VOCATIONAL) – Sharon Booth, James Dean, Shelia Osburn, Raymond Hale, Jr., Rose Lee Clark, Leota Mills, Judy Osburn, Camma Clay, Brenda Crum, Kathy Maynard, Sandra Pauley, Larry Ross, Sandra Taylor, Cletis Wallace.

SENIORS (GENERAL) – Brenda Kay Stephens, Hester Maynard, Connie Harper, Betty Queen, Marilyn Jean May, Barbara Pelfrey, Janice Rowe, Joe Booten, Mike Smith Rocky Brunty, Chris Stamper and Hope Williamson.

JUNIORS (COLLEGE) – Annie Richardson, Shawnee Neal, Debbie Booten, David Stamper, Jenny Adkins, L. T. Adkins, Beverly Blankenship, Stanley Merritt, Sallie Smith, Lois Adkins, Larry Francis, and Jerry Elkins.

JUNIORS (VOCATIONAL) – Kathy Maxwell, Rhonda Webb, Mike Dillon, Deloris Lucas, Clarence Mills, Patricia Mills, Alfred Moore, and Sandra Hall.

JUNIORS (GENERAL) – Diana Justice, Jeanetta Cassidy, William Kelly, Shirley Cyfers, Alpha Dyer, Connie Lester, Judy McCoy, Barbara Vaughan, Debbie Booth, Sue Hale, Albert Ramey, Helen Ramey, Mary Sturgill, Patricia Watts

SOPHOMORES (COLLEGE) – Johnny Adkins, Karen Johnson, Marvin Meddings, Barbara Stiltner, William Adkins, Mike Carico, Vicki Dunkle, Debbie Hilton, Sandy Harrison, Gordon Jones, Larry Cassidy, Debra Stephens, Hewlett Trogdon, Eugene Clay, Nancy Martin, Debbie Plymale, Eugene Clay, Elisha Dean, and Mitzi Russell.

SOPHOMORES (VOCATIONAL) – Randy Dean, Betty McCallister, Carlene Wilson, Rhonda Wilson, Judy Ellis, Jack Wilson, Beth Hensley, Shelia Webb, Lois Lester, Kathy McGlone and Willie Spence.

SOPHOMORES (GENERAL) – Patricia Marshall, Mike Porter, Larry Napier, Mae Sansom, Teresa Napier, Connie Booth, Peggy Clark, Sharon Lewis, David Lambert and Saundra Mays.


(WCN - 12/17/1970) Crum Honor Students

Eighty-four students achieved a "B" average or better for the second six weeks at Crum High School. Those achieving an all "A" average are: Veva Evans, Seventh grade; Lesa Profitt, Eighth grade; Lou Ann Blair, Virginia Evans, Teresa Profitt, Bessie Spaulding, Bxenda Ward, Tenth grade; Patricia Meddings, Shelby Messer, & Elias Perry, Twelfth grade.

SEVENTH GRADE: Veva Evans, Johnny Kazee, Nina Hayes, Belinda Porter, Karen Ward, Nancy E. Farley and Robert B. Evans.

EIGHTH GRADE: Lesa Profitt, Linda Williams, Rose Crum, Dianne McCoy, Thomas Porter, Linda Stepp, Judith Collis, Jerry Stacy, Shirlene Dillon, Karen Marcum, Martha Romans, Eugene Sammons, Linda Clark, James Curry, Emma Elkins, Gerald Marcum, Jay Stanley, Lois White, Kathy Williamson.

NINTH GRADE: Dallas Osborne, Diana Prince, Darrell Stepp, Bonnie Porter, Joe Meade and Doris Marcum.

TENTH GRADE COLLEGE PREPARATORY: Lou Ann Blair, Virginia Evans, Teresa Profitt, Bessie Spaulding, Brenda Ward, Patricia Kazee, Naomi Ferguson, Evelyn Stroud, Deborah Williamson, Berthel Ferguson, Connie Marcum and Angela Mlchels.


TENTH GRADE GENERAL EDUCATION: William Thompson, Polly Gillman, Sadie Stacy, and Alberta Allen.

ELEVENTH GRADE COLLEGE PREPARATORY: Pam Dillon, Charles Sammons, Ted Collins, Kay Marcum and Clifton Porter.

ELEVENTH GRADE VOCATIONAL EDUCATION: Billie Eslick, Gloria Marcum, Marcella Marcum, Judy Marcum, Janice Corns, Shirley Perry, Virgie Evans, Millie Allen, Linda Fluty, Brenda Williamson and Brenda Romans.

ELEVENTH GRADE GENERAL EDUCATION: Sandra Sturgell, Deborah Marcum and Dennis McCoy.

TWELFTH GRADE COLLEGE PREPARATORY: Patricia Meddings, Shelby Messer, Elias Perry, James Meddings, Marsha Watts and Wilfred Bowens.

TWELFTH GRADE VOCATIONAL EDUCATION: Dorothy Maynard, Patsy Muncy, Cynda Salmons, Judy Waller, Judy Chaffin, Dottie Messer and Regina Wallace.

TWELFTH GRADE GENERAL EDUCATION: Randy Evans, Oscar Varney and Howard McKinley.


(WCN - 12/24/1970)  Vinson Honor Students Are Announced

The following are 4.0 students for second six week grading period at Vinson High School.

SENIORS COLLEGE PREPARATORY: Robbie Cutright, Debbie Frantz, Becky Glasgow, Debbie Hardy, Steve Howerton, and Diane Lucas.



SOPHOMORES COLLEGE PREPARATORY: Kathy Matheny, and Joey Plymale.

FRESHMEN COLLEGE PREPARATORY: Robin Bellomy, and Danny Deal.

8th GRADE: Louise Jenkins, Danny Kauff, Tom Keeney and Jeff Smith.

7th GRADE: John Lambert and Judy McDonald.

SENIORS CC LEGE PREPARATORY: Linda Adkins, Rodney Barbour, Steve Barnhill, Allen Blackman, Anita Boster, Mike Cole, Teresa Compton, Robbie Cutright, Sue Daniels, Dana Ferguson, Debbie Frantz, Becky Glasgow, Charles Grubb, Debra Hardy, Paula Hatfield, Diane Holder, Steve Howerton, Becky Humphreys, David Jividen, Carolyn Ketchum, Roberta Kitchen, Chuck Legg, Frank Lewis, Diana Lucas, David Lyons, Joan Marshall, Paul Martin, Holly Matthews, Marsha McDowell, Jim Moore, Mike Patterson, Sharon Patrick, Mike Paxton, Debbie Pelay, Keith Pyles, Margaret Queen, Ruth Rector, Debbie Russell, Janet Smith, Debbie Webster, Mary Lou Wheeler, and Steve Witham.

SENIORS VOCATIONAL: Teresa Hatfield and Betty Waugh.

SENIORS GENERAL: Donna Baker, Teresa Ball, Richard Bing, Patricia Blair, Ann Booth, Karen Bradshaw, Charles Cassity, Shelia Chinn, Kathy Chinn, Greg Curry, Cathy Davis, Nancy Duke, Kim Elmore, Linda Fannin, Jim Helton, Phillip Mallory, Connie Manis, Donnie Manis, Connie McCain, Doug Plummer, Arlene Scott and Linda Stanley.

JUNIORS COLLEGE PREPARATORY: Jon Carter, Mike Carter, John Christiansen, Mike Clagg, Candy Conley, Randy Davis, Debbie DeVore, Robin Estep, Barry Farley, Kim Field, Roberta Gallagher, Joy Garren, Peggy Gray, Linda Huff, Debbie Johnson, Sue Kent, Donna Maynard, Curtis McKenzie, Debbie McMullen, Gary Miller, Phil Naylor, Lana Rickman, Kathy Robson, Keith Robson, Donna Smith, Kevin Smith, Teresa Spurlock, Greg Tomlinson, Ronnie Trout, Debbie Wellman, Jesse Wilson, Jennie Witham and Roberta Woodward.


JUNIORS GENERAL: LuAnn Beck, Louanna Carder, Marilyn Smith, Kathy Traylor, Susan Trout, John Ward, and David Wells.

SOPHOMORES COLLEGE PREPARTORY: Carla Burner, David Chandler, Paula Coffey, Christy Conley, Paul Cook, Linda Evans, Donna Ferro, Carol Gibson, Phil de Gruyter, Elizabeth Hay, Robert Hosey, Mary Ann Houck, Donna Keller, Margaret Legg, Joan Long, Kathy Matheny, Laura Maynard, John McDonald, Donna Napier, Martha Newman, Stan Pemberton, Jean Pittenger, Joey Plymale, Lisa Raisovich, Jimmy Saunders, Jane Seldomridge, Beverly Smith, Jayna Smith, Sheila Stone, Patty Wilcox, Pam Wilson, and Barbara Wise.

SOPHOMORES GENERAL: Pamela Arthur, Romona Keating, Debra Lackey, Patty Pinson and Sharren Sarver.

FRESHMEN COLLEGE PREPARATORY: Karen Adkins, Denver Bash, Georgeanna Black, Susan Blair, Robin Bellomy, David Bond, Nancy Bunton, Karen Chandler, Brenda Colliflower, Denise Crabtree, Dannie Damron, Philip Daniel, Jeanette Davis, Danny Deal, Stephen Dillard, Penny Dowis, Georgeann Farmer, Joan Fortner, Galen Gill, Gloria Handley, Janena Haney, Charles Hemann, Janet Hicks, Sandy Holder, Lorna Hudnall, Barbara Johnson, Debra Jones, Lori King, David Maynard, Kim Maynard, Susan Mayo, Mike McAlister, Karen McCreery, Vickie McLin, Darrell Morrison, Donna Morrison, Kenneth Pemberton, Sharon Peters, Marsha Queen, Sherry Ramey, Elizabeth Ripper, Joyce Ryu, Regina Skeens, Charles Smith, Danny Smith, Bobbi Swann, Steve Tardy, David Thompson, Brenda Tomblin, Kevin Tomblin, Laura Wain, Cathy Walls, Russell Ward, Steve Waugh and Terry Workman.

FRESHMEN GENERAL: Susie Ferguson, Karla Hager, Debbie Pinson, Maybelle Short, Drema Smith, and Sandy Wise.

EIGHTH GRADE: Melody Bass, Cinday Berquist, Tommy Bottoms, Cheryl Bradley, Bucky Conard, Caryn Conley, Lynn Damron, Kathy Deal, Dianna Dixon, Sam Dudding, Karen Eastham, Joe Evans, Mark Garren, Lynn Hackathorn, Bruce Hollis, Dave Howerton, Louise Jenkins, Danny Jividen, Danny Kauff, Tom Keeney, Doug McCain, Joe McGlothlin, Carol McMullen, Barry Mosser, Celia Queens, Mark Paxton, Margaret Persun, Tony Reed, Andrea Rodefer, Jeff Smith, Kimberly Sowder, Jennifer Tardy, Ann Marie Watts, Sammy Wellman, Teresa Williams, Jennifer Wilson and Karen Wood.

SEVENTH GRADE: Constance Adkins, Sharon Adkins, Terri Barbour, Mark Berquist, Cheryl Bocook, Steve Finley, Paul Harless, Jay Bollinger, Richard Jordan, John Lambert, Beth Legg, Beth Lynch, Margaret Matovish, Judy McDonald, Sally Mills, Darlene Napier, Patty Napier, David R. Pittenger, Danny Rader, Sharon Ray, Gloria A. Sandon, Debra Sowder, Debbie Ward, David Wain, Edith Wells, Joan C. Wheeler, Teresa Whisman, and Greg A. Wright.


(WCN - 12/31/1970) OUT OF THE PAST - By Byron T. Morris

Major Patrick Ferguson

The progenitor of the Ferguson clan in this section of the country was Samuel Ferguson, born in 1744 in Scotland. He was one of five brothers, all of whom came to America and remained the rest of their lives. Samuel lived for a time in Montgomery County, Virginia, before moving to Burkes Garden in what is now Tazewell County, Virginia. About 1802 he moved further south and west into Kanawha County, Virginia, and finally settled in that part of Kanawha County that later became Wayne County. Although much could be written about Samuel Ferguson, this story is not about him but rather a relative.

The Ferguson Family has been in Wayne County for almost 175 years. It is one of the better-known families and one connected with many other families in West Virginia and Kentucky. The family has produced Legislators, Lawyers, Doctors, Judges, Ministers and Politicians. The present Judge of the Circuit Court of Wayne County and the former United States Attorney for the Southern District of West Virginia are of this family.

The subject of this story, Patrick Ferguson, was a professional soldier who did not live too many years but made quite a name for himself in Military life. He was not only a Military Leader, but an inventor, as well.

Patrick Ferguson was born June 4, 1744, on the Family Estate in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, one of 6 children belonging to Judge and Ann E. Ferguson. He had one older and one younger brother and 3 sisters. Ferguson's father, Lord Pitfour, the Second Laird, had prospered in Scotland and had succeeded in restoring the family fortune that had been lost by his father, the First Laird of Pitfour, as a result of a bad financial venture in a South Sea Company. Ferguson's children were well endowed with the usual comforts and opportunities afforded the families of the landed gentry. The children had cultural benefits and the best education a-vailable at that time.

Young Patrick was a promising boy whose intelligence prompted his parents to start his schooling at an early age. No doubt his parents had visions of their son becoming a statesman, scholar or political leader but Patrick had other ambitions and plans. The parental plans were short-lived because Patrick became a school "dropout."

Upon finishing the little schooling he received at a Military School in London, Ferguson decided to use his outstanding talent as a horseman and hunter to become a soldier.

His influential parents purchased for him at the age of 15 a Commission (which was a common practice in that day and time) and Pat started a Military career on July 12, 1759, as a Cornet (a Commissioned Officer of the lowest rank of the Cavalry who carried a pennant) in the Royal North British Dragoons. Pat would most certainly have failed the medical examination, by present day standards. He was slight of frame and never too healthy. His appearance was not commanding and it would seem he was totally unsuited for a Military career. These shortcomings were made up for by his energy, ambition, horsemanship, good judgment and other leadership qualities. Pat was really a ''ball of fire" and from the Plains of Flander to King's Mountain, where he died in battle, he demonstrated time and again his soldierly qualities.

For example, on June 30, 1760, a few days after his 16t birthday, he demonstrated his fearlessness at the Battle of Minden. On this occasion he returned, in the face of enemy fire, to retrieve a pistol which had fallen from his holster as his horse leaped a ditch. No doubt Pat was motivated by his strong belief that he had to prove his courage as a your man and to live up to the family name.

Continued next week.

(Please send any comments or material you may have on Wayne County History to Byron T. Morris, 912 Poplar Street, Kenova, West Virginia 25530)


(WCN - 12/31/1970) Honor Roll Of Buffalo High School Released

The following students have attained a 4.0 average for the second six weeks at Buffalo High School:

12th GRADE: Dee-Ann Booth, Debbie Christian, Diane Clark, Faye Hensley, Danny Newman, Mark Smith, and Larry Hensley.

11th GRADE: Kathy Adkins and Bill Robinson.

10th GRADE: Gary Bailey, Rose Cyrus, Larry Keith, John Mitchell, Carla Nelson, and Melba Sellards.

9th GRADE: Pam Hutchinson and Donna Wiley.

8th GRADE: Mike Alley, and Ronda Sullivan.

7th GRADE: Larry Dale Wellman.

12th GRADE COLLEGE PREP: Lafe Adkins, Rick Adkins, Rhonda Adkins, Jennifer Akers, Brett Bailey, Fred Dorsey, Sue Fields, Mark Graham, Jackie Layne, Virginia Lyons, Jim Marcum, Lucian Maynard, Larry Napier, Pam Plummer, and Danny Ward.

12th GRADE VOCATIONAL: Gloria Adkins, Ella Bickar, Mary Etta Brumfield, Tom Fuller, Sandra Moore, Sally Norris, Mary Owens, Janice Stewart, Kathy Summerfield, Jackie Thacker, Janet Walters, Raenette Ward, Diane White, and Donna Workman.

12th GRADE LIBERAL ARTS: Nancy Dean, David Riggs, Gary Simmons, and Betty Wilson.

11th GRADE COLLEGE PREP; Danny Gene Beckley, Danny Ray Beckley, Dianna Damron, Twranna Endicott, Debbie Freeman, Temia Holbrook, Lora Mills, Sue Mitchell, Camille Olmstead, Connie Ray, Johnny Robertson, Grant Shy, Cindy Sperry, Mark Springer, Rhonda Warnick, Jack Wells.

11th VOCATIONAL: Sheila Cook, Sue Cutlip, Carla Kilgore, Johanne Layne, Betty Siegle, and Glenda White.

10th GRADE COLLEGE PREP: Steve Alley, Dolores Adkins, Donald Akers, Robyn Arthur, Barbara Cole, Mark Pionson, Tom Gibson, Paul Gordon, Dovetta Dixon, Connie Fraley, Peggy Hatfield, Hazel Martin, James Menear, Debbie Patrick, Charles Robinson, Debbie Simpson, Dan Smith, Becky Spangler, Linda Staley, Pam Stapleton, Terri Turley, Melinda Wellman and Debbie Wilson.

10th VOCATIONAL: Shawna Ferguson. Joyce Kilgore, and Beverly Stone.

9th GRADE COLLEGE PREP: Hubert Alley, Nancy Asbury, Debbie Bellomy, Desiree Blatt, Marcia Bolton, Toni Chadwick, Terry Clark, Sharon Collins, Rhonda Freeman, Loletha Hall, Patricia Hensley, Charlotte Hicks, Stephanie Hill, Shelia Hundley, Lee Ann Insco, Debbie Massie, Anita Mathis, Sara McCallister, Vickie McSorley, Joyce Newman, Sheila Preece, Prudence Olmstead, Rose Sellards, Keith Smith, Randy Spradling, Danny Spreaker, David Streets, and Brenda Sullivan.

9th VOCATIONAL: Beverly Donahoe, Dolores Kilgore, and Barbara Smith.

8th GRADE: Dawn Bennett, Douglas Berry, Mark Booth, David Carroll, Tony Cox, Karen Fry, Greg Hall, Kenny Haynie, Linda Hitchcock, John Irvin, Joan Keith, Dwaine Kilgore, Marylew Kings, Greg Maddox, Sharon Massie, Thelma Mills, Mary Murphy, Terry Napier, Judith Ramey, Larry Rowe, Fred Sanders, Annette Smith, Larry Smith, Mark Smith, Renee Spangler, Jeff Taylor, Denise Thompson, Jim Thompson, Vernon Thompson, Joy Viers, Tina Viers, Pam Ward, Rachel Ward, Tammy Ward, and Gail Wellman.

7th GRADE: Penny Amis, Debbie Cabell, Shelia Collins, Beverly Combs, Lanita Cutter, Linda Graham, Cindy Hatten, Deborah Hutchinson, Rita Lewis, Bruce McKeand, Christie Mitchell, Ruth Napier, Kathy Perdue, Cassandra Pickett, Steve Plymale, Jack Preece, Kevin Ramey, Ruth Rickman, Cindy Samosky, Tamara Turley, Jennifer Vickers, Penelope Vickers, Jeff Wellman, and

Susan Wellman.


(WCN - 12/31/1970) Fort Gay High Honor Students Are Announced

Students making the honor roll at Fort Gay High School for the 2nd six weeks are:

12th GRADE COLLEGE PREP: Pam Dawson, Mary Edwards, Mike Caudill, Carol Hubbard, Marilyn Webb, Barbara Lycan, Charles Thompson, Darrell Pratt and Charles Coldiron.

12th GRADE VOCATlONAL: Ruth Williams and Joe Dean.

12th GRADE GENERAL: Lois Blake, Walter Marcum, Linda Webb and Pam Hollingsworth.

11th GRADE COLLEGE PREP: Tim Spears, Gail Chaney, Robert Collins, Anna Lee Unterwagner, Sam Keesee, Rhonda McKenzie, Paul Salmons, and Terry Maynard.

11th GRADE VOCATIONAL: Alice Copley, Dana Staley, Debra Skeens, Ramona Williams, Ernestine Porter, Patty Lampert, Roberta Sammons, Billie O'Brian, Betty Thompson, Charles Brewer, Rhonda Tucker, and Carol Webb.

10th GRADE COLLEGE PREP: Deborah Campbell, Frank Wellman, Debra Tucker, Jackie Trautwein, John Castle, Glenna Webb, Shannon Hatfield, Sherry Vanderpool, Pamela Wellman, Pamela Lambert, Kenneth Campbell, Joe Rose, and Joan Sellards.

10th GRADE VOCATIONAL: Fontella Webb, Kay Kearns, Paula Peters, Loretta Parsons, Diana Jackson, Brenda Wellman, Nancy McCormick, Joan Robertson, Anna Marie Smith, and Nora Ann Thompson.

10th GRADE GENERAL: Delbert McCloud, Randy Ratcliffe, and Bonnie Lynn Robertson.

9th GRADE COLLEGE PREP: Eunice Scott, Rita Webb, Juanita Caudill, Sandra Crabtree, Brenda Grant, Jo Ann Waller, Mary Webb, Lou Von Maynard, Lee McCloud, Jeff Thompson, Melvin Jackson, Keith Massie, Karen Scott, Eva Young, Larry Fluty, and Dixie Meredith.

9th GRADE VOCATIONAL: Susan Ratcliffe, Linda Copley, Marilyn Dawson, Mary E. Thompson, Anita Hatfield, Marcelle Salmons, and Connie Damron.

9th GRADE GENERAL: Keith Copley.

8th GRADE COLLEGE PREP: Cynthia Fields, Tammy Webb, Joe Lycan, Phillip Walker, Bobby Daniels, Linda Jackson, Mary Thompson, Sherry Webb, Thomas Dean, Billy Huff, Randy Ferguson, Connie Webb, Betty Hardwick, James Matney, Janet Sammons, Vickie Thacker, Darrell Thompson, Donita Thornsbury, Douglas Thompson, Penny Wellman, Brenda Cook, Dale Isaac, Fred Robinson, Diana Skeens, Vinnle Pennington, Keith Fraley, Ricky Neal, Darlene Thompson, Karen Fowler, Rebecca McKenzie, Wanda Porter, Tim Preston and Cathy Thompson.

7th GRADE: Karen Jackson, Patricia Ann Castle, Lola Akers, Joe Kelly, Linda Adkins, Mary Fowler, Gary Artrip, Vickie Pennington, Gloria Pratt, Cheryl Preston, Diana Ryland, Douglas Damron, Jack Ferguson, Juanita Rose, Johnny Thompson, and Kenneth Wallace.