Regular meetings of The Wayne County Genealogical And Historical society are held on the Second Thursday night of each month at seven P.M. at the Society building in Wayne, W. Va.

In lieu of the regular meetings, quarterly luncheon meetings are held on the third Saturday of the months of March, June, September and December.  These are the same months in which you receive the quarterly newsletters.   The March meeting in held in the area of Fort Gay, West Virginia; the June meeting is held in the area of Ceredo-Kenova, West Virginia; the September meeting is held in the area of Crum, West Virginia and the December meeting is held in Wayne, West Virginia.   We will try to keep you informed as to the exact location of each of these luncheon meetings, and we hope you will be able to attend some of them with us.

Each year, at the August meeting, new officers are elected to serve for the coming year. 

This is the group which attended our December, 2004 meeting on December 18th, Cliff Rutherford prepared a turkey and dressing dinner.  Others brought side dishes of corn, beans, mashed potatoes, vegetable casserole and a variety of delicious desserts.  We had a truly great time... missed you all !!

Below are some photographs from the September, 2003 meeting at Crum, WV.

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Jack L. Dickinson


DSC00107.JPG (117799 bytes)

                                                                                                       Elena M. Chafin

DSC00108.JPG (155214 bytes)

Floyd Damron

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Charles Dawson, Ralph Dawson, Floyd Damron, Howard Osburn and Doris Jude.

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Jack L. Dickinson and Howard Osburn

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                                                                                    Juanita Burdette and Reba Bush.

MVC-010F.JPG (74429 bytes)

Lois and Jim Goode

MVC-011F.JPG (69334 bytes)

                                                                                    Ralph Dawson

MVC-012F.JPG (59339 bytes)

Loida Crum and Ernestine Stepp

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Ralph Dawson (left front), Floyd Damron (left rear), Howard Osburn, James Pratt, Doris Jude, Charles Dawson (right front).

(Photos by Howard Osburn & Herb Dawson)