Wayne County, West Virginia Cemetery Listings-Volume 2


Floyd Damron at the grave of his ancestor, Samuel Damron







        The Napier Cemetery, located on Wilson's Creek


















The Marcum Cemetery, located near the mouth of Stonecoal Creek.


















Above, Dean- Marshall Cemetery on ridge between One Mile Ck. and Big Branch.






Right, Copley Cemetery located at Webb, WV




















































Both of the above tombstones are located in the Anderson Cemetery, located on Jennie's Creek.  




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Albert Johnson Frasher Cem. --- Lick Creek
Allen Cemetery --- Bull Creek
Anderson Cemetery --- Jennies Ck.
Anderson-Thompson Cem. --- Joels Br.
Artrip Cemetery --- Glenhayes, WV
Artrip Cemetery --- Rt. 37
Asbury-Wallace Cemetery --- Mathis Ridge
Ball Cemetery --- Joel’s Br.
Bartram Cemetery --- Crabtree Hill, Rte. 37
Beckley Cemetery --- Prichard, WV
Billups Gap Cemetery --- Rt. 37 & Tolsia Hwy
Blair Cemetery --- Upper Gragston Ck.
Boyes Cemetery --- Greenbrier Ck.
Brewer Cemetery --- Marrowbone Ck.
Bromley - Loar Cemetery --- Upper Tabors Ck.
Burke Cemetery --- Tom’s Ck.
Burwell Ferguson Cemetery --- Spunky Adn., Wayne, WV
Buskirk Cemetery --- Patrick Ck.
Cart Mills Cemetery ---TigerFk. Camp Creek
Cassiday Cemetery --- Stonecoal, WV
Chambers Cemetery --- Bromley Ridge
Christian Hill Cemetery --- Wolf Ck.
Conn-Pinson Cemetery
Copley Cemetery --- Joel’s Br.
Copley Cemetery --- Stonecoal, WV
Curnutte Cemetery --- Radnor, WV
Dan B. Ratcliffe Cemetery --- Glenhayes, WV
Damron Cemetery --- Glenhayes
DillonCemetery --- Stonecoal Ck.
Dillon Cemetery --- Billy Br. of Jennies Ck.
Dean Cemetery --- Tabor’s Ck.
DeanCemetery --- Greenbrier Ck.
Dean-Marshall Cemetery --- Big Br. - One Mile Ck.
Davidson Cemetery --- Camp Creek
Donahoe Cemetery --- Camp Creek
Elijah Hatten Cemetery --- Centerville Rd.
Elkins Cemetery --- Bartram Fk.
Epling Cemetery --- Camp Ck.
Epling Cemetery --- Camp Ck.
Fitzpatrick Cemetery --- Webb, WV
Frasher Cemetery --- Big Hurricane Ck.
Frasher Hill Cemetery --- Ft. Gay, WV
Frasher Cemetery --- Big Hurricane Ck.
Frazier Cemetery --- Lost Ck.
Hampton Cemetery --- Mill Creek Rd.
Harris Cemetery --- River Rd. North of Ft. Gay
Harrison Jude Cemetery --- Moses Fk.
Harvey Stepp Cemetery --- Stepptown,WV
Henry Hatten Cemetery --- Centerville Rd.
Horne Cemetery --- Cove Gap, WV
Huff Cemetery --- Joel’s Br.
Isaac Cemetery --- Flat Br. of Mill Ck.
Isaac Boyes Cemetery --- Rt. 37, near Echo, WV
Jack Maynard Cemetery --- Glenhayes, WV
Jackson Cemetery
Jacob W. Finley Cemetery --- Lick Ck.
James Loar Cemetery --- Near Lycan’s Nursery
Jasper Ferguson Cemetery --- LF Big Lynn Ck.
Jay Smith- Shannon Cemetery --- RF GragstonCk.
Jenkins Cemetery
John Carrico Cemetery --- Mill Ck.
John E. Stephens Cemetery --- Miller’s Fk. Ck.
John Maynard Cemetery --- Mathis Ridge
Jones Cemetery --- Big Laurel Ck.
Justice Cemetery --- Jennie’s Ck.
Kelley Cemetery --- Lost Ck.
Loar Cemetery --- Aliff Hts. Ft. Gay, WV
Loar Cemetery --- Near Lycan’s Nursery
Loar- Lycans Cemetery --- River Road, Ft. Gay, WV
Lower SmithCemetery --- Nestlow,WV
Lycans Cemetery --- Bromley Ridge
Lycans Cemetery --- Big Hurricane Ck.
Marion Thompson --- Cemetery Mill Ck.
Marcum Cemetery --- Stonecoal Ck.
Marcum Family --- Cemetery Stonecoal Ck.
Marrs Cemetery --- Beech Fk.
Massie Cemetery --- Forks of Hurricane Ck.
Maynard Cemetery --- Lost Ck.
McCoy- Wellman Cemetery --- Upper Gragston Ck.
Meade- Stamper Cemetery --- Missouri Br.
Mills Cemetery --- Camp Ck.
Moore Cemetery --- Grassy Fk. of Mill Ck.
Moore Cemetery --- Tabor’s Ck.
Moore Cemetery --- Upper Tabor’s Ck.
Napier Cemetery --- Paddle Ck.
Napier Cemetery --- Wilson’s Ck.
Napier Cemetery --- Bartram Fk.
Noe Cemetery --- RF Mill Ck.
Osburn - Bartram Cemetery --- Wolf Ck.
Otis Ball Cemetery --- Joel’s Br.
Parsons - McCoy Cemetery --- Webb Rd.
Parsons Cemetery --- Mill Ck.
Parsons Cemetery --- Tiger Fk. of Camp Ck.
Parsons Cemetery --- Tiger Fk. of Camp Ck.
Perry Cemetery --- Perry Ridge
Perry Point Cemetery --- Jennie’s Ck.
Peters Cemetery --- Mill Ck.
Perry Cemetery --- Stepptown
Pennington Cemetery --- Upper Tabor’s Ck.
Pruitt Cemetery --- Crum Hollow Rd.
Reed Cemetery --- River Road N. of Ft. Gay, WV
Ratcliff Cemetery --- Glenhayes, WV
Riggs Cemetery --- Bridge Rd. Centerville, WV
Robinette Cemetery --- Bromley Ridge
Robinson Cemetery
Robinson Cemetery --- Sidney, WV
Sanders Cemetery --- Camp Ck.
Sansom Cemetery --- Millers Fk.
Smith Cemetery --- RF Mill Ck.
Smith Cemetery --- Sidney, WV
Spaulding - Parsley Cemetery --- Low Gap, Crum, WV
Spaulding Cemetery
Staley Cemetery --- Lower Gragston Ck.
Thomas Copley Cemetery --- Webb, WV
Thompson Cemetery --- Flat Br. of Mill Ck.
Thompson - Webb Cemetery --- Tar Kiln Rd.
Thompson Cemetery --- Fk. of Hurricane Ck.
Trent Cemetery --- Rt. 37
Upper Smith Cemetery --- Nestlow, WV
Watts Cemetery --- RF Mill Ck.
Webb Cemetery --- Tar Kill Rd.
Whited Cemetery --- Wolf Ck.
William Vance Cemetery --- Millers Fk.
Will Fraley Cemetery --- Millers Fk.
Wilson Cemetery --- Saltpetre, WV
Wronk - Viers Cemetery --- Upper Gragston Ck.
Young Cemetery --- Joel’s Br.