Wayne County, West Virginia Cemetery Listings-Volume 4





Bloss Cemetery located at Dickson, WV.























The Old Bloss Cemetery, located near Dickson, WV.  On hilltop at Friar Chemical Building.


























The above three pictures are from the Community Memorial Gardens Cemetery, located 4.9 miles East of Wayne on State Route #37.  This was the old Dickerson family cemetery and was vastly enlarged by the government when the East Lynn Lake was built.  All of the old graves moved from the lake area were moved to this cemetery.

We now have available form a friend of the society a set of six cd's which have pictures of every tombstone in the Community Memorial Gardens Cemetery. They can be purchased from Debbie Smith, P.O. Box 814, Pineville, WV  24874. If you wish to contact her, her email address is oldgeezerssmith@yahoo.com






The old Wayne Cemetery, located in the Town of Wayne, across from the Grade School Building. Probable burial place of Hugha Bowen, first County Clerk.

 Cemetery book 4 is priced at $28 postage paid. To order make check payable to WCGHS and mail to WCGHS, P.O. Box 787, Wayne, WV  25570. We will mail promptly upon receipt of payment.

All Photos courtesy Howard Osburn



Bloss Cemetery                                                                                                                             63-65
Bloss Cemetery                                                                                                                             66
Brumfield Cemetery                                                                                                                      67-69
Community Memorial Gardens Cemetery                                                                                   1-58
Gibson Cemetery                                                                                                                           61
Henry Hatten Cemetery Additions                                                                                               69
Samuel Hatten Cemetery                                                                                                              85-86
Haynie Cemetery                                                                                                                           65
Mathis Cemetery                                                                                                                           75
May Cemetery                                                                                                                               61-62
Patrick Cemetery                                                                                                                           70-74
Ward Cemetery                                                                                                                              59-60
Wayne Cemetery                                                                                                                           75-85

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