History Of The Wayne County Genealogical And Historical Society

The Wayne County Genealogical And Historical Society was formed at a meeting held at the Wayne County Public Library, in Wayne, West Virginia, on March 23,1996. There were 53 persons attending this meeting, which was very productive.

Many ideas were discussed and some goals were set. Among those goals were: (1) to produce a Wayne County History Book by the year 2002, the County's 160th birthday, (2) To obtain a permanent home for our society, in or near the Town of Wayne, complete with a museum, (3) To locate and erect markers for known historical sites in the County, (4) To have at least one hundred charter members by the first of September, 1996.

The last goal was relatively easy to meet. We also had published our first quarterly by September 1, 1966. Our membership continues to grow, with some two hundred sixty current members. The quarterly publication has steadily improved, and is anxiously awaited by most of our members. In it, we strive to give our readers as much vital information concerning the County as is possible. The newsletter is made more attractive by the addition of very interesting pictures in each volume.

We would invite each of you to participate in our forthcoming History of Wayne County. You can help by now preparing stories about your family or families. Search for old pictures of interest to be included. There will be free space for individual stories, limited to about five hundred words each.

If you possess articles from Wayne County's past, which might well be of historical interest, consider donating them to our Society. We wish to make it worthy of the admiration of all who come to visit. We have an enormous quantity of history in this area, begging to be mined and published. We are already seeing proof of this, with the large numbers of our members who live outside our state.

Our meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at the Wayne County Genealogical & Historical Building, located at 210 Keyser Street in Wayne, West Virginia. However, beginning with our meeting in June, we will hold meetings on a quarterly basis in different areas of the county. That is to say, the June, September, December and March meetings will be held in that fashion. These will be luncheon meetings held at noon on the third Saturday of those aforementioned months. We will have a short business meeting, lunch, a speaker, and then time to visit with one another. We will also have several publications of local interest displayed at these meetings. These are such things as cemetery books, census records, marriage records, etc. and will be offered for sale by the individuals bringing them. The first of these meetings will be held June 13, 1998 at the City Hall in Ceredo, West Virginia, with Ceredo Mayor Mose Napier as our speaker. We anticipate a large crowd for this meeting. Other such meetings will be held in the areas of Fort Gay, Crum, and Wayne, West Virginia. Exact dates for each location will be announced both in the quarterly and on this page.

We ask each of you to support the Society in every manner possible. It requires a lot of work and dedication by each of us if we are to survive and be successful. We have too much to offer not to be a success.

Thank you for visiting this page, and have a nice day !!!